You’ve Gotta Fight for Your Right…
to Fish?

You gotta' fight for your right... to FIIIIIIIISSSSHH!

The Beastie Boys, yo!

Did you know that 10 states currently guarantee the right to hunt and fish in their constitutions? And this page tells us that citizens of Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee will get to vote on amendments that decide whether their respective states will be added to this short list later this year.

We haven’t been able to find any indication that this amendment is causing much fuss in Arizona, Arkansas or South Carolina, but according to this piece published last week at, the issue is definitely getting some attention in The Volunteer State. It seems some folks in Tennessee are confused as to why a constitutional amendment is required to protect activities that are seemingly in no danger of being outlawed. But Tennessee Wildlife Federation executive director Mike Butler isn’t satisfied with taking a wait-and-see approach.

“Getting approval to put an amendment on a ballot is a complex, years-long legislative process,” Butler says in the article. “If you wait until you need it, the reality of being able to get it done would be pretty difficult.”

We like the way you think, Mike! It seems all we ever read about is how this group or that group is pushing for legislation that will further restrict our ability to enjoy the outdoors. It’s nice to see someone taking a proactive stance in making sure people will be able to hunt and fish no matter what kind of misguided “conservation measures” come down the pipe from Washington.

Take a moment to check out the full article for an interesting point-counterpoint discussion of the proposed amendment changes in Tennessee.

I was a little surprised to notice my home state of Texas wasn’t on the list of those whose citizens are guaranteed the right to hunt and fish. How about you? Is your state on the list? Would you support an amendment like this if it came up on the ballot in your home state?

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