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Hope your Christmas was Merry and you have a great start to 2018! This-here’s short dose of bassin’ness will hold you over til we get after ’em again in the new year. Gonna be a good one for bassin’…always is!

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Today’s Top 5

Enormo melons y’all haven’t seen before…

…probably, cuz they’re from Japan. Here’s the former Japanese record, a 19.15 caught by Kazuya Shimada from Lake Ikehara. Word is his deal is he always fishes super slow, no matter what size bait he’s fishing:

In ’08 Hidetada Nakajima caught this 17-lb tub o’ large at Nanairo Dam:


> …a Sebile Magic Swimmer [165 SK in rainbow trout]. The angler said he stopped his boat short of a point and made a long cast with the jointed hardbait, retrieving it as slowly as possible. “I felt a small attack on it and just after that the rod bent by the heavy weight,” Nakajima recounted through an interpreter….

> “I moved my boat to the deep water because there was no timber or structure to interrupt the landing. When I got the bass close to my boat, I tried to use the landing net but the bass was too big for my net.

> “I took pictures but I dropped my camera into the water because I was so excited. I lost my camera but I got a huge bass.”

I’d make that trade too bro!

24 biggest basses ever ketched, broken down.

Not sure how up to date the list is, but if it’s accurate here’s how the top 24 break down — 24 cuz NOT counting George Perry’s questionable fish:

> US = 21
> Japan = 2 (1st and 22nd, which is Kazuya Shimada’s fish above)
> Mexico = 1
> CA = 20
> FL = 1

> TX = 0

Anyone else see a pattern here? Couple more items o’ interest from that link:

> Castaic Lake, CA = 6
> Miramar Reservoir, CA = 5
> March = 7
> May = 5
> February = 4

Cali county fair-winnin’ melon-hunters be like:

One o’ THE funniest bassin’ things ever.

From satire/humor site — short, so hitting you with the whole thing:

Tournament Bass Refuses To Talk To Reporters After Tough Day Getting Caught

LEWISVILLE, TX-A 7-lb, 18″ largemouth bass bypassed reporters and went straight back into the water Saturday following a demoralizing defeat at the Bassmaster Lake Lewisville Shootout.

“This is a fish who prides himself on going out to that weed bed every day and eluding anglers, and you could see the disgust on his face,” Bassmaster official Travis Hessman said. “There’s no answer for how a bass who has been doing this for so long could get hooked on such a shoddy crankbait, and that’s something he’ll just have to live with until the next tournament.”

Hessman added that the bass would be fined $30,000 for failing to fulfill his media obligations.


Merps of the Year!

Gotta git some!

Coupla non-bass but too funny:


Thank yous

Feel like I gotta shout out the bassin’ world so:

Always first and foremost thankin’ Jesus, who decided to smack me upside the head after I sold Craziest thing ever happened to me. Happy birthday Lord! And thank you for having a soft spot for us fishermen…all of us, even the ones who are a little too over the top on the water if you know what I mean….

Thank YOU bass-heads for being a fan of the zany melon-filled fun-ness called the BassBlaster.

Thank you to the BassBlaster sponsors who make this all possible. Always a privilege to serve you. #stout

Thank you to all my buds in the biz — including those I work with on this-here Blaster — for being awesome people who care deeply about what they do (Bowman maybe too much lol), and most of all care about bass PEOPLE, which is what this whole thing is about. Ketchin’ them feesh is a bonus.

Thank you to B.A.S.S. for doing so many things well, including putting together what I believe is the best group of fishermen that’s ever been on the planet (the Elites) and what may be the tightest top-to-bottom field of any sport…period. Seriously.

Thank you to the Elites for bein’ nutty enough to do this for a livin’, and for all those who help them do that (you know who you are).

Thank you to all the other bassin’ leagues and fishermen for what you do in the crazy awesome world of competitive bassin’. How is catching fish for prizes awesome? Don’t know ‘zactly, but it is….

Thank you to every company and person that makes, markets, paints, sells, etc. bassin’ stuff. You rock, and your relentlessly #stout pursuit of better bassin’ stuff is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all the swimbait nuts, bank-heads, giant melon hunters and [your bassin’ thang here] no matter what end of the bassin’ world you’re in — even the Insta posers (lol). You’re all awesome.

See you in the ’18 peeps! #basson

Git on these yo!

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