You Gonna Fish on Your 101st Birthday?

Mr. Wick in his hardwater rig ( photo).

Damn straight! That’s what Minnesotan Kermit Wick did recently. Ice-fished, in his case, but hey – he was out there. And what was his 101st birthday fish? A bass, of course. Excerpts from the article on it:

> “This is the greatest sport that ever was, I’ll tell you,” said Wick as he sat on the sled clutching an ice-fishing pole. “I was fishing since I was four years old.” [That’s 98 years of fishing – yes, 98.]

> “Compulsive fisherman,” is the term Geri Nelson uses to describe her dad. “When we had company for Sunday dinner, we’d finish the dessert and he’d say, ‘Well, I have an appointment with a crappie.” [That is awesome!]

> When Wick’s pole suddenly bowed a few minutes into his [101st bday] adventure, it looked like everything was falling into place. A bass came halfway though the hole, so big it barely fit. But in a snap, it was gone.

> “Yeah!” they all cheered as another large bass came though the hole, this time all the way onto the ice.



  1. BP

    December 21, 2010 at 11:36 am

    The blog Journal of a Minnesota Bass Fisherman has the video. It’s worth the watch. He breaks off a big bass in the whole and then catches a 3lber which he keeps for dinner.

    • BP

      December 21, 2010 at 11:37 am

      Oops the blog is Journal of a Minnesota Angler, not “Bass Fisherman”.

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