How to fish poppers tight, Outing a new frog, Melons of the week!

Finally gettin’ some fall weather here in the Jerz. Hope the fish are fattinin’ up where you live and you get on ’em this weekend!

Today’s Top 4

Excellin’ melons of the week!

Leadin’ ‘er off with @zmcfishing’s new 11.5-lb PB he whacked, smacked and jacked with a Strike King spinnerbait…possibly a Premier Plus CO/willow?

Wasn’t Taylor Odom’s birthday but he smacked this friggin’ GI-ANT 11.42 anyhow at the ABA derby on Pickwick Lake using a bait he wouldn’t name but the color rhymes with “lexi lad.” Also was a-feeshn 17-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro on a Shimano Metanium (7.4) and a 7′ MH Heavy Sack Custom Rod — #stout dude!

Feast your bassin’ eyes on what may be the new MT record brownie, a 7.51 caught by Mike Dominick on Fort Peck Rez. Said, “Fish was 21 inches long with a 19-inch girth — it looked like a ball!” I bet!

Mike dropshotted that cannon-ball melon with a Sniper Lures Bolt worm (gp pepper copper) — never heard of it, but Mike said it’s a “hand-poured dropshot bait made in Washington State by Dan Johnson — one of the top smallie baits in the West.”

Here’s another round mound o’ brown, no weight given:

Finally outin’ the Jackall Kaera Frog.

While back said I’d reveal what frog Elitist Jared Lintner was using when I was in his boat like this-here:

Well, plum forgot about it mang! Til I saw that FLWer Alex “I ain’t Mark” Davis won the recent Guntersville BFL on a black one. THEN I remembered that I forgot…so here you go:

Jared hadn’t had that frog long, and in the vid talks about giving it a run on Clear Lake, CA and other waters. Called him today and he said:

> “I fished it on Clear Lake, my home lake — I’ve yet to lose a bass on it. Since the river [where that vid was shot], I’ve probably caught 30-40 bass on it and I haven’t lost one yet. [I said, “That sounds crazy man” — he said, “I know dude!”] I’ve missed a couple, or they missed it. But once get them hooked, I don’t lose them.”

Asked him what he digs about it now that he’s fished it more:

> “I still like that it’s compact and has that weight to it. So in a mat it compresses that mat down, and it’s a little over 1/2-oz — so when a fish blows up on it, it’s not blowing the frog out of its mouth. I just feel like they get it better.” [He also mentioned loving the hooks.]

Fishes it with Sunline FX2 braid, a Shimano Curado K reel (7.2) and a brand new 7′ 4″ G. Loomis IMX Pro frog rod he helped them design, which is already on Tackle Warehouse. Actually 2 frog rods — one for open water, one for cover, which is the one he was using — the 7′ 4″ Mag Hvy Frog 885. “Dude it’s right,” he said.

Check the frog on “where you’d love to have a shoppin’ spree:”

Very much digging the different kinds of frogs n topwaters that keep coming out. Can’t wait to see more. And believe it or not I think we haven’t even scratched the surface of how n when to fish ’em…tho Dean, Ish and those cats might have….

Non-moving water for cold-water bass?

From a fly-fishing thang about river smallmouths but could apply to lakes? Maybe spots and largies too?

> For these cold-water smallmouth you want the laziest water, which makes a lot of sense because in the winter there’s higher oxygen levels in the dead water than there is in the fast water — it’s the opposite of what you would think of in the summer as oxygenated water.

> The first person to tell me about that oxygen phenomena…always used to talk about super cold-weather trout fishing on the Muskegon and fishing in pretty much frog water and catching tons of trout.

> What we’d find that time of year was…the bass would be in these dead couch-water areas, usually on structure, usually on wood.

Huh. “Couch-water” sounds like time for a salt-impregnated nacho cheese Dorito bait….

Kennedy don’t need no wimp baits mang!

Not only that, he doesn’t need more than 2 baits:

> “I’m not fishing little baits — I’m fishing big baits and looking for reaction bites. When you fish the way I fished most of the season, you have big days and you have bad days. That’s just part of it.

> “The first half of the year I threw a flipping jig that I was swimming quite a bit. Once we got around those smallmouth, I picked up that swimbait.”

Here again was the largie deal:

> 3/4-oz D&L Advantage Jig with Zoom Super Chunk [won Dardanelle this year, 2nd at the Classic, 3rd at Wheeler in ’16].

And his “Crazy Ivan” swim it and kill it technique:

> “It’s just a reaction strike. I’m holding the rod tip high and swimming it toward me, then when I drop [the bait] it changes direction and triggers the bite. The way I like to describe it is like the movie ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ when they talk about the ‘crazy Ivan’ — you swim it along, the bass follow behind it, and when you drop it they have to eat it or they’ll run into it.

> “That 3/4 allows me to use heavier line and get the same bite. With the 5/8-oz I needed to use 17-lb line or so to generate the same bites. Now I can use 25 and don’t have to worry about breaking them off when I set hook.”

Have asked him for a pic of that swimbait…waiting for it….


1. What powder Kriet’s using for his frowgs.

Dang some folks really wanted to know what powder Jeff Kriet uses to keep his frogs — and possibly himself — fresh. Was expecting something manly like gunpowder or black powder, but he said, “Talc or baby powder.”

Also said his legs have been perfect since the beginning of the season. I THINK he means his frogs’ legs, but not sure?

2. More info on those Hack Attack spinnerbaits.

Mentioned ’em in the last Blaster. Hack says: “As far as I know the HackAttack Select went on the market at Academy on Jan 1, 2017. They are offered in 10+ different blade configurations, painted and unpainted blades.”

There you go, inquirin’ bass-minds!

I think he stole my boat?

7. West Coaster Roy Hawk may fish Elites.

I think FLWer Shin Fukae might fish ’em too if he qualifies?

8. AR stocking shad to help bass.

Great to hear. But…#trout. Eat the rainbow.

9. GA: Ocmulgee Lake reopening Oct 27.

Small lake, supposedly will be a big bass factory.

10. Garmin looking for college anglers.

11. 2018 FLW college schedule out.

12. BFL bait happenin’s.

Ross Barnett, MS — FLW champeen Justin Atkins won it fishing a 10″ Berkley Power Worm (black) around brushpiles in 10-14′. Still one of my mainstay bait/colors….

Kentucky Lake — Marty Sisk fished shallow for 3 days (regional derby) with a Spook (bone).

13. WI: Brovarney swim-jig wins FLW college derby.

Dan makes a mean swim-jig in that upper-Mississippi style. U of WI’s Turner Truttschel and Colin Steck won it with 16-10.

14. Important DC stuff.

I was like, THE Glenn Hughes that used to play bass in Deep Purple?? Turns out it’s a different one…still a cool name tho…. Go get ’em Glenn.

Pro-development and the outdoor industry opposes it. Proposed by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT).

So no year-round sales of E15 this year. Good cuz #ethanolsux

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Tip of the Day

How to fish the Storm Cover Pop around cover.

Interesting cuz:

> Many bassers have used Pop-Rs and those-type baits for making short pitches to cover, but more bass-heads do NOT fish ’em thataway and don’t know how to do it.

> The Cover Pop was made for that purpose, but of course also can do its thang in open water. Question I’ve had is: HOW was it made to do that? Read on.

Brandon Palaniuk:

> “It’s made to create a lot of commotion without moving out of the strike zone. It creates a lot of horizontal movement without moving forward.

> “Where the line-tie is located, it allows the bait to do what I call a ‘windshield wiper’ action” instead of making a Z pattern. …the cup of the bait, the top actually overhangs — it has an overbite. That allows the bait, when it does its little windshield-wiper move, to come down and hit the water, make a little ‘ploop’ and then pivot back over on its tail and then do the same thing the other way. It sounds like a little baitfish, a little bream, eating on the surface.”

Ott DeFoe:

> “You can throw it up to a piece of cover and twitch the rod tip really hard and make the bait walk back and forth without covering a lot of distance.

> “It doesn’t get more exciting than making a little short cast right at the heart of a bush, or a stump, twitchin’ that bait just a few times, seeing that bass ease up under it and suck that bait in.”

Quote of the Day

His slump was a career for most Elite Series anglers.

Zona talkin’ ’bout the mighty KVD, specifically when he went 49 derbies without winning one…and then won a bunch (again).

Couple more $$$ quotes from that good Bassin’Fan interview ’bout KVD turnin’ the big 5-0:

> “…there are a lot of guys who are out there that I wouldn’t say are extremely athletic…” [lol too funny!]

> “To watch (Jacob) Powroznik throw a wacky worm, I can’t do that.” [What the…KVD can’t do something??]

VanDam also said his elbow is hurting him.

Shot of the Day

These “someone else’s arm with a fish” shots crack me up man! Here’s my question on this one: Did that little fish really need to be in the pic?? Lol congrats to that bass-head on his win at a Conroe, TX derby:


Microsoft co-founder using satellites to combat illegal saltwater fishing.

Pretty cool but reminds me of:

Which got us these dudes:

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