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No Blasters (maybe) next week. Wife says I gotta spend time with the fam before school starts, and those skinny Irish girls are always right! We’ll see…hopefully no withdrawal symptoms, but the cure is: fish!

Today’s Top 5




About Elitist Kevin Ledoux at the St. Lawrence Elite:

> “I owe (Chris) Zaldain and (Brandon) Palaniuk a bunch because they’re the ones that turned me on to this certain bait. It’s just deadly on shallow smallmouth. They swore me to secrecy….”

With the derby over:

> A simple little black marabou jig — in 1/16th-oz size, mostly.

Short story: Not a secret, but everybody who uses one thinks it is.

Funny story: Someone gave me one to fish for smallies recently, said it was a secret. First fish I caught on it had another black marabou jig in its mouth! HAHAHAHA! Looked just like this but with two black jigs:

Some secret…but it does work…not all the time.

MN wants more bass derbies?!?!




Don’t look now but the sky is falling in MN — seriously:

> Walleye fishing on Mille Lacs Lake [closed] at 10 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 3. “This action is necessary to conserve walleye populations in Mille Lacs Lake for the long term.”

This is the equivalent of closing bass fishing on Toledo Bend or Guntersville. Huge. BUT:

> “Despite the walleye closure, Mille Lacs remains a world class fishing destination with some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the country,” said DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr.


> National bass tournaments could draw thousands of anglers to the region, benefiting area resorts and businesses. The rule change, annozd today by…Landwehr, will allow anglers to sort bass that are shorter than 18 inches, and keep the largest fish — a rule change that is essential in securing national bass tournaments.

> “This is one of the ways DNR is actively responding to the economic needs of the Mille Lacs Lake area,” Landwehr said. “The change has potential economic benefits and will not hurt bass populations.”

For the MN DNR, this is the equivalent of man discovering fire — 5,000 years after everyone else. We told some particularly good-looking MN bass fishermen about the announcement, here’s their reaction:

Bass fishing side effects.




Saw this TV commercial about a drug called Belviq, that can cause, among other things, mental problems and…milk production. Seriously. So of course I thought about bass fishing, which can cause:

Obsessive thoughts or OCD, poverty, loss of sleep, spousal disagreements — what else?

Let me know here on Facebook and have a shot at winning all the new baits Rapala sent me in this box:




Parking brake…not?

Funny, but whoever did it must feel mas terible….

Git the ‘sterminator!




Someone’s got a ‘nfestation:




1. Russ Lane also harassed on St. Lawrence.

Who says all the rednecks are down South? lol

2. Swindle runnin’ from bigfoot.

Okay, not bigfoot….

3. Good vid on Aussie Carl Jocumsen.

What it’s like to be an Elite rookie:

4. Hack Attack term stolen?

Borrowed maybe:

5. New Seaguar Brauer flippin’ lines.

Smart doing technique-specific lines. Love it. #trend

6. Fish with FLWer Wendlandt.

Charity bidding by FB msg. Up to $5K so check your truck for change!

7. FLWer Lefebre gets Fish Head.

As in Fish Head Spin.

8. Help this bass angler bring water…

…to kids who need it. Awesome story as told by the one and only don barone.

9. Meet Strike King Rage Tail designer Steve Parks.

Great dude, has done a lot more than just design some killer baits.

Take a look at the whole Rage Tail line here on

10. Missile has new website.

(You didn’t send me this Crews but I found out anyway mang!)

11. LA: Cajun Lures incubation story.

12. CA: Fire around Clear Lake.

13. OR: Bass limits might be removed on Columbia.

Endangered species vs. game species: guess who wins.

14. IN: St. Joe River status.

15. New Triton TrX 18- and 19-footers.

16. Angler’s Choice best Triton dealer.

17. Brunswick Marine Q2 report.

Tip of the Day


Fishin’ small hair jigs for smalls.


From the In-Fishers:

> In recent years, we’ve noted the success of swimming sparse, black, deer-hair patterns for prespawn smallmouths in cold water. Why not during summer? Or fall? And why not with other patterns? …custom tiers generally agree: “Anything plastic can do, hair can do better.”

> I generally swim plastics on 1/16- to 1/8-oz jigs in water less than 10 feet deep, and I use 1/8- to 3/8-oz jigs down to depths of 40 feet or so. But most hair jigs sink slower and rise faster when you speed the retrieve, so a slightly heavier head is required.

> While I sometimes swim plastics on 4-pound mono, I generally start out with 6-pound, even with lighter hair jigs.

> …the technique is simple: Cast, let the jig sink to set depth, point the rod tip down, and start reeling. If the jig never touches bottom, slow down. If it’s dragging on bottom, speed up. If bass fail to respond, try stopping the retrieve. Push the rod tip toward the approaching lure to create slack, allowing the jig to fall vertically. Rest it briefly on bottom where possible. If that doesn’t work, try speeding up slightly.

> “Mike Iaconelli came by my booth at a show last year and just stared,” [hair jig maker] Volumbroso says. “He ordered a bunch of small hair jigs last year.”


Ike, one of your secrets is out man!

Quote of the Day


I have entered many sweepstakes daily for years from Bassmaster and other outdoor sites, but this is the first big prize I have won, proving the ‘never give up’ theory.


Guy who won B.A.S.S.’s Fish with Hack sweeps. Dang dude, “daily?” Really? Git the tin foil off the walls yo!

Shot of the Day


Yeah buddy! Don’t see much cover there tho…lol:




You believe Mercer traded his dog for this??

The hat, I mean….

You fish these baits yet?

Fish these-here killer lines yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

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