First derps, Get stealth speed, Most expensive glide bait

Shout-out to Davy Hite who I believe used the word “melon” to describe a Fork feesh today? Loved hearin’ that melon word! (IF I heard it – can’t rewind on the Live deal….)


Anyhow, been dreamin’ ’bout fishin’. Something like this will be on my line when I go – jig with a Berkley MaxScent Power Chunk:

Oh man that looks goood! Reminds me: If you’ve got a good ammo stash, you might be able to trade someone for some MaxScent….
Today’s Top 5
First derps of the year!
No leaves on the NY trees when Michael B got his season off outstandin’ly great on Owasco Lake! TX-rigged (3/8-oz weight) 5″ stick worm he made himself – said: “I call it ‘back the blue’…black core with a blue/blue flake outer shell”:
Greg S got his first-ever derpasaurus at Santa Margarita Lake, CA – props! Said:


> Didn’t even register to me until my wife showed me the pic! Caught on a b/b football jig. I had to explain what [derp] meant to her.


Yes you did! You too can be a derp ambassador to the WORLD!

Remember that everyone who sends in a derp – published or not – can get the official BassBlaster derp sticker, like this’n on derp sticker-getter David C:
Derp season heats up with the water temp….
How to rig for stealth speed?
What do you see here?
Just a regular Yammy? Well check this little story from bass-head David F:


> …found me a 2006 Skeeter 21 IClass…. Motor was just rebuilt by the owner, Glenn Roush (cousin of Jack Roush) who is 83. Runs like a scalded ape…you could say I have the only Roush Skeeter on the water.


> No real distinguishing marks, but is what it is. Starts first kick and will really get you out of the hole. Showing 250 and being 300 with Glenn’s hand could qualify as a “sleeper racer” lol. He said he has been rebuilding engines since he was 15 so 68 years experience. Just amazing.


A-HA tourney peeps! Is this the next thing in bassin’ – tricked out/rebuilt motors that give you extra mph? TD will never know! That rig’s supposed to get up to 81 mph…. David also said this about Mr Glenn:


> I asked him his secret of longevity and he said never been drunk or smoked one cig. Glenn and his wife Diane, who winter at Sam Rayburn, were just the nicest Christian couple you could find. I asked Glenn what they did for fun and he said they read the Bible 2 hours every day.


Amazing. Just to be clear, the motor IS technically a 250. It just can gets up to 11….

So you wanna be a pro basser?
Pretty cool look at the grind – “Mission Alpha.” Very well done Buck Knives vid (series?) featurin’ Jake Boomer = head man and designer of Alpha Angler rods, I think a full-time employee at Buck Knives too AND he might be startin’ an ice cream biz…Huggin-Rodz??


Take a gooood look at the grind before you think it’s all that. I mean, Jake has some of the best rods in the world, knows a bunch of pros and one of his best buds is Brandon Palaniuk – and none of that guarantees him anything:

Few things that stood out to me:


> This is the most words I’ve ever heard Jake say NOT about rods. I’ve known him for years and pretty much thought he only talked about rods?


> I know Jake can design a mean rod but even after watching this I’m still not sure he can catch fish…BAHAHAHAHA just kiddin’ brother!


> Say you’re friends with Brandon. And you fish tournaments against him. And he beats you, every dang time. Is that fun? Is that torture? Is that a reason to hang it up and stick to rods ‘n ice cream?


Okay serious: The vid is the least confident/most confused/most disappointed I’ve ever seen or heard Jake. Climbing the ladder to big-time tourney fishing is HARD man, even tho some of these guys make it look easy.


On the grind deal, epic quote in the vid from BMP:


> “You have to absolutely love it so much that you physically and mentally can’t live without it. If you…physically and mentally can’t live without competing in fishing, then you have a shot. But if you don’t love it that much, then don’t try it. It’s not worth it….”


Solid words.

World’s most spendiest glide bait?
Not even close to an expert on the glide bait scene so not 100% sure, but that’s the Deniro Yugo Frame 550 – 21.65″, 43 oz and $1,147.99 on TW. Did I mention it’s made outta leather??


> …covered in 100% horsehide leather that goes through a vegetable tanning process…then is hand stitched around the entire exterior of the bait. The leather exterior also does not get colder in the water like traditional ABS plastic, which ensures the bait has a warmer body temperature and a similar texture to a living baitfish for a more natural presentation.


These deals also perplexed me:


> …ultra-wide gliding action that attracts big bass from a great distance. [By “bass” do they mean muskies or tuna??]


> …allows anglers to add casting sinkers to the front in multiple positions to create an even quicker sink rate as well.


> The Manifold Deniro Yugo Frame 550 Glide Bait moves properly once the leather has absorbed water.


Last 2: So it can get HEAVIER??


It’s a work of art fo sho. But a for-real bass fishing lure??

“Water clarity is pretty much a visual thing.”
– Not sure if Mark Menendez is punkin’ us or what? HAHAHA Mark! Full quote:


> What’s stained to one angler might be dark or clear to another angler. An easy way to make consistent judgements about how, or if, the water clarity is changing is to wrap a piece of yellow electrical tape on your boat hook or on a stick. Put it in the water and see what things look like as compared to earlier in the day or the day before.


He talks a bunch about using sticks in that deal.



Using the BOOYAH Covert Series’ interactive “heat map”…sorta because Jason and his peeps actually came up with the map so…click the pic to see check it or go here:

Very cool way to learn about spinnerbaits.


2. Jeff Gustafson likes old-school bassin’ manners.


Like stickin’ around to congratulate the winner. Great post. However please be aware that Gussy also likes square-dancin’ and the Brady Bunch…kidding about at least 1 of those….


3. How Brent Chapman sets up his Garmin depth shading (IG vid).


Btw lookit this LiveScope display – I don’t think mine does that?? (Pic is not from Brett’s vid.)


Explains his setup a little in this IG vid and also said:


> “I catch many bass this Tour Pro. It’s my favorite.”

Your English is getting WAY better man!


5. TVA electro-surveying 7 reservoirs this spring.


First time since 2014. Also a bunch in that post about how Kentucky Lake’s bass pop is just fine like:


> “Our reservoir levels are constantly fluctuating as part of TVA’s flood-control priority. They go up and down, but fish eggs don’t have to be left high and dry on the bank to have a negative impact on a year-class of fish. With flooding and muddy water, those beds getting silted over will do the same thing.”


> “Both crappie and bass fisherman have had to change their strategies. You can’t fish Kentucky the same way you did 10 years ago and be successful. It’s an entirely different reservoir now.”


6. GA: 446,000 bass stocked in West Point this month.


Sounds like more are coming too.


7. NY dude caught/released 27″ largemouth.


State record is an 11.4 that meaured 25.5″. This fish is 27″ but doesn’t look 11+ to me…but who knows:


Dang hope not. You don’t need to live here in NJ to see that the NY gov’t is sketchy…on the other hand things can and do change every day so hopeful. Great crowds and folks up there.


9. Look what Fork guide James Caldemeyer had tied on.


Not sure what they are (@guckfishing) but that sexy shad one gets CHEWED:


…which is why I offered TK (?) at Tackle Kraft to take care of ’em if he just sends ’em all to me:

How sick is that deal! “Sun perch”…. I probly should unfollow his Insta….


11. New YETI color! “King crab” orange!


Dang it YETI! I LOVE orange man. I’ve always “needed” an orange guitar, I dig the “inferno orange” color Tundras, almost picked orange for my Vexus…you get the picture. Check it:


I think so! Rocked by Cali fisherman Toddo Klein:


13. AR: Check out this college bass-head’s finishes.


Name of McCoy Vereen at the U of AR at Monticello who with pard Ryan Handly recently won their first tourney as a team – an AR college state championship (Bass Pro Shops?). Anyhow, this:


> Vereen won more than 150 tournaments in high school, 2 state championships, qualified for national tournaments 4 times, fished in the top 5 one year, and won it the next….


Sounds like a stick to me man wow! This quote from Ryan is great:


> “This by far was the best experience since I moved to college.”


I bet!


14. Rapala podcast: James W and Chance S of Montevallo U.


Winners of the recent Pickwick Slam.


15. KY: MLF HS camp at Murray State U/KY Lake.


Jun 9-11 in person = GREAT!


16. ND: Sounds like state per-boat tourney fees backfired?


Not sure if bass tourneys are part of it but…from yesterday’s TargetWalleye:


> ND’s now requiring a 10% tournament permit fee – with no limit/cap to the amount – based on “gross receipts/entry fees of the tournament prize purse to be paid to them in order to secure the event permit.” Used to be the same 10% fee but…capped at $5,000.


> …a bunch of big tourney platforms pulled ND stops off their tourney schedule this year because of the fee change.


Gotta think that hurts local businesses way more than the fees the DNR would get?



Headline of the Day


Bass fishing tournament attracts fishermen to Milford Lake


Makes me wonder: Are tournaments like a bug light for bass-heads? Or is it the grilled hot dogs?

On right now… 


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Tip of the Day


Quick IG vid of a VMC Heavy Duty Weighted Willow Swimbait Hook and I believe a Storm Largo Shad:

Check this cool deal on the Largo Shad:


> Simply cut or completely remove the ‘tail tendon’ for a wider and more aggressive kicking action.

Quote of the Day
“…some co-anglers didn’t even fish while others fished very hard, so you can see the obvious uneven playing field pro-am formats created.”


Mark Davis talkin’ in an innerestin’ post about how pro fishing has changed over the years, in this case why marshals were needed. I’m with him – you can’t have too many dang Marshalls yo!

Rawk! If all those amps were real/plugged in, you stood in front of ’em and hit the strings, your guts would be smashed and your ears would be ringin’! Which actually feels great ’til you get older and your hearing ain’t reparin’ itself no mo!
Shot of the Day
For anyone who still doesn’t think aliens are real…how do you ‘splain this:
Been seen in other lakes too. 2 words for you: UNDERWATER BASES. Seen on Sonar “Miles” Burghoff’s Insta.
Ya got me!
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