KVD ticked, A-rig an FLW staple, best scent yet??


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Today’s Top 5

1. I would say a swim-jig, A-rig, a football jig, some type of crankbait and a Boing topwater lure.

FLW pro Casey Martin saying what he’d have rigged up if he was limited to five rods.

To me this shows a) a huge difference between the Elite Series and the FLW Tour, and b) is hugely revealing of how much of a factor the A-rig has become.

Btw, Casey is the dude who recently used this 13-bait mega-rig to win with 100+ at TN’s Chickamauga:

2. I think he’s still pretty mad about how the season’s gone…. He doesn’t have any top 12s and I’m guessing that’s driving him crazy.

JVD talkin’ ’bout Uncle Kev. Ya think??

3. Russ Lane’s new go-to color.

From his FB page: This is the Bait Werks-designed “MellaYella” color in the SPRO FatPapa 55/70.

Dwain Batey (yep, “Bate” is in his last name!) is the dude behind Bait Werks, is an awesome crankbait painter and his colors have been, uh, “honored” by a few bait companies out there!

Check out what Dwain can do at his Facebook page. One day I’m gonna get him to paint a geetar….

4. Pics of 2014 Rangers!

Here you go, more here:




I wanna see the new Bassin’ Cats!

5. Scent just like mom used to make?

You know that whole “scent memory” thang, like when sometimes you get a hankerin’ for mom’s mac n cheese (or whatever). Well, since this is bassin’, how ’bout…Lip RipperZ Hatchery Dust.

Thassright, just sprinkle it on your bait and bang, the fishes are brought back to childhood memories of snackin’ at the hatchery…maybe. Made for dough baits (**snicker**) and trout, but who knows.

Look – it’s a fillet!



1. Dude enters 40 times to fish with Skeet.

It worked! How many times did you enter??

2. db’s tribute to Noreen Clough.

Noreen is/was one of the many people in the B.A.S.S. HQ and membership who do their thing to make the whole as great as it is, and don’t really get recognized for it. Tx much to her and all of them/you!




THIS is why you should be using this shaky head:

Buy ’em here!

Tip of the Day

Mike McClelland: Use a C-rig to cover water.


> …allows you to cover large areas in a much shorter period of time than many traditional soft plastic presentations.

> “If you’re just looking for fish in the summer, it’s hard to beat a Carolina rig. Whether you’re fishing big points, long stretches of ledges or even humps, you can cover them very quickly without burning much time. You can throw around it, on top of it, to the sides – the possibilities are infinite.”

> Whenever a deep crankbait bite dies for McClelland, he also uses the Carolina rig as a followup bait. There have been many instances in which he’s reignited a school of bass by throwing a Carolina rig to them.

> “Often times a crankbait may just catch the most aggressive fish in a particular school. After you catch a bunch of smaller ones and the bite dies, you can start catching the big ones on a Carolina rig. It’s something slower and more subtle than a crankbait, but it’s much more efficient than a traditional Texas rig.”

Pretty sure the technical term for a fired-up school is a: “hootenanny.”



Quote of the Day

It really doesn’t matter where you go on the lake — just go out to the nearest rocks.

Dude talkin’ ’bout the sick fishin’ on MN’s Mille Lacs. No wonder the Linders shoot so many shows there hahaha!

Guy also said: “I caught more walleyes this year than I’ve caught in my whole life, and I wasn’t even fishing for walleyes.”

Take that wally-paranoia-heads at the MN DNR and gov’t….


Shot of the Day

Say hello to Garganto! Nice New Zealand “bass” (what they call it), catched in the salt of course. Dang!


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