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Today’s Top 5
Buttah howgs of the week.
Think Don Longton’s stoked or what?? Body-slammed this tub o’ buttah at Cali’s Lake McClure. Bait was a Paycheck Baits The One topwater in the “drag stripper” color:
My my my…Lake Lewisville, TX sure has changed. Here’s a recent 12.2 — apparently now 7 DDs from that lake this year:

Would you boat-flip a 9.5-lb spot?? Heck yeah if you were a “wrap me in a crazy suit” diehard bass-head like Ben Lorencz! Caught at the mythical Bullards Bar, CA with a new 9″ ABT Xtreme Wrap 9” Suicide Glide (kokanee):

Nice one bruh! Gitcha good deal on other Suicide Glide colors at Tackle Warehouse.
You know how little girls get all excited when they see Justin Bieber? These people get just as excited!

Guy talkin‘ ’bout on-the-water spectators at Elites. Gotta agree, but some are just locals wonderin’ how the guys are fishin’ their lake. On the Bieber vs bass thing:

Typical Elite crowd:

Iaconelli wins in Philly crowd:
Bieber crowd:
…only Hackney and Scroggins are left out of that class.
– Now ex-Elite Matt Reed talkin’ to don barone ’bout this class at Bassmaster Prep:
HAHAHA! That’s still possibly true (can ya guess which ones are Hack and Big Show?), but really he meant his rookie class on the big tour. Full quote:

> …started in 2003, back then we had a rookie class of something like 42 guys, only Hackney and Scroggins are left out of that class.

There’s some real #reality for ya.

Fish have feelin’s.

Apparently this is for real:

> Jonathan Balcombe…spends a lot of time pondering the emotional lives of fish. Balcombe, who serves as the director of animal sentience for the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy….

> “…if an animal is sentient, which means some kind of conscious awareness, but particularly the capacity to feel pain and, I would say, by extension, to feel pleasure, then, to me, that means that animal has moral traction, or it should have moral traction — that the animal is deserving of consideration of others. Because that animal can have a good day and a bad day and can have good or bad things happen to them. And that, as I say, is the bedrock of ethics.”

What a complete load of waste products. West Virginia head coach is like:

Animal rights dude is worried that the new Dory fish movie will cause lots of peeps to want a “blue tang,” the type of fish Dory is. Yes it will:

Dock it like a boss.
You wish you were this cool:
Made in Euroville as an anti-DUI boating ad.


1. Who will fall for the smallie trap?

With the Elitists at Cayuga and the FLWers at Champlain, just a reminder that no non-Great Lakes Elite/Tour-level derby in water with smalls and larges has EVER been won with just smallmouths. There’s a first time for everything, but let’s see how many guys think they can beat the odds this week.

Why is it a trap? This pic tells all:

Also some pics on Bassin’ Tub Central.4. TX: Gandy baits headed for Tackle Warehouse?

That’s what a thread on the TFF says. Very cool vid about how Eric Gandy makes ’em:

5. Canadian authorities still hostile on St. Lawrence.Guess they have no use for our $ up there. And who cares, we have more and bigger fish on our side man!

The Canadian bureaucrats responsible for this:

6. TTBC show on TV on Sunday.

1-hour show on NBC Sports Network this Sunday, June 26, 9-10 am EST.

7. NY county surveying bass anglers.

Wants to find out if they are staying in the county to fish derbies, or outside the county…which if so may spur some development. Good idea.

8. How to get bugs off your Poles/Talons.

Sea Foam Bugs B Gone. Quick, easy, nontoxic, biodegradable — I use it a ton on my truck too:

Tip of the Day

Chris Ricci’s Cali Delta “Rev Rig:”

> …in response to the breezy conditions, wanted his Senko to drop faster through the water column.

> …found a clam shot weight. Similar to a split shot, this clamshell-shaped fishing weight is common to fly fishing. …pinched the small weight onto his line just in front of the Senko.

> The setup consists of your favorite Yamamoto Senko [color] in 5″ or 6″ with a 4/0 Gamakatsu round-bend offset shank worm hook tied to 50-lb braided fishing line. The hook is rigged through the soft plastic bait Tex-posed style and a #5 – 1/20-oz clam shot weight is placed on the fishing line in front of the hook.

> The greatest attribute of the Rev Rig is its ability to glide through the grass. …can also twitch the Senko back and forth with minor rips on slack line.

> Depending on the placement of the clam shot weight in relationship to the position of the Senko you can produce a variety of falling actions, everything from a horizontal descending glide to a spiral drop. The spiral descent is accomplished by placing more distance, up to 1″, between the Senko and the clam shot weight.

Full story at the BBZ.

Quote of the Day

…these guys are competing for $100,000 and they share way more information than these guys fishing for $500 on the weekends.

Marshal who fished with Keith Poche at Texoma (I guess). Also said:

> I was completely blown away by how much information these guys share on the water. Every time we got close to another angler they would tell each other exactly what they had and exactly what they were using. No BS going on whatsoever.

> At around 1:30 we ran into one of the guys that will also be fishing Sunday. Keith asked him what he had and he says two small spots is it. Keith immediately tells him what the fish are doing and even flips his bait into his boat so he can see it.

Gotta say that’s not typical in my experience, but it it depends on who. Not sure this has anything to do with it, but saw another Elite put this toad in Poche’s truck:

Shot of the Day

Here’s a 5.5-lb MT smallie caught by 7-year old Finn — that a great fishing name or what? Love to see the kids ketchin’ ’em (good job pops!), and the Heisman fish carry:



Shad involved in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ lawsuit…sorta.

If you haven’t heard, the mighty Led Zep is being sued by some yuk for “stealing” a riff that sounds a lot like part of one of the best rock tunes ever written. Like that’s never happened.

This tune, “To Catch a Shad,” was used by the defense to show that the opening Stairway chord progression ain’t exactly proprietary.

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