Huge swimjig trailer, Possible tourney cheating, Cheeto dust

Hope you’re having better weather than here in NJ. Flip-flops one day, 6″ of snow the next. Hey — anyone know if it’s legal to choke-out a neighbor’s rooster?

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Today’s Top 4

How big can your swimjig trailer get? 

Latest from Japan says this big [big eyes emoji] — click it to see the short vid:

Getting outta the boat to find bedding bass?? 

Innerestin’ part of an Anglers Quest FB post:

> …a few rumors going around and have been brought to my attention. Whether they are true or not, I’m not sure. But let me make a few things clear on Conroe (or any tournament that I hold). It is NOT OK to get out of your boat to locate fish. It is NOT OK to have someone else on the bank locating fish for you, telling you where to flip or when to jerk. It’s just NOT cool, it’s just NOT right. You will be disqualified.

Plus, any tourney rules I’ve read you can’t get out of your boat unless it’s broken down.

Love a couple things about the Angler Quest statement:

> They’re addressing it head on — no fear of putting it out there.

> Consequences are clear.

Hopefully that’s the way they always roll. Told a chameleon about it and he was like:

I was like, “Hey bud, you even paying attention to me?” Never sure cuz of those eyes….

Ever heard of Kabt? 

For starters, it ain’t one o’ these:

Naw, it’s what Megabass calls its “metal fiber” rod blanks in the new Orochi XXs. Believe that’s a first — metal in rod blanks?

> The astonishing tensile strength and tenacious resilience of the kabt’s metal microfiber material is woven into a layered multi-axis arrangement that reinforces the butt section of each blank, replacing the 1st generation [Orochi rods] old carbon wrap to deliver a superior power-to-weight ratio and more decisive lifting power and control.

> …the newly designed Orochi XX demonstrates greater lifting power, torque, lightness and crispness.

Don’t know ’bout you, but that makes me wanna try one…or a couple.

Asked Megabass USA head man Yuskei Murayama a few Qs about it:

1. Is kabt Mega-bass only? Yep.

2. Are the new Orochi XXs the same as Megabass’ top-end Japan rods?

> “Aesthetically, there are many general similarities, but subtle details from the end cap to custom-dyed thread wraps have been redesigned for the US. That being said, comparing these rods to the Japanese XXXs is nearly impossible, as ‘better’ is rooted in the specific needs of distinct markets.

> An American angler who fishes an XX will likely conclude that it’s better than its Japanese counterpart, due to the fact that the XX more perfectly addresses their needs. However, that does not in fact mean that one is qualitatively better than the other — just that one is better suited.

> …the second-generation Orochi XX [first came out in 2013] leverages the full-potential of the design, material and technological advances of its JDM counterpart to craft rods that are purpose-built for North American anglers. Our anglers will never get a watered-down JDM version from us.

There you have it. Btw, apparently kabt is pronounced “kabutoh,” which is a lot cooler sounding than the “cabbit” I was going with….

In view of this info I’ve advised Chris Zaldain not to ever leave me alone with his tackle, tow vehicle or boat…or keys….

Cheeto dust might get you more bites??

Stuff stays on skin like it’s glue, not sure about baits — but here’s what the $100K ‘yak-bassin’ winner, Dwayne Taff, says about it.

At a derby before the $100K champeenship:

> “All morning I didn’t have a fish and was getting upset, so at lunchtime I kicked back and ate my beef jerky, drank my Gatorade and opened a bag of Cheetos. I told a friend, joking, that rubbing some Cheeto dust on my lure was going to get the fish biting. I ended up catching my limit and qualifying so now I always take Cheetos along.”

Lunchtime and kicked back!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, at the $100K champeenship:

> …after much success and Cheetos on day 1, he had no back up Cheetos for day 2, although not for lack of searching.

> “I had the poor lady at a Dollar General going into the storeroom looking for Cheetos that night. None to be found. Next day, just as we were set to launch, one buddy asked if I had my Cheetos and when I said no, he said, ‘Wait a minute! Don’t take off yet!’ He ran to his truck and came back and gave me a half-eaten bag.”

Half-eaten bag hahaha! Love it:

And when he won:

> When…announced Taff the winner, the mass of other anglers and spectators cheered as his three buddies rushed to Taff and showered him, NFL Gatorade style, with a bag of crunchy, orange Cheetos.

After that he was lookin’ all Flavuh Flave:

What time is it!


1. AL: We lost a bass brother on the Tensaw River.

> One person was killed and another was seriously injured when two fishing boats collided during a fishing tournament…. One of the two fishing boats was involved in the tournament, an ALEA official on the scene said.

> Troopers said a bass boat operated by Wesley Scott Feely of Atmore collided with the driver’s side of a bass boat operated by Jackie Dewayne Cox of Pace, FL.

> The occupants of both boats were ejected into the water but were wearing personal flotation devices. Several boaters who heard the boat crash rushed to assist the victims. They pulled Cox and his passenger, Lee Grandquest, of Semmes from the water, rendered first aid and stopped one of the boats that was still circling without an operator.

> Cox was deceased at the scene. Grandquest was flown to USA Medical Center in Mobile…Feely was treated at North Baldwin Infirmary Emergency Room and released.

Dang it. Pics of the boats involved are at the link. I can’t publish ’em, doesn’t feel right. Bless you bassin’ bros.

2. Entire Elite postponed!

Wow that stinks, but that river must be looking pretty bad — IF that’s what it’s about. Didn’t hear this from me, but word is a few Elitists were refusing to fish because the only remaining campground is a hot spot for Squatch sightings:

3. Mark Davis out for season with bad hip.

Dang, sorry to hear for him. Has had 3 shoulder surgeries, a neck fusion and now this — surgery soon. He did buy the extended warranty so he should be covered…lol.

Gotta out Mark on his obsession with Georgian dancing. Dude, time to give it up! Too hard on the body….

4. READ THIS post by Swindle.

If you do nothing else today, read it. One of the best posts on anything in bassin’ I’ve ever read…and I don’t say that often…especially about Swindle. KIDDING! But not kidding about the post which is:

I read it 2x.

5. Elitists promoting Autism Awareness this month.

Props to Johnny Crews for doing this again:

> During two Elite events [now Grand and Kentucky Lake], the anglers will be competing for the second annual Autism Angler of April award. …angler who finishes the highest in the two Elite events while wearing the custom Autism Awareness bracelet.

> “April has become one of my favorite months of the year because it’s National Autism Awareness Month. All the hard work and momentum we are gaining for this cause is really making a difference.”

Last year the autism award was won by Brandon Palaniuk. Think he won some other trophy last year too, didn’t he? lol

6. Alton Jr needs some wings or a booster seat.

Chix wings to watch a game or a booster seat to see where he’s going:

7. Zona’s Kong Island Feider episode airs again this week.

Gitcha DVRs set and box of tissues handy…because of pensive Lifetime TV moments like this:

8. FLWer B-Rad Hallman on BassEdge Radio.

9. NY Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom knows bass baits.

Well he knows 1 anyhow:

Q: Have you always been into fishing and boating?

A: Growing up in Florida, we went fishing every chance we got. Mostly freshwater for largemouth….

Q: What’s the biggest largemouth bass you’ve ever caught?

A: It was 6 lbs. I caught it on a Zoom Horny Toad.

Strange that his biggest growing up in FL was only a 6. Guessing too much baseball…too bad bro….

10. WI examining major bass reg changes.

Props to the WI DNR for wanting to get outta the dark ages:

> One seeks input on the idea of a statewide, continuous open season for bass fishing. Harvest of bass would only be allowed during the current traditional season. The other proposes establishing alternate size and bag limits for participants in permitted, catch-and-release bass fishing tournaments.

11. LA tidal water access fiasco due to 200-yr-old map??

12. AL: Company gets license to test new aquatic herbicide.

> “It is a systemic herbicide that is used at very low rates, requires very short contact times and destroys milfoil and hydrilla colonies for the entire season,” Aqua Services Inc. officials said….


13. AR: White Oak Lakes have some stout basses.

Not just White Oak but Black Oak Arkansas was all about howgs too:

Back in the day, believe Bowman, Overstreet and Wright were roadies for that band…and never missed a dang day of duck hunting….

14. MD DNR has new bass conservation and safety award.

Looks like oriented toward tourneys. Good!

15. MN governor wants $130mil in improvements…

…to state-owned DNR-managed facilities including ramps and such. Big number. Wonder if he’s up for re-election….

16. CA: New ramp being built at Trout Lake.

Has trout but also largemouths, which in Cali is the $$$ combo!

17. MI HS gal gets bassin’ scholarship to Bethel U.

Awesome! #girlpower

18. LA: All-girls HS team wins bassin’ derby.

For Cabrini High School…#girlpower:

19. New glass screen protector for your graphs.

Don’t know much about it but sounds like a good idea, graphs fo sho are expensive and water spots do #sux so:

> Graph Glass will protect your fishfinder or chart plotter from the harshest elements in the world. No more annoying water spots, scratches, slime stains, salt damage, fingerprints, and most importantly — cracks from impact. Cracks from impact are not covered by standard warranties offered by marine electronic manufacturers.

Ex-Elitist and current FLWer John Hunter is rockin’ ’em.

20. More details on the new BUFF spring stuff.

A little salty but we can make it work….

21. The Spring BAM issue is out.

22. Outboard sales up in ’17.

No specifics at the link but:

> …increased for the 6th consecutive year, up 6% from the previous year.

23. Digital marketing important for boat companies.

Duh, important for everyone, but:

> …more than a third of companies surveyed (34%) reported they plan to do more mobile advertising this year.

Hear that bass-boat folks? lol

24. Where to find largies in Far Cry 5 vid game.

25. DC: New Outdoor Recreation Committee.

> …is intended to serve as an advisory board to the Secretary of the Interior on public-private partnerships across all public lands, with the goal of expanding access to and improving infrastructure on public lands and waterways.

Tip of the Day

Doin’ the Inchi Wacky.

You ever wacky-rig with a jighead? I do if I’m fishing deeper but honestly give zero thought to what jighead I use — it’s whatever I can put my hands on. One time on the Niagara River I was fishing with some tackle-industry folks and was wacky-rigging a Strike King Ocho (4″ blue craw) on a Strike King Squadron swimbait head — they were horrified and skeptical because they thought you had to Flanders to ketch ’em (nope!).

So…ever heard of the Inchi Wacky — really the Zappu Inchi Wacky Head?

Look at how the weight is oriented on the hook plus that eye angle. Now check this vid — the fall and especially the action on the bottom:

That crazy or what! Makes me think I need to get serious about my wacky jigheads….

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Quote of the Day

“You can’t plan on winning this tournament. Everything just has to fall into place.”

Jordan Lee talkin’ ’bout winning…dang it, what was that tournament he won again? Vlasic? Jurassic? Bombastic, gymnastic, elastic?

Seriously, tho, I know he’s just being him and thinking like he does, but this kinda — what do we call it…perspective? — is RARE for someone who ain’t that old or that experienced. What he’s saying might sound obvious or whatever, but it’s pretty deep.

Shot of the Day

@susquehanna_smallmouth_guide posted this crazy-lookin’ goth lipstick smallie:

Caught it on a purple swimbait that had hair covering its eyes and a nose ring.

Not really….

Ya got me

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