Fish Shallow at Mead?

This is/was Mead!

Because that’s all that’ll be left? Check this out, from the Arizona Republic:

> Lake Mead sank to its lowest level in nearly 75 years on Sunday, a stark reminder of how drought and growing water demands have sapped the Colorado River and its huge reservoirs.

> Not since it was first filled in 1937 has Lake Mead held so little water. The reservoir’s level fell to the historic low shortly before noon on Sunday, eclipsing a previous record from the drought-stricken 1950s.

> The lake is now just 8 feet above the level that would trigger the first drought restrictions, which would reduce water supplies for Arizona and Nevada.

> Lake Mead, created when Hoover Dam was built, has shrunk steadily over the past decade, in part because of an unrelenting drought that began to reduce the flow of the Colorado in 2000. The reservoir stores water from the river on behalf of Arizona, Nevada, California and Mexico.

> Arizona absorbs most of the losses in a drought because water rights in the CAP Canal have a lower priority than most other rights on the lower Colorado River.

The lowest priority? The much-abused Gulf of Mexico, which used to have all that Colorado River water running into it….

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