Jones winning baits, Q&AOY with Feider, Sight fishing tidbits

Every day it gets harder…not fishing, I mean. I might need to hire Pete Gluszek to have an excuse to get out…. Hope you do this weekend!


Sorry this deal’s a little late – double tourney week!


And fwiw: I have hope for this great country, the US of A. Because I know bass fishermen. For real.

Today’s Top 4
How Alton Jones Sr won Heavy Hitters.
The last time Alton Jones won a tournament he was just Alton Jones. Now he’s Alton Sr (or just Al Sr) because some kid claimed he was adopted by Alton and has the same name. Okay kidding, you know why – but you might not know that the last 2 tournaments Al Sr won he did sight-fishing…tho in this case not only.


Way too much info in the full winning pattern post (on the BB website) to include here, so here’s mostly his bait info:


Falls Lake qualifying:


> “I fished both ends of the lake. [One was] way upriver in super-shallow flooded bushes and grass, less than 1′ deep, dirty water. The second pattern was…down at the dam. The water was still stained and I couldn’t sight-fish, so instead of flipping I was throwing a wacky worm.”


> Upriver TX-rigged tube: 3.75″ Canyon Plastics tube (gp/purple and black flake), 3/0 Owner Jungle Flippin’ Hook, 3/16-oz Reins Tungsten Weight pegged, 30-lb braid to a 20-lb fluoro leader, 13 Fishing Concept Boss Reel, 6′ 9″ MHF Kistler Z Bone Rod.


> “That MHF Kistler Z Bone is really key for accurately pitching lighter baits like that…enough backbone to set the hook and a soft-enough tip to make super pinpoint accurate casts.”


> Why that color in dirty water: “It’s a real dark gp – it probably almost looks black to the fish. It’s become one of my go-to colors. It works in clear, stained and dirty water.”


> Wacky Neko: Zoom Trick Worm (several colors including orange/flake, watermelon red/chart tail, gp/blue laminate). “If I didn’t get a bite on a really good target, I might switch colors the next pass. I couldn’t dial in to 1 color that was dominant.” #1 VMC Ike Weedless Neko Hook, O-ring, 3/32-oz nail weight.


> 7′ MH Kistler Z Bone Spinning Rod, 15-lb braid to a 9-lb Gamma Touch fluoro leader. “That Gamma 9 is actually a lot stronger than 8. If I’m throwing around cover and the water’s not too clear, I’ll go up from 8 to 9. You wouldn’t think it was a big deal, but when you’re finesse fishing around some cover it is a big deal.”


Final rounds were at Shearon Harris and it was all about the spawn bite:


> “I used the exact same tube setup. I never mixed in a different color.”


> “I have no lure sponsor this year – I get to fish whatever I want to now, whenever I want to fish it. Every 2 weeks I put out a little video – Alton Unfiltered – on my social media [@altonjonesfishing on FB and IG]. Whether it’s in a tournament or fun-fishing at home, it’s exactly what I’m catching fish on.”

5 Qs with the Jonesin’ champ.
1. Was this whole deal just to show Alton Jr that you’re still a better fisherman than him?


> “One thing you always have to remember with your kids is it doesn’t matter if you can take them or not – it just matters if they think you can take them. But every now and then it’s nice to have kind of a show of force.


> “Of course that’s all in fun. He and I root for each other at every event. At every tournament…I feel like I have 2 chances to win. But at the same time…we keep score.”


2. In a field full of good sight-fishermen, what was the main differentiator for you?


> “The little nuances I try to do with every fish. One was not stopping on anything that’s not obviously a 3-lber. I caught 1 non-scoreable bass that was a 2-15 and several 3-01s and 3-02s.


> “Learning how to position the boat to minimize the fish’s awareness of my presence in his environment. Learning from how a fish reacts [and changing the bait’s action]. And sizing up fish quick – is it even worth spending time fishing for this fish….”

3. What’s the best sight-fishing advice you ever got?


> “I never really got any. I’m kind of self-taught. Shaw Grigsby and Guido Hibdon were my sight-fishing heroes. Watching Shaw winning all these tournaments sight-fishing…but didn’t have someone teach me. I just read about it and then went out and did it.


> “I love how I can see the fish and he can see me. I love the games you have to play with those fish.”


4. Any Bible verse guide you in this one?


> “I didn’t have a specific verse this week, but a verse that’s been on my heart for the last few months is 1 Chronicles 12:32: ‘And of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do….’


> “We are the mighty men as Christians in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and we need to know the times and what we should do. God…is at work, is alive and we need to understand the times. Jesus is coming back and I don’t think it’s way off.”


5. Why do you shape your chocolate rice crispy treats that way?


> [Laughs] “That is my world famous chocolate rice crispy recipe that I can’t give out, but everybody who eats it says it’s the best thing they ever had. I had them so nicely cut in these little squares [but they melted in the boat]. I still wanted to eat them so I put [the bag] in the fridge. When it came out, Jimmy Sue and I just died laughing.”

> “I gotta admit I still ate it. I did my Bill Murray [from Caddyshack] and it was still good.”
5 Qs with Seth “Your Alarm” Feider.
1. What’s it feel like to be leading the AOY race? Any pressure?


> “I’m not feeling any pressure yet. It’s just too early in the season. It’s cool though to see your name on top of the list – I’ve never been in that position before.


> “But it ain’t like a tournament where you can have a bad day…you really need to catch them all year long. If you’re not in the top 10 the majority of the season, you’re not going to win it.


> “Once we get into the final couple tournaments if I’m still in a good position, then I’ll start feeling it. But it’s too early to get that excited about it.”


2. If you win will you cut your hair and shave your ‘stache?


> “Absolutely not. Never. I might do a little trim after the season but nothing’s getting cut. I can’t catch bass with short hair – I’ve come to that conclusion.”


[You know what kinda fans like mullets ‘n staches? This kind:]

Just messin’ – we all love it man!


3. Before you hit the Elites did you win more with largemouths or smallmouths?


> “Largemouths. Just because 3/4 of my tournaments were on Minnetonka. Actually the first tournament I won on Mille Lacs was with largemouths. At that time smallmouths all C&R except 1 over 21….”


4. When are we gonna see this new show with you, Pat and Matt?


> “I don’t know exactly when the first episode will drop – we’ve shot 2 already. I think sometime this summer it’ll hit the airwaves….”


5. Pat says he wins because he’s got a tin cup AND a tin boat. What do you say to this bold statement?


> “Strong argument. I guess I drink my whiskey out of a glass and I have a glass boat so that trumps that.”


Bonus deal: Here’s Seth’s bait from the Sabine, where he finished 6th:

> 3/8-oz Bassman Compact Spinnerbait (orange shad, turtleback and CO blades). “That’s one of my favorite spinnerbait colors – translucent shad with a little splash of orange. I like orange in dirty water.” He used a split-tail and boottail trailer.


> 7′ 2″ MH Daiwa Steez AGS Rod, Daiwa Zillion SV Reel (7.3), 20-lb Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon.


> “3′ and less, stumps, cypress trees, lilypads, laydowns, anything in the water. Just being real thorough. I couldn’t see my bait so I was kind of slow-rolling it…pretty close to the bottom. A lot of the fish came out of 1-2′ of water.”

Is this the Japanese version of the TRD?
I think so?
1. Taku Ito’s 4th-place Sabine baits.
Hope I got this right, apologies if not – thanks much to Taku and B.A.S.S. shooter Seigo Saito for the help. Sorry too the bait shots are blurry. Believe this is L to R above:


> Rig 1: Nories Sankaku-T-San, 3/16-oz Neko Rig, 2/0 Yugi Japan Infini, 30-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to 25-lb Seaguar Gold Label fluoro, Shimano Vanquish SHG Reel (2500), Nories Road Runner Voice Jungle 680 JMHS Rod.


> Rig 2: Nories Crystal S with a Ryugi Snagless Trailer Hook, 16-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro, Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100 Reel, Nories Road Runner Voice Hardbait SP680M.


> Rig 3: Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler, 1/8-oz Neko Rig with a 1/0 Ryugi Japan Heavy Guard Talisman Hook, 19-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to 14-lb Seaguar Gold Label fluoro, Shimano Stella SHG Reel (2500), Nories Road Runner Structure NXS 680 MLSA Rod.


2. I love this vid of Steve Kennedy fishing below Wilson dam!



Lol how great is that! Nice office Browning! Clean too….


4. Paul Elias shows us the Mann’s SpringR worm??


Lookit this thing!

Looks like some kinda magic trick? Check ’em at the TW.


5. Caleb Sumrall’s chicken ‘n egg/bacon question.


He likes to work out ‘n run a ton and said:


> “I’m an eggs, bacon and toast fan, and I mean all I can put on my plate.”


So I guess the question is: Does he eat that because he works out or does he work out because he eats that? A very very deep bassin’ question…


6. MLFLW pro Chad Grigsby toured the Vexus factory (YT).


Informative and good, only a few sketchy characters in it…


8. SC: Meet you some MLFLWer pros ON SUNDAY.


First Baptist Church of IRMO, Columbia, 5-7pm. Question: Is there ever a Second Baptist Church?


9. AL/TN: Biggest out of Pickwick this year?

That’s a 10.67 caught a couple weeks back by Shane Cox, owner of Hammer Fishing Rods and also the Bass Feesh Coach at Blue Mountain College. He was flippin’ a 4.5″ NetBait Dagger (b/b) on a 7′ 6″ Hammer flipping stick.


10. AL: 25-lb smallmouth limit weighed at Wheeler.


Lance Whitaker and Jeremy Briscoe had 25.43 to win an AL Bass Trail deal:

Nice! Fished below the Gville dam with spin gear, shakeyed a 5″ NetBait Flex Worm (key lime pie) and NetBait T-Mac Straight Tail Worm (AL craw). That key like pie deal looks gooooood….


11. NV: Drought will have Mead ramps high ‘n dry soon?


12. Hardcore Noi-Z for a search bait?


This shot – by the one ‘n only B-Rad Wiegmann – is making me wonder if I should maybe try it?


13. Jewel already has a Jr size VersaCraw…


…and it’s BIGGER than the first size. I asked about it, they’re all acting like it’s logical so I guess I’m the one who’s just not gittin’ it lol:


> The Junior VersaCraw was designed to pair perfectly with the Jewel jigs line: The Finesse, Pro Spider, Finesse Flipping and the 3/8-oz and 1/2-oz football jigs. The 3″ Junior VersaCraw has a larger body and appendages than the 2.5″ Pee Wee VersaCraw.


14. Fish Head Dude?


If your swimbaitin’ this time of year, their version of the Scrounger head could be somethin’ different for your habituated fishes:

One time I asked Aaron Martens whether the collars on the Scrounger heads were there so the grubs ‘n swimbaits wouldn’t lick their surgery stitches. He said, “What?”


Lol here’s what these Scrounger-type heads look like underwater (YT vid).


15. WileyX says adios to Cali, hello to TX.


Been hearing that a bunch…word is they wanted to get closer to Edwin Evers’ mojo…kidding…..


16. West Marine bought by private equity.


L Catterton, never heard of ’em but they look big and international. Quick skim looks like no other outdoors businesses….


17. Asian carp updates.


WI/MN DNRs have found 30+ Asian carp at La Crosse – uh oh.


Aussie dude is turning invasive carp into fish sauce.

On right now… 


Christie and more Elite baits! Make serious social coin? Colder water crankin’


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Tip of the Day
Few sight-fishing tiddybits from Alton Sr.


From our convo today. Didn’t get the full rundown, just a few juicy nuggets:


> “One of things I love about sight-fishing, every fish behaves differently. You have to figure out the mood and demeanor of every single bass. I love the process of figuring out every fish individually – my passion for doing that probably played into my success [at Shearon Harris].


> “Everybody else wants to throw a bait they can see when they’re sight-fishing. I don’t play by that rule. I think that colors that look like bream and turtles and stuff are still better. I know where my bait is by seeing my line and where I throw it…[and] by watching the fish.


> “I don’t like the fish to see the side of my boat…if at all possible I’m trying to hide behind a clump of grass or the back side of this point…. I try to take stealth to the next level. Stealth matters. If you can get 1-2 extra bites in a tournament, that’s huge.


> “…TX-rig tube. Most of the year if you’re largemouth fishing throwing a tube, you’re fishing for keepers. During the spawn you still catch keepers but you can catch 10-lbers on it too.


> “WileyX…I use a light-colored lens. Even on a sunny day I want a yellow-tinted lens. More light makes my pupil contract so I can focus better [and yellow] allows more greens in and makes those fish really pop.”

Quote of the Day
“You will have caught a bass over 5 lbs before you are of driving age and you may learn how to outrun an alligator before you are potty-trained.”


Line about growing up in FL. To me that sounds GREAT! And I think if a gator is chasing a kid, time for that gator to become fertilizer man….

Shot of the Day
Suh-WEET double ketched by college basser Cole Sands on the Yo-Zuri Rattlin Vibe (citrus shad?). Happened on Chickamauga where Cole and pardner Conner DiMauro won an MLF college derby:
I hope you can tell what this is:
Yep it’s a juvy bigfoot in a bear suit….


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