Gitcha T-bird day bassin shoppin list!

What up! If you’re “done already” with your extended family (lol) or can’t take watching the Lions anymore or are stuck home by yourself, here’s a little bassin’ for ya — hope you and family had a great bird!


If you’re on duty today — working, serving public safety or overseas serving in our military, THANK YOU. Know that you are loved and appreciated. One perspective: If you were called to serve on this day of Thanksgiving, you are trusted by the Lord = awesome.


The Tackle Warehouse sale starts TOMORROW!!!!  Make sure you give yourself a $$ limit or it could get crazy!

Today’s Top 5
Bassin’ stuff for you?
Stuff I use and like comin’ at ya:


1. Alpha Angler Rebound (and Chatterbound) Rod


You know I’m no Keith Combs or David Fritts, but I will say this: The 7′ Alpha Angler Rebound is easily the best crankbait rod I’ve ever used. The 7′ 2″ Chatterbound is also boomchakalaka — possibly Jake Boomchakalaka (Jake Boomer is the Alpha dog/head man/engineer/rod nerd). I hear some folks use the Rebound for Chatters and the Chatterbound for cranks, but either way dang man wow.


Why I dig it:


– NO adjustment required to cast — if you’ve ever picked up a crankin’ rod and started firing baits straight into the water you know what I mean. This casts like any other rod.

– Casts farther than anything I’ve ever used.

– It has the “Brandon Palaniuk specified it” crankbait rod parabolic action, which is important if you actually know what you’re doing…unlike me but I’ll take it!


Alpha rods ain’t cheap, but they’re on a pretty darn good sale right now. If you’ve got the funds, totally worth it in my 2c.


2. Kistler Lite MH Graphite Rod


If you wanna lil less-expensive rod, but not for crankin, I’m a big fan of that new 7′ Lite MH Kistler Graphite rod. In my 2c that action makes it good for a variety of things. Plus Kistler has a Black Friday sale — looks like 30% off $150, which is what this rod costs.


3. Abu Reels


I switched every reel I could to Abu REVOs or Zatas. Smooooooth. I hope they last. Also really digging a similar feel every time I pick up a rod — never had that before cuz my rod/reel selection was kinda garage sale-ish if you know what I mean….


These are the ones I like the most:


Seaguar InvizX — Peeps buy it in bulk for a dang good reason. All-around great.


Seaguar AbrazX — Best I’ve found for zebra mussels and anything real bad for line.


Seaguar Gold Label — Haven’t tried it yet, but thinner and stronger = gotta be a winner for leaders (also for followers lol).


5. BOOYAH Covert spinnerbaits


If you’re a spinnerbait fisherman, you owe it to yourself to try these out — cuz Jason Christie and his clan are a) spinnerbait experts x 1,000 and b) not real into letting secrets out. I mean, how many guys do you know have a blade box like this??

I’m not much of a spinnerbait dude myself, but could immediately tell the Coverts were special. Here’s Jason with a couple tips for now — mid-40s water in the fall:


> …clear water, 4-8′ viz…if you’re throwing one in that water temperature, even though it’s cold I’d want the bait to go fast…don’t want them to get a good look at it. I’d like to have some wind to really camouflage that bait. When it gets that clear, it’s kinda hard to fool ’em and you’d want a lot of wind.


> …double willow, looks like shad, something like a JC Special [color].


> If you’ve got some color, 1-2′ visibility to even 3′, I’d use a single CO [colder water] or double CO, and something [skirt] with some color in it. Chartreuse/white is the best all-around color — it looks good in 3′, it looks good in 1′ — and the same-color head.

> You’re not fishing for a bunch of fish — just 10-12 bites a day, and more times than not they’re going to be big.


Most often-used tool in my boat, mostly for regular line. $3.99 at TW = win.


7. Sufix Advance Mono


So far one of my favorite lines ever. Back off a little from your normal line size because this stuff is strong but not stiff, even in cold water.


8. The new Rapala DT colors are good so they are…needed.


9. Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Vibe


My fishin’ bud Mike swears by this bait. When all else fails, he ties one on — in “real bluegill.” I’m like, Why don’t you tie it on first then man? (Heehee!)


Smaller bait, 2 3/8″ and 1/2-oz:

As always, great colors…


10. Blue Yo-Zuri SuperBraid


I like the blue color. Is that wrong?


11. THE best fish’n hat on the planet: ON ‘EM

Bassin’ stuff I want
Just a small fraction of stuff I want…I mean NEED!


1. Brett Hite baits and similar bladed jigs.


Dang it Hite! Gonna get all I can on sale at the TW. Definitely don’t buy “Brett’s bluegill” or “Bhite delight” — they don’t work a lick lol.


I might try some of the other bladed jigs like:


JackHammer Stealth Blade — Brett likes it so….


– All the Aaron Martens Shock Blades (Pro, regular and tungsten) — Aaron meticulously designs amazing stuff so….


– Heard real good things about the Strike King Thunder Cricket. But knowing the people at Strike King real well I’m like …heehee!


Got any Chatter recommendations? Pls lmk. Can tell you the BOOYAH Melee is legit around/through wood. I’ve caught ’em on it.


2. Megabass Vision 110s


Man I’ve held off on these deals (seriously) cuz of the $$ but now I guess I need to sale a few. Innerested in the regular 110s and the Jrs. Will try to stick with “pro blue,” “elegy bone” (sounds like a metal band) and maybe “Table Rock SP” cuz it looks so dang good.


3. Hardcore Minnow Flat jerkbait


Can’t wait to fish these things after talking to Spencer Shuffield about ’em…this color (citrus shad) is speaking to me:


Wool and leather has gotta = good:


…in the new “blue gill” color:

You know that crankbaits are an illness, that you can’t have too many and in fact you own more than you could ever fish in your lifetime but they’re so pretty….


6. Scottsboro swimbaits.


I don’t own any. I must be nuts.

Sales ‘n whatnot
From BB folks, for BB folks:


1. Gitcha gift boxes!


CatchCo Googan Mondo Kit


Cool idea, cool box, baits look good:


> …filled with some of the best products from Jewel Bait Co…tailored specifically to the time of year that you will receive the box, that way you can immediately begin using the products found in the box to catch fish.

2. Gitcha sales!




T-H Marine — such like:




Alpha Angler Rods — all on sale but some already SOLD OUT! This ain’t a big company so get ’em while you can!


BUFF — today to 12/1, 25% off, one word for ya: merino!


Lunkerhunt — doing Flash Sales (stay tuned on Insta), right now apparel is 30% off.


Bill Lewis/Rat-L-Trap — Bill Lewis bait kits/selections from Fri til mid-Dec. Check their Insta and the website for deets.


Okuma — sale has already started.


Bomber — flash sales start Fri, hope the Fat Frees are on sale!

Stuff I wear or use every day
Fwiw here you go:


1. SIMMS stuff


My kids say I look like a SIMMS commercial…every day. Guess they’re right — the reason is cuz SIMMS stuff a) works, b) is comfy, c) looks cool. Some fall/winter-appropriate stuff:


Exstream Hooded Jacket — Primaloft Silver for cool weather.


West Fork Jacket — Primaloft Gold for cold weather. Not too bulky for casting because SIMMS is a fishing company, not a fashion company!


Primaloft = synthetic = stays lofty and warm even if it gets wet.


2. YETI stuff


Rambler 10-oz mug — Keeps my coffee hotter than ceramic, can go in the dishwasher, comes in a bigger size if you drink more coffee than me.


Rambler 36-oz bottle — Insulated, and 36 oz means it’s not drained in 2 chugs so it lasts a while.


Roadie 24 hard cooler — Becoming my family’s go-to cooler. Lighter than other YETI stuff and big enough for everything except multiple halibut fillets…but maybe I can send one to Ish Monroe, have him stuff it full of fillets and ship it back to me? Ish??


Loudout GoBox 30 — Sits in the bed of my truck under my soft cover (don’t tell anyone man!), has all this and more:

– Extra leash, water bowl, tennis ball, bumper and doodoo bags for my Lab/best friend

– Ratchet straps and bungee cords

– Hand soap (haven’t used it yet lol) and emergency TP (same cuz usually the emergency is not in a public parking lot?)

– Misc fishing stuff like YUM Dinger packs (“Elder’s magic” color!) and whatnot


Sucker fits more than you’d think and DOESN’T MOVE while not being heavy. I likee.


3. Hoodie lineup


Hoodies are 24/7 for me and my wife loves it as much as Trait Zaldain loves Chris’ stache . Multiples: SIMMS, AFTCO and Sea Foam — yep Sea Foam has comfy hoodies.


4. AFTCO shorts


Ain’t shorts time in most places, but when it is in my 2c these are the best. Fit well, comfy, light. I have the Tactical Fishing Shorts (camo!), the Cloudburst Fishing Shorts (blue ones below on the AFTCO website) and one other one I can’t remember. All have longer lengths which I need for my chicken legs and you might need for your Hulkomania quads:


Andy Montgomery turned me onto these years ago — they used to sponsor him. Merino = natural, warmer, less sweat, less smell. All I wear…when I wear socks…with shoes….


6. Buck Knives kitchen knives


On big sale right now, way better and sharper than the Euro stuff in chain stores, USA made and the name kinda makes it outdoorsy. Heck yeah I cook man!


Speakin’ of cookin’/eatin’:


Redneck Lipstick makes a great gift! Kinda funny one too.


Gaspo’s magical seasoning — Good for actual cooks AND people who can’t cook a lick.


7. Sea Foam


Okay I don’t do this every day but for sure regularly — easy, pretty-cheap maintenance to the boat and vehicles. Just buy you some Sea Foam and pour it in.


I’m doing it this weekend: Sea Foam High Mileage in my vehicles (plus a Truck/SUV size regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment for my truck — can’t have too much), and I always put some Sea Foam Marine PRO in with my boat gas.

If you’re needin’ something to watch this weekend…
this vid’s new, and is one of the funniest bigfoot vids I’ve ever seen…but I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny, which makes it funnier. The first 8.5 minutes are gold.
Ya got me!
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