House Comes With GPSd Fishing Holes

Here's the "cabin!"

Famous MN fisherman and tackle store owner Ted Capra is selling his house on Lake Minnetonka – and if you buy it, he’ll take you out on the lake in his boat and show you his best spots.

Guess that’s one way to make your offering stand out from the pack – or maybe that’s what you’ll do if you need to sell. But you must need to sell pretty badly, and it’s not clear that Teddy does because:

> The 6,414 sq ft “cabin,” with 100 feet of shoreline on the lake, is listed for $2.4 mil.

Yes, the news article says Ted and his wife uses it as a “cabin” – which includes “a big open kitchen that loosely resembles a boat, a butler’s pantry, three fireplaces, an exercise room, a home theater, family room and sun room. The maple floors were hand-scraped, and they used real stone from Wisconsin for the fireplaces.”

Then again, there’s a two-year supply of million $-plus houses on the market up there. Times are hard, man!



  1. BP

    January 11, 2011 at 5:14 am

    Might have been very valuable to get the fishing info a few years ago. Now with GPS guided lake mapping and side imaging there are no secret spots, especially for someone who can afford a 2 Million Dollar house. Guide costs are petty cash to someone with that kind of dough. And if there are some true extremely hard to find things like small rockpiles on weedflats. He isn’t going to show anybody those and spoil his tournament fishing son’s ace in the holes.

    • mike

      January 11, 2011 at 12:27 pm

      Like he would give his best spots….

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