Hey PAA, Give Us Rule Suggestions

Recently read this article on BassFan about FLW clarifying a logo ban rule – a rule I understand given FLW’s biz model, but generally do not support. Anyhow, got me thinking about something I think I voiced many moons ago, which is this:

Since it doesn’t seem like pro anglers are going to be invited to the rules table (am I forgetting something re: BASS? let me know), how about every year at the same time the PAA issues a couple rule changes it would like to see adopted by BASS and/or FLW, and even maybe by other trails.

I have to think that sooner or later, the trails would either get used to the ideas or get embarrassed into making some changes. Then again, maybe I’ve been sitting too close to the air freshener….



  1. Bryan T

    October 20, 2010 at 10:33 am

    FLW kind of in a way just pimps their team guys. When Hackney won on Falcon he made a whopping 46sec of air time. I will say though that their print publication is getting better. Even when you go to the tourney it is focused on the brainwashing of younger crowds (which is probably the best marketing strategy they have going for them). I really like BASS’ more openness with sponsors and makes their top stars actually work for their money. Plus who can even name 10 FLW guys. I know I barely can, but can name 20 BASS guys fairly easily. So, even with the team stuff all you ever remember is; IAMS, Snickers, Lowrance, Evinrude, Tide, Chevy. You never remember the guy wearing the stuff, so maybe the model they chose is actually working!

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