Freak melons of the week, Squarebill deeper, New stuff from Japan

Still wearin’ jeans and hoodies here in NJ — INDOORS! Crazy dang weather, hope you’re gettin’ some sun….

Today’s Top 4

Freaky deaky ditch melons o’ the week!

@oj_padilla22 got him a ditch PUMPKIN (good color shirt!) on a top hook Rago SKT swimbait:

@_britin_ and @travis_gill_ rolled out their melon-harvestin’ equipment at an Alan Henry, TX derby! Took it home with a 31.80-lb bag that included an 8.46 (left) and 12.60 — stuck in the first 30 mins of the day yo! Fishin’ a jig during the spawn:

@mando__luzuriaga67 banged 2 over 10 punchin’ the Cal Delta with a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt and Yamamoto PsychoDad craw (both b/b):

Not fer sher what this nice slice o’ melon weighed, but can tell you this: That Lunkerhunt Dragonfly is gonna be money this summer:

WTHeck does a 20″ smallie weigh?? Caught on some Yo-Zuri newness that’ll be revealed at ICAST:

“You can’t put a hat over them like you do with your face.”

Brain twister from Aaron Martens, who was talkin’ ’bout…hands. Few things here:

1. Does anyone put a hat over their face when they’re fishing? If so, is that to remove all visual stimulation to feel bites better??

2. Actually you CAN put a hat over your hands, but I’m just…not…sure…that’s a good idea. When you’re fishing, I mean.

3. You can now have an extra pair of hands on your hat:

Aaron was actually talkin’ sun protection. He likes the Simms SolarFlex SunGloves, or you can go with the new and improved BUFF Aqua Gloves. Either way if you’re sensitive to the sun or out there a lot, a good idea.

Btw sometimes when Aaron’s feeshn a tube, he’ll wear this to get in the zone:

SICK underwater Jack Hammer vid and…

…some more stuff from Japan. Here’s the vid — crazy cool, with some looong Japanese trailers on there:

Check the Jack Hammers on the TW.

Other from-Japan tiddy-bits:

> What do you think Google translate means by this: “small mouse bus.” All of a sudden my fave fish doesn’t sound so mean…lol.

> Dig the new Jackall Chop Cut:

> Another money Google translation, from what looks to be a post about fishing plastics in urban canals: “Even if there is a reaction in a weak wave system, if you do not use your mouth easily, you should also try a slightly different wave and a small size rotate in a weak wave!”

Gonna send that sentence to Sanders and Z for them to try on the next show….

It’s illegal to dropshot anything but a Roboworm in Cali.

Seriously, what up with that? With all the beeg feesh in Clear Lake, was a little surprised it was mostly a finesse festivus at the Costa, at least up top in the standings. Local Wayne “they call me the breeze” Breazeale got his finesse on won it by 3 lbs.

Wasn’t real tight (5th was almost 9 lbs out) — like you’d expect in a lake with bigger fish — but for whatever reason it seemed like the bigs were biting the smalls: the top 6 were fishing smaller stuff.

Wayne dropshotted a Roboworm (margarita mutilator) and olde-skooled a 1/4-oz ballhead jig with a Yamamoto Single Tail Grub (white):

Here’s how the top 10 finishers’ baits broke down:

Swimbait = 50% — Underspin = 30%, Keitech Fat = 20%

Dropshot = 40% — ALL used a Roboworm in margarita mutilator or maybe a similar color….

Wacky worm = 20% — Both used a Daiwa Yamamoto Neko Fat worm

Flip plastics = 20%Strike King Rodent, Yamamoto Sanshouo, Yamamoto Kreature

Jerkbait = 20%Lucky Craft Pointer 100 (chart shad), Gan Craft Rest 108 (blueback herring)

10% each = Grub, Frog, Lipless crank, Spinnerbait, Swim-jig (All Terrain Swim Jig with a Keitech Fat)

Shoutin’ out:

> Vince Hurtado (7th), who went East Coast crayzay with his bait selection:

> Jake Boomer of Alpha Angler rods who finished 36th, BUT was the 3rd-highest-placing angler from WA so:



1. Cliff Crochet gets Sawyer sunscreen.

2. Brandon Palaniuk likes the Arashi Top Walker…

…this time o’ year. Says bass are in all phases, so you can find ’em and catch ’em with walkers:

Check the Top Walker on TW.

3. Brandon Lester helps develop new Ned Zone bait.

For Flandersin’:

4. Alton Jones uses a small weight this time of year…

…flippin’ the YUM Bad Mamma:

5. Mark Menendez wanted to trade me these…

Strike King Game Hawgs for my breakfast burrito. I was like, “Make it 25 and you got a deal bro!” Trip was giving us the stank eye so I tossed Mark the burrito and told him I’d find him later. #score

6. 2018 Bassin’ Hall of Famers are…

…Tommy Sanders, Helen Sevier, Berkley Bedell (Berkley founder) and Dr. James Henshall, the 19th century author who’s considered the father of bass fishing.

Oh yeah wait: also Gary Klein and Kevin VanDam. Does this mean they’re retiring? Answer: No, but feel free to start that rumor….

Congrats to ’em all!

7. Good perspective on ESPN buying B.A.S.S.

Written by Dave Precht, who might be the only guy at B.A.S.S. who’s worked for every owner of B.A.S.S.

My 2c: ESPN definitely did a bunch of stuff “wrong,” pretty much out of ignorance, but definitely benefited B.A.S.S. and bassin’.

8. Bassin’ DE B-Rob back with the Vikings.

Dude is 35! How many guys in the NFL are 35?? Better have some quick feet there Brian hahaha! Last chance for bass-heads to see some hookset sack dances….

Btw his charity derby on the upper MS Reever is June 15-17.

9. FL: Giant charity bass tourney on the St. Johns SATURDAY.

Last year they had 688 boats! Benefits a children’s hospital = #stout.

But..the post calls Palatka the “Bass Capital of the World.” Uh…not.

10. WA: Pike now in Lake Roosevelt.

Should help thin out those pesky trout and salmon….

11. SC: Clemson has new program to train fish scientists.

Cuz they value SC’s natural resources, which is good.

12. Favorite’s having a big swag sale.

13. KVD wants you to use the G-Force clip cullers.

Would you argue with that dude? Well…I have, and he’s never said I was right so…does that mean he refuses to lose?

14. SPRO’s giving away Bronzeye Spit Shads today…

…on their Facebook. Believe they give stuff away every day? Check Spit Shads on the TW.

15. Check the Stutter Step in “ghost bluegill.”

Case you like yourself a bluegill-colored topwater around the spawn:

16. Microplastics found in beer made with Great Lakes water.

> Research from the U of MN found microplastics in 12 different beers made with water from the Great Lakes and found those same microplastics in tap water.

> They’re pieces of plastic so small you can’t see them, but you know they’re there. And they can come from just about anything. “Like some fishing line that’s lost in the water or plastic bottles or plastic bag or some sort of clothing that’s made out of synthetic material” [like fleece]….

This is a big, new, legit, bad deal. Hate to see fishing mentioned there.

17. Great Lakes can have “meteotsunamis.”

Had 2 on Lake Michigan in April:

> …meteotsunamis are driven by air-pressure disturbances often associated with fast-moving weather events, such as severe thunderstorms, squalls and other storm fronts. The storm generates a wave that moves towards the shore, and is amplified by a shallow continental shelf and inlet, bay, or other coastal feature.

> Meteotsunamis have been observed to reach heights of 6′ or more.

18. Check out Under Armour’s new feeshn kicks.

The first non-dorky fishing shoes?

Already on TW….

19. Zebco CEO Jeff Pontius will retire next month…

…after 20 years. Steve Smits, prez of Zebco North America, will take over.

20. DC: Weird ethanol legislation intro’d in Congress.

I might be missing sumpin but it seems weird to me. Just “education?” Better would be to nix ethanol:

> …requires the EPA to expand consumer awareness on how to safely use fuel containing more than 10% ethanol.

21. FL: Daytona race track development dude is a bass-head.

Maybe that’s why a Bass Pro Shops will be there.

22. Patrick Sebile back in the tackle biz.

Euro dude who I believe made a pile o’ cash selling his company — named after himself — to Pure Fishing is coming back with a company named “A Band of Anglers.” FB page here.

Never fished with a Sebile bait. Have you? If so lmk what you thought.

23. Tackle Warehouse: Pros’ post-spawn baits.

‘Bout to hit ya with the spawn special BB issue…TW’s ahead of me….

24. Ever see this spinnerbait??

Some kinda War Eagle — skirt color called “bluegill the grub”? Anyone ever see one or use one? Looks suhweeeeeeet…..

25. TN: WR crappie caught?

5 lbs 4.6 oz caught in a Philadelphia, TN pond by Jam Ferguson. Think it was caught on an artificial. That thing’s a puddle melon for sure:

Headline of the Day

Climate change to shift many fish species north, disrupting fisheries

Beware of hitchhiking bass? Speaking of hitchhikers, how ’bout this dude who spent 2 years hitchhiking around the US:

Check this $$$ quote:

> “It’s really crazy sometimes having a goat. It limited me. I can’t get a hotel. I can’t get on a bus with a goat.”

SOMETIMES it’s crazy traveling with a goat?? Kriet is that true?


Heard from a few folks they believe Lake Travis is named after William B. Travis, co-commander at the Alamo. Since I didn’t know this, you can’t say that I didn’t remember the Alamo….

Tip of the Day

Z: Fade out deeper with your squarebills.

When all yer buds — and local bass-heads you’d rather not run into (lol) — pound the shallows with squarebills, Z says move out by dropping down in line size:

He likes Seaguar InvizX fluoro. Hugely popular, but if you’re around some nasty stuff, try Seaguar’s AbrazX fluoro. First time I tried that line it blew my mind, man.

Quote of the Day

“These 9 hours in a boat with a pro, I learned a tremendous amount of information.”

– Elite Series marshal writin’ about his experience on the Bassin’masters. 1,000% true. Don’t care how much of a stick you think you are, you have no idea what’s possible til you’re in a boat with these guys.

Love the story of JVD forgettin’ his rain suit…and it rained. Uncle Kev would never do that man! Jus’ sayin’….

Shot of the Day

@drewsfishin with a studly shot from somewhere in TX. Story made it: “I retie after every fish no matter what the situation is…. I bet I caught 60 sandies out of 75 casts…. Majority of my time was spent on reties, but it’s all worth it when ole girl hits the deck.” Gonna say after every cast is kinda nuts, I guess depending on the line, but hard to argue with:

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