Homestead smallies, Menendez harassed, Crank foreheads

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They had a little homestead where they were going to eat.




– Edwin Evers tellin’ me why he was throwing multiple baits at single smallies to win the the St. Lawrence Elite. Full, short interview — includin’ baits used — on

AMAZING two wins in a row for E-squared. For sure stout, but couldn’t find a pecan stout so:

Maybe it’s double-E’s year to finally win AOY? But he’s got these guys ahead of him: A-Mart, D-Ro and…J-Lu (wow!).




Short story: Mark’s flippin’ docks, guy comes out and says the bass around his dock are his grandkids’, then jumps in a boat and harasses Mark with the boat. Mark’s marshal gets it all on the phone, another guy sees it too. Good thing is, Mark is making sure this guy gets what he deserves. Got a text from his marshal, here’s what the guy looks like:

Okay, seriously…that’s a bad pic….

Hahaha! No seriously, Mark’s marshal — another BB reader — actually DID text me a pic of the guy doing it, but I ain’t gonna get in the way of lady justice. Let’s see how it plays out.

Oh yeah, until it goes all the way, this is all — tell ’em Mike:

Shocker (not): Largies once again win Champlain.




If you’re gonna fish smallies at Champlain in a big derby, you’re not gonna win. Period. Been proven time and again, including this weekend. Glenn “chocolate fudge” Browne — from FLO-RI-DA — won the FLW Ray-o-Start there flipping largemouths in Ticonderoga with a 3/4-oz flipping jig with a Zoom Big Salty Chunk, both black/blue.

Check the scene:

Champlain stick Joe Lucarelli only fished smalls and ended up 3rd. Dropshotted, and very interesting: Carolina-rigged a Strike King Rage Tail Shellcracker (green pumpkin). Never heard of that before.

Also surprised to see that only one guy out of the top 10 fished a swimbait — 2nd-place Otis Darbell, who wouldn’t say what the bait was. Anyone know?

(Good pattern deets here.)

Did this kill Otis?




His chance to win, that is:

> …he only had a few of the right hook [belly-weight swimbait hook] and was unable to get more during the event. Thus, he had to go to great lengths to retrieve his bait when he hung up. (From here.)

Hey Otis, watch out for this dude:

Fave Elite shots.




Some of my faves from the galleries on

99.99% of fishermen will never look this good on a hookset on the 4th day of a bass derby:

The angle Edwin is making + the angle of the rod he is holding = 360 degrees:

Thought B.A.S.S. banned the A-rig? #carboncopies

Best big-fish shot I saw, future TV star Mark Davis (seriously):




1. CA: New western trail: Wild West.

Gary Dobyns part of it. 100% payback, TV, pro-am and team. Been rumored and tried before, let’s see if it sticks. Could be cool if so.

2. OR: Ramp on Tenmile done.

3. 2016 ABA Team Tour schedule.

4. ON: Fewer smallies in Eugenia.

5. Bass U: Jason Christie pitching and flipping.

6. B.A.S.S. sighting on Leepu and Pitbull.

Show reminds me of Gluszek and Ike…just kiddin’ fellers!

7. Rapala decal photo contest.



Line of the Day

I heard that Burke Power Worms are still popular.

“Burke?” As in “Burkee?” Bwahahaha! BERK-LEY mang! [Line from here.]

Tip of the Day


Tim Horton: Hydronamic cranks.


From a convo we had recently about his Profound Outdoors bait biz:

> Looking at my career, crankbaits are what I love to do.

> You can tell by looking at lures. I noticed it with wood lures early on. When manufacturers put bills in wood lures, it’s not a perfect science. So some would be higher or lower on the nose, which completely changed how the lure came in.

> That big rounded-off area there causes a lot of turbulence, drag and friction, which makes it harder to reel a crankbait in. Here’s an analogy: In sports car commercials, they always show them in a wind tunnel. When you go from the hood of the car to the windshield, a sports car is very flat. But on something like a pickup truck, the hood to the windshield is very blunt.

> So a crankbait has to cut the water, and the sharper it is, the softer it gets down. If it gets down soft, I think that gets you more strikes. Like what Kevin [VanDam] says when he throws a spinnerbait to a tree: He wants to land right on it, so there’s just a few-second window where the blades are turning and then it’s right past. So if a bait is noisier, the fish will look at it quicker and have more time to realize it’s not real.


[Here’s the Profound Outdoors Z-Boss 20.]

He also said that “by accident” the weight-transfer system in the Z-Boss cranks that enable them to be cast far “goes forward when diving” so they get down fast — and “when it hits bottom, you can slow your retrieve down and slide that crankbait like a swimbait along the bottom.”

Quote of the Day


He’s dropshotting his heart out with a 3-inch Berkley Gulp Minnow….


– B.A.S.S. scribbler Bryan Brasher talkin‘ ’bout Josh “St. Lawrence is my middle name” Bertrand. Bry, you gotta stop watchin’ so much of that Lifetime channel man hahaha!

Shot of the Day


Raise yer hand if this is yer fishin’ outfit too!



Facebook built a giant drone to bring the BassBlaster to the world!

Okay, not JUST the BassBlaster, but still….

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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