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Today’s Top 5

Buttah-slathered howgs o’ the week!

This desert hydrated melon — supposedly close to a teener — was caught by Ron Casner on Canyon Lake, AZ on a ProSwimbaits bait (I think this is the link) that may have been rainbow-colored. Anyone have any deets please lmk:

What? A 12 caught on Kentucky Lake?? Yep, this 12.11 was got by a dude named Cliff West. So far no bait info, but one guy said it was prolly a 6-lb cricket…lol:

Frank Canizaro Jr nailed this 10.55 biggy piggy on Toledo Bend, TX, Huxley Bay. He was pitching a V&M Flatline Jig (black neon) with 15-lb Sunline fluorocarbon and a 7′ 6″ Kistler Halo rod. Check this un-hookset story:

> …he felt a thump and initially thought he was hooked on a tree. He let his line slack and then pulled for a second time, resulting in it moving off while pulling some drag.

Hookset on a DD? Nah:

How ’bout a 12.85 from Lake Texoway, NC — anyone ever heard of that lake? Was 28″ long, 20″ girth. No bait mentioned but I’m a little suspect cuz the guy said the fish was so big it felt like a…turtle. Who catches turtles bass fishing??

Beeg melon bags o’ the week.

Tourney time happenin’ already, and whether the fishes are in the “pre-pre” or just the pre, some good bags are a-gonna be weighed. Here’s a couple.

Unnamed lake in Bella Vista, AR, Steve Meador and Rich “pop that bottle of” Champagne sacked 5 for 29.87 (2nd was 10 lbs less!). Two were over 7 and caught on a YUMbrella Flash Mob u-rig with Big Bite Cane Thumpers (disco violet and smokey ghost) with War Eagle heads, 25-lb Sunline Shooter and Falcon Cara rods. Other three were on a Vision 110 (pro blue):

Fishers of Men hammers John Brazzell and Josh Davis weighed 36.12 (including a 9.88) to set the new FOM weight record with 36.12 on Toho/Kissimmee Chain, FL. No word on what they used:

Heck of a big sack, which makes Dean Rojas’ 45-02 at the same place 16 years ago even more mind-blowing:

Dean SAID he caught ’em sight-fishing a 5″ Lake Fork Tackle Top Dog Lizard (white), a 5.5″ Hawg Caller Log Crawler (cherry cola) and a “slug.” For some reason no one asked about that slug or Dean wasn’t giving it up. But since it was so long ago I’m gonna: The slug was hand-poured for that derby to mimic the fattest worm ever:

Seriously! And whenever he couldn’t get one to bite, he’d laugh like Salacious B. Crumb:

Laugh all you want but Dean’s got the record!

Hahaha those are for you Deano!

I can tell you that it’s rare — like never — that bass are keyed on a specific bait in a specific color.

– Believe it or not that’s Greg Hackney talkin‘…crazy???? Mebbe he hit his head pretty hard on somethin’? Also said:

> All the high-dollar tackle in the world won’t help you if the fish aren’t there.

If…the fish…aren’t…there?

Hack, didn’t want to mention this bro, but even your biggest fan was like:

Hahahaha! Seriously tho, of all the columns on Bassin’, I like Hack’s best. Always innerestin’.

Just to be safe, Trip please hit Hack up with the concussion protocol. Yep, you may not know B.A.S.S. has a concussion test — all you have to do is solve for V. Here’s one Andy Montgomery aced a while back — good job A-dog!

Easier to understand than an electronics manual…lol

Insane 4×4 squarebill swimbait!

Check this, the new Bull 4×4 from Mike Bucca over at Bull Shad swimmybaits:

What’s the big deal? Comes through cover! Check the video (short version here, tutorial here):

Bait is 6″ long, 2.6-oz, comes in gizzard and threadfin colors. Dives 3-5 ft on a long cast and comes in silent or knocker, up to you. Not on TW yet so git one at And remember:

Peeps really use this prop protector.

While back I ran a pic similar to this:

Turns out it’s legit! A “central PA/Susquehanna River specialty.” From BB reader Rob Dixon:

> “You also take out the little lever that holds the motor in place (tilt-wise I’m talking about) so when you hit a rock, the pitchfork guards the prop and the motor just pushes up in the air because it’s not locked in place. You get the benefit of a prop instead of a jet and you still don’t have to worry about rocks.”

Who needs a dang jet drive.


1. Combs thinks 65-70 lbs to win the Classic.

Remember it’s a 3-dayer so that’s pretty stout.2. Alton Jr. got no handouts.

This is a big deal because you’d maybe think the kid of an Elitist would be spoiled when it comes to feeshn but:

> “I wanted to just go fish, but I couldn’t afford it, nor was I ready. My parents wouldn’t fund it, but they did let me use dad’s old boat.

> “College was my way to fish. It was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Big Alton doesn’t even let Little Alton tough his baits. Apparently it goes back to something like this:

3. How Jason Christie won the Ozarks MLF.

Show aired recently, a few mode bait deets from Jason below. Bluegill spawn, clear water, covered water with a BOOYAH Boss Pop (Arkansas shiner) early then flipped docks with a YUM Genie Worm (blue fleck):

4. Boom-Boom gets his Swagger on.

Swagger Tackle, makes tungsten stuff. Check it on TW.

5. Bertrand gets maple syrup company.

Seriously. Too cool. The Kumars only go maple. Bertrand, you better set the alarm extry early to be makin’ some pancakes before blastoff!

Is it weird to say I hope to see syrup stains on his derby jersey….

6. Chad Pipkens gets Bass Cat.

One condition: He’s got to shave his head. K-Pink’s got that side to him….

All you literalists out there, that’s not necessarily true in this dimension.

7. Elitist Jason Williamson gets Cashion rods.

8. Stetson Blaylock gets Quicksilver motor additives.

J-Pow already on the staff.

9. FLWer Wes Strader has 45 straight limits.

5 under Cody Meyer’s record of 50 straight. Impressive since Cody is a wimp-stick master and Wes has never even picked up a spinning rod — cuz his daddy told him if he ever did that he’d be out of the house. Possibly.

10. FLWer Mark Rose talks new Lew’s Ledge rods.

Totally cool idea. Mark knows ledge-fishing like Aaron Rodgers knows scrambling. Good vid too, talkin’ ’bout the 5 new actions one of which is for the 8XD and 10XD…but one is a wimp-stick?!?! Mark what’s up with that man?

11. FLWer Zack Birge gets BOOYAH.

12. FLWer Gagliardi running a Falcon.

Check the boats here.

13. FLWer Joe Holland gets Bison Coolers.

No link.

14. MLFers getting more serious with content?

That’s the claim, we’ll see cuz more ain’t always better and content for sure ain’t as easy as it looks.

Gotta ask: Are the Elites and FLWs turning into a feeder system for MLF? If so that would be a heck of a plot twist. Don’t get mad at me biz peeps, just floatin’ it!

Btw BassEdge Radio has a new show with MLFer commish Don Rucks.

15. GA: Basser rescues guy on Sinclair.

Jody Bellflower didn’t see it but somehow was prompted to turn around and look for something which was:

> Jackson had been behind the wheel of his 17 and a half foot bass boat when he came across some floating debris, including a large log. “Then, in the blink of an eye, I’ve been thrown from the driver’s seat and I hit my shoulder. Slammed into the left side of the boat.”

> He looked for Davis and he was gone. “If you’re throwed into 50 degree water, you’re going to make some noise.” There, about 10 to 12 feet from the front of the boat, was Davis.

> “I was very thankful that something told me to turn around,” Bellflower said. “It’s not what you see [in the water], it’s what you can’t see.”


16. FL: Locals cool with Harris Chain Open anglers.

Started today:

> “The pros usually respect us and let us have our space. I’ve never really heard of a local fisherman having problems with the pros when they’re in town.

> “I have more issues with local fisherman who create serious wake issues by driving their boats too fast when they are too close to the docks.”

17. PA may have lower Susquehanna C&R season.

But no derbies til June. Includin’ this pic that was with the article because that bait color is crazy:

18. ON B.A.S.S. Nation gets Freedom Tackle.

Got a pic of the membership vote on it:

19. TX: T-H Marine sponsors TTT.

20. FL: Ex-Dolphin Channing Crowder charity derby.

Says he can outfish you Robison! But don’t quote me man…tell him one of the Lane brothers said it, cool?

21. $100K prize in Seaguar Classic contest!!!

Deets here…insane!

22. Humminbird intros new Solix series.

Screen as big as a laptop, touch screen or buttons, lots more. Pretty soon we’re going to need a screen to see where we’re going….

23. Shimano still seeking retail coordinator.

24. TMZ posted the bass boat crash vid.

Ain’t a fan of anything TMZ but thought it was newsworthy so…. Bunch of other places did too including SB Nation.

25. Could isobutanol replace ethanol??

Couldn’t be worse…I don’t think. #ethanolsux

Headline of the Day

Crappie time on TVA Lakes

Doesn’t sound like a good day? Prolly ate his lunch here:

Tip of the Day

Alton Jones: Winter crankin’ works!

From the Bassin’

> ….crankbaits rank pretty high in winter productivity. One reason for this is the fact that most of your winter fishing is done around shad schools, especially when it’s really cold and the baitfish are dying.

> When selecting my baits, I look at the depth where the bass are positioned because that tells me what kind of crankbait I need to through and how deep I need that crankbait to run. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because the water is cold that all the fish are deep….

> I look for a main feeder creek and focus on areas where the channel hits the bank, usually a bluff. …I’ll work both ends of the bluff and target the last 50 yards of bluff and the first 50 yards of non-bluff bank. Bass like to have quick access to the safety of deep water and bluffs allow them to change their depth with very little movement.

> The transitions on each end are the key spots. If I don’t catch any fish on those transitions, I don’t need to fish that mile stretch in between. Conversely, if I do catch fish on the transitions, then maybe I do need to fish the area in between.

> Bandit 100 squarebill — This one’s made to run 0-3 feet, but I might also run this right along the face of the bluff, if the fish are holding near the surface in deeper water. Shad or crawfish colors….

> BD6 Bomber Fat Free Shad — This is my medium diver (8-14′)…[same colors].

> Norman DD22 — I turn to this one when I need to reach bass in 15-18’…usually only in shad patterns, particularly those with a lot of white.

Quote of the Day

Sometimes in order to maximize your effectiveness you need different equipment, including things that don’t yet exist.

– Keith Combs gettin’ all philosophical about new techniques. Cool column.

Combs told me he got on this philosophy kick after he saw this on the webz:

Deep fo sho.

Shot of the Day

BB reader Charlie E.’s ma caught this weed melon on the Big O — weighed 8.02 and was her FIRST DANG FLIPPED BASS EVER!

> “Caught punching reed heads at the Big O on her second flip. Caught on a BB Cricket. Why a cricket? Because she thought it was cute, of course. How come this kind of stuff never happens to us?” [lol…]

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