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How Dean Rojas skips and CURVES a frog!!

Ever hear of bass fishing physics? Me neither, til I was in the boat with froggin’ Jedi master Dean Rojas. Let me say this: Been fortunate to have been in the boat with many pro fishermen and Dean more than a few times, but never saw this before – and didn’t even know it was friggin’ (froggin’?) possible!

Gotta apologize for the lack of closeups – this was a spur of the moment deal, something I wanted to capture right away. We weren’t really set up camera-wise for it, but will be next time unless someone else beats us to it (probly, but that’s cool).

Dean of course is using his signature SPRO Bronzeye 65 frog, but can do it with any frog (check all SPRO frogs here). Below the vid is another vid about how he uses a DOUBLE Palomar knot for his frogs – all sizes, not just the King Daddy.

Be amazed bass-heads!

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