Gluszek turning into Biffle, Make sure you sweep set, No red undies


Today’s Top 5

“Before Brandon Palaniuk ever hit puberty, he was scared of Jason Christie.” 

Doubt it, but BP did have nightmares about CHRIS Christie after he saw this pic:

Hahaha who wouldn’t man!

Glad there’s a 2- or maybe 3-horse race for the AOY this year.

Is Pete Gluszek turning into Tommy Biffle?? 

This may be the most important question of the year:

[chin-scratch emoji]

I asked Pete, and he was like: I don’t see it. Hahahaha!

Btw you might think Tommy doesn’t smile, but guess all it takes is these 3 ingredients — cheese curds, coffee and Biffle Bugs:

Gene Gilliland nailed it. 

Gene is B.A.S.S.’s conservation head dude, a fish biologist, a bass fisherman and has “gill” in his last name = legit. He’s talkin’ all the interwebz bass hysteria:

> What I’m sensing is a growing attitude among the public, fueled by the instant access to information (and misinformation) on the internet, that fish are being “abused” in bass tournaments. If they are flipped, clipped and weighed on a scale and then shown to the crowd with one hand, the perception is that those fish are being mistreated and are likely to die as a result.

> In continually stressing fish-care procedures to the Nth-degree, are we playing into the hands of the animal welfare folks — the “fish-have-feelings-too” folks, the “maybe-if-those-fish-are-so-valuable-you-shouldn’t-be-fishing-for-them-at-all” folks? Are we giving animal welfare advocates ammunition that could eventually lead to limitations on the sport of fishing?

Uh…dang straight! This is why I get on the MLFers — why are we making issues out of non-issues that could hurt us?

Something similar I noticed, from the Bass Brigade folks. I dig what they’re doing but:

“Nothing but respect”?? Pic showed a bass — a FISH! — swimming away. That fish ain’t a boxer or sports team or other human opponent, man. It’s a fish with a brain the size of a pea, and there’s 10,000 just like it swimming around that lake.

Normal boating, lipping and releasing bass — we all do it, and it’s enough. Just my 2c mang!

Should we use multi-colored cranks? 

Guy in this walleye vid says he fishes multi-colored crankbaits, pays attention to what treble the fish get to find out what color they like — then fishes that color. Could that work for bassin?

Never wear red underwear when you’re bass fishing. 

Sounds nuts, right? But this is Jeff Kriet talking, who’s dead serious about it…and all kinds of ‘different’ stuff.

Here’s his story about it, including a real-world example about Mike McClelland. I’m sure Mike’s thrilled Kriet shared the story:

I was like, “Kriet, you have a lot of these superstitions?” He said, “This ain’t a superstition!” Didn’t know what to say after that so was like, “What’s that jig weigh?”


1. Lake Fork Guy benefit tourney on Rayburn Sept 23.

2. Feider will fish in “full send mode.”He said it, whatever that means. Most important Q: Will the mullet militia be back? Word is these guys will be out there runnin’ security for Seth:

3. Mille Lacs tougher now?

Bassin’Fan article says it’s fishing pressure. Not doubting that but will add: believe the resort/head-boat crowds have been after smallies because the walleye fishery shuts down, and they keep their fish — but there’s like a zillion fish in that lake, and weights at that semi-recent Nation derby were off the chain.

Swindle said this:

> There seems to be an algae bloom that’s making the water a bit cloudier, and with smallmouth being such sight-oriented feeders, I think it’s slowed the bite down just a little.

All of that makes sense, but the REAL REASON the smallie feeshn is off up there is cuz this dude has been giving them all nightmares:

4. College kid will fish the Elites.

Jake Whitaker, 2 years outta UNC Charlotte, made the Elites this year through the Northern Opens. Hope he has some $$$ saved up….

5. B.A.S.S. fundraising for TX, FL DNRs during Live webcasts.

That’s pretty cool, man.

6. BFL winning baits tiddybits.

> Kentucky/Barkley Lakes — Cole Floyd of OH (!!) caught ’em on an Evergreen SB 125 (bone) — a pencil popper, which seem to be the new rage now. Here’s that bait:

> Lake Norman, NC — NC’s Robert Walser won it NOT on docks (?!) but “early on points using a white buzzbait, and then switched to a (Zoom) Finesse Worm for bass near isolated wood.”

> Lake Lanier, GA — GA’s Brad Wiley won it fishing an underspin in 40′ — for bass suspsnded in trees — in the wind!

> 1000 Islands/Lake Ontario — PA’s Travis Manson won it in a 50-yd stretch on the lake dropshotting a 4″ Gajo Baits Spirit Shad (smoke purple/blue highlight). Here’s that exact bait, also comes in 3.25″:

7. Bass Pro-Cabela’s deal should close Sept 25.

8. Cool Tickle Tackle Bassin’ bass strikes vid.

15 minutes of bass gittin’ it!

9. Bimini toppin’ yer bass rig vid.

The part about getting in the shade awhile (lunch, running) makes sense since I’m always telling my sports kids to get some shade between games.

10. Japanese smallie rig is the Whirly Bee.

Thanks much to Ott DeFoe and IN bass expert Brian Waldman hipping me to the fact that that Japanese smallie rig…

…is basically the Charlie Brewer Whirly Bee, which has been around for a loooong time and was made to catch the brown basses:

11. Why Mexico is not raising ethanol to US levels.

Makes me wonder:
> …environmental groups who warned the action would worsen pollution in the country.

Tip of the Day

Brent Ehrler: Sweep your dropshot hookset.

Fact: Most of us non-pro bass-heads set the hook too hard. Yep, sounds weird cuz it’s all about “crossin’ they eyes.” But nope.

If you’re Greg Hackney or Ish Monroe fishing with a big H-action rod, 65-lb braid and a stout hook — and you know what you’re doing like they do — you may well cross some bass eyes on hooksets. But most of us shouldn’t be trying to do that. Seriously.

Here’s one small example — not flippin’ but you get the point, that hooksets should be different. Plus it applies to the Quote o’ the Day below:

Quote of the Day

Anglers mock the ‘fairy wands’ and ‘sissy sticks’ until they start slinging fish they can’t convince with the more macho baitcasting gear.

Bassin’ scribbler David Brown callin’ us out yo!

Seriously tho — I may be nuts, but really think light casting gear can do the same things spinning rods do but with no dang line twist and better hookset and fish fighting. Rods are so good/sensitive now…so get you a M to ML light rod, a good reel, the best fluoro line you can afford, and the best lightest-wire hook you can stand.

Rod suggestions

6′ 8″ ML or 6′ 11″ M Lew’s Speed Stick Lite


Seaguar AbrazX or Red Label (cheaper) fluoro alone or with Seaguar Kanzen braid

Sunline FC Sniper fluoro alone or with Sunline SX1 Braid (yellow)


If you need lighter hooks, apparently these are the shizzle (haven’t fished either yet):

Shot of the Day

Can count at least 5 ways this Okuma shot rocks. Love the SUPpin’ for the basses! And I NEED that paddle:


Greater risk of death?? Pretty sure our risk of dying is 100% so…?
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