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Ice-fishin’ baits for bass.





That’s right — why not? You think the dropshot was invented for bassin’? Nope. Couple cool thangs:
#1: That’s the Rapala Jigging Rap, which Jacob Wheeler actually fished in the last Bassmaster Classic. Brandon Palaniuk has fished it in derbies too, and here’s the kicker: Tackle Warehouse carries it. Why do you think that is?It’s a huge “secret” in MN and WI — time for bassers in other states to get in on it.

#2: Ran across this Crank Weight t’other day, could lead to some cool spoon/roadrunner alternatives:

Clam Crank Weight

Foul-hook stink: Fans don’t care.




AOY derby winner Chris Zaldain was in the crosshairs of the stink I mentioned last Blaster. Some Elites felt he weighed a jerkbait fish that wasn’t hooked in the mouth. Chris posted this-here on his Facebook:

> …clearly it wasn’t hooked inside the mouth as it hit the deck. At the tournament rules briefing, it was explained that a catch would count if “you are 100% sure the fish was hooked in or around the mouth.” After the fish bit my jerkbait, I certainly saw the front hook in the fish’s lower right jaw. The bait was T-boned.

> The fish fought and turned beneath the boat before I swung it in. As it came aboard, I noticed the hook was no longer in the fish’s mouth. To confirm what I saw prior, I examined the mouth (where I saw the front hook lodged) and noticed a fresh 1/4″ tear alongside the lower tooth line. I called it a fair catch.

> Should I have done what M. Menendez did and disqualify myself after the fact? All due respect, I do not think I broke a rule according to how the “rule” was explained by the Tournament Director, and am not sure why M. Menendez was DQd if the fish was initially hooked properly?

Props to Zaldain for saying publicly what he felt. Looking at it all, what I realized:

  • Bassin’ fans don’t care. They know it’s inevi that trebles will come out, that any foul-hooking isn’t intentional, and that the WI rule (also in a few other states) doesn’t apply and isn’t intended to apply to bass tourneys. WI bassers don’t even pay attention to it.
  • There’s no way B.A.S.S. can enforce this rule. Elites hear it differently, marshals probably the same, camera guys shouldn’t have to enforce rules. Look at the fallout from this: Menendez, Swindle, probably others missing (or making) the Classic. A huge deal. Change the rule or no more derbies in states with rules like this.

Ray Scott and the old Federation would’ve gotten the state laws changed, mang! Bass boat parades around the state house and such. Just sayin’….

Guess instead of a stink, this is more like a stank. Or maybe a stunk.

In other news, Trip is supposed to rule on this new fishin’ technique soon:

Who needs a dang drone??




Check these follow cams, ‘specially those of you readin’ this who are in the TV biz:

The Soloshot is cool:

But Lily is cooler — just chuck it up in the air and go:

Okay Lily is sort of a drone, but way cooler. Are remote-control action-cam drones already old news? That was fast….

How to keep a sponsorship.





That’s Elitist Jared Lintner helping Tackle Warehouse in its recent move to its new…warehouse:

Hey — I think I see my box! lol

Seriously though kids, that’s what it takes to keep sponsors happy. Rollin’ up yer sleeves.

Btw, rumor is that Jared’s truck was a LOT lower to the ground when he left than when he came in….




A 1987 Ranger, 10 miles offshore, in the dark. Not many people nuts enough to do that — but I bet Jeff Kriet would.


New Baits


1. Biodegradable Rat-L-Traps.

Yep, hard-plastic baits. Look and function the same. I think I’d rather have bass-degraded baits like this:

Btw ‘Trap-only derby on Seminole this weekend:

2. New type of crankbait?

6th Sense Movement 80X. 6th Sense owner Casey Sobczak:

> The arch in the back is taken from a trolling-type walleye bait, which gives it its hard-thumping crazy side-to-side action. We took this shape and made it a shallow diver (which no one has yet to do that we are aware of) and it turned out to be phenomenal.

> This bait will actually pivot side to side on its axis, similar to walking the dog under the water and made to cover water through the thickest of cover.

Length = 80mm, weight= 5/8-oz, dive depth = 1-3′, available in 7 colors (Tackle Warehouse has 4) and 11 more colors soon.

3. Dropshot rabbit fur?

Don’t think the Jackall Crosstail Shad is in any danger, but that’s the Asylum Bait Company’s Hyper Hare, discovered by the one and only Stevie Quinn at In-Fish. Rabbit fur (hare hair?) has been used by fly guys forever. Has unique movement in the water.

> …was created to be employed on a dropshot rig…made from rabbit fur and hide, which is affixed to a 2/0 Owner Mosquito Hook. The length is about 3 1/2″, but because it is a hand-tied bait the length can vary a touch.

4. New HogFarmer ‘Flying Chicken.’

That’s what FLWer JT Kenney calls it — really the HogFarmer Tremoring Hog Ties…which ain’t nearly as good a name as the Flying Chicken. Get it on

Also check the Nichols Wild Hare Jig. Feathers are in yo!


1. Interact with Zaldain right about now.

2. Bertrand gets Berkley, Abu.

Stipulation is he can’t shave the red chin fur….

3. Win Chris Lane’s jersey.

Freshly laundered…you know, in case you were wonderin’…. Pretty sure anyway.

4. John Murray’s Ranger for sale.

5. FLWer Gagliardi starts rod company.

The blanks are white….

Just kidding Boyd hahaha gotcha!

6. FLWer Wes Strader catches crappie pole.

7. Kenny Cook catches bass in Africa.

No translator needed. Who says music is the universal language? It’s bassin’!

8. FLW gets more B.A.S.S.-like.

FLW Tour changes announced include pros can use their own boats every day, and two new fall Invitationals — which really are by invitation (deets at the link) — $4K entry. FLW told me that:

  • There will still be FLW-sponsor boat wraps for some anglers.
  • Marshals (not co-anglers) will be be in the boats in the Invitationals.

I like it. Tour entry fees went up a little, and 1st in the FLW Cup went down a big 40% — from $500K to $300K.

I know dude, right?

9. More deets on new Classic bracket.

Git your protractor out….

10. Ranger renews Cabela’s Collegiate.

Guess the rumors about Ranger and Cabela’s splitting up aren’t true. But Bart Schad IS becoming a biologist at AR Game and Fish…lol. Told him I would start that rumor, let’s see how far it gits….

11. Mustang recalls two models of PFDs.

> This recall notification is only for certain models as identified with model numbers that begin with either MD315 (sold in Canada) or MD318 (sold in the US).

12. AL: State parks not funded.

But emergency measures keeping them open?

13. Bears’ Willie Young gets first fishin’ sack.

Of 2015. Funny story: Saw three huge guys backstage at the Guntersville Classic. Said to ’em, “Hey, if we play some football in the parking lot you’re on my team.” They laughed. Later found out it was Willie and another couple NFL football players. Must’ve thought I was an idiot…which I am….

Hey BassBlaster forwarders!

If you’re forwarding every Blaster to other bass crackheads, tx much — or you can email me the addys and we’ll take care of it! We’ll never send spam, sell the list or anything else crazy….

Tip of the Day

That’s Guntersville Classic-qualifier Chris Jones, a fo sho stick. Good gear info too:

Gitcha Boss Pops on I’m all about bone, ghost shiner and pearl melon…but I ain’t no Zell Rowland!

Quote of the Day

I’d rather zero than pull in on other guys.

Bill “Ninja Turtle” Lowen talkin‘ ’bout the Kentucky Lake Elite. Also said:

> “I’m not the kind of guy who will pull in and fish with everybody. That probably hurts me, but I’m just not going to play that game.”

Bill had a great season:

Shot of the Day

Bass Brigade shot. Makes me jealous.

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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