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Fall FEED baits ‘n stuff special issue – part 2!

Here you go, part 2 (final part!) of the special FEED issue! Grab ya some Redneck Lipstick — regular or spicy hot — and whatever food you snack on, and gitcha a dip! Hope ya enjoy it bass peeps, back at ya in a couple!

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Git in yer boat and git gone!

Do you need a new Vexus with T-H Marine doo-dads, a MotorGuide trolling motor, Jewel DockStix and some Sea Foam Marine PRO in the tank? Either it’s “heck yeah!” or I’m just talkin’ ’bout myself…but here’s why I dig it all.

1. Vexus boats

If you don’t have coin for a glass boat or like tin better anyhow, the AVX glass-tin hybrid boats are absolute money. Once again I run the AVX 1980 with a 150 and it rocks. Period — check the YT video. I drove one before I bought it, and drivin’ it sealed the deal so…don’t drive one unless you’re ready lol!

If you DO have the coin or are wantin’ to buy the most amazing bass boat you can own, the VX is that boat. It’s sick — YT vid here:

Get in one, drive it, check out how it’s built — and how the trailers are built (Vexus build their own) — and make up your own dang mind! Note: the vids linked up there ^ are just regular bass-heads talkin’ No hype. No hype needed man….

2. Gitcha rig Sea Foamed!

Whatever boat you run, recommend you do not use any gas — even without ethanol — without running Sea Foam Marine PRO in your tank at least a couple times a year, and before storing your boat. Bottom line is it helps clean out all the bad stuff that happens from burning gas in your outboard — AND it does it without detergents that can harm seals and stuff cuz it’s made out of petroleum products.

Learn ya about that in this YT vid, and here’s how to get your rig running better with it:

3. MotorGuide Tour and Tour Pro motors

Here’s why I’m running a MotorGuide: I wanted to. Lemme explain that because I had to make that decision for a new boat right around the time we went from 2 trolling motor companies to 4. And yep, MotorGuide sponsors the BB which was one factor but for sure wasn’t everything. So:

1. The folks at MotorGuide — let’s call ’em “Sam” and “Nate” — chased me down at the 2019 ICAST to show me the new Tours. They were so proud of ’em. I was skeptical based on the previous MotorGuides but okay: I tested ’em a little (out of the water), asked a lot of questions, filed it away. They were confident, which I liked, and — no offense to Lowrance or Garmin — I figured MotorGuide and Minn Kota had to know the most about trollers.

2. MotorGuide pros who I know and whose opinions I respect REALLY liked the new motors and had no issues I’m aware of with them. Don’t believe me, talk to this guy:

3. I knew that all electronics companies wanted us to have everything on our boats just be one brand. But I wasn’t ready to make that decision…I didn’t know enough about each of them from personal experience. And I wasn’t sure about signing up for a completely new, untested (sorta) motor, meaning Garmin or Lowrance.

Yep I knew I could run a Minn Kota with non-Humminbird electronics if I wanted, but the MotorGuide was newer (I think the Minn Kota hadn’t changed much), the MG supposedly could play nice with all electronics brands (universal sonar), and it had Spot-Lock too (GPS anchoring).

4. Two more things sealed the deal. One was cable steer. The other was the fact that I have a bad lower back (athletics >> surgery >> never the same) and MotorGuide’s Zero-G Lift Assist was friggin’ amazing. That actually meant a lot to me.

Sooo…I have the Pro — no GPS anchoring tho :(. The Tour Pro wasn’t available when I needed a motor, but I’m a-gettin’ it as soon as it’s out. I can tell you the regular Pro works great, so far plays great with Humminbird and Garmin units, and is a breeze to pick up and put down.

Just my story. More info on the Tours here on the MotorGuide site.

4. T-H Marine stuff

Is it fun to look at all the stuff T-H Marine sells for boats? Yep! Does it kinda stink too…cuz I can’t afford it all at once? Yep!

But here’s the deal — I love customizing stuff. Guitars, guns, trucks, boats — come to think of it I don’t do it much with baits?? Anyhow, here’s the T-H stuff I most want on my boat right now — and I had to cut this list way down lol:

Hot Foot Pro

KVD HydroWave — Heck yeah I want his version! Quick story:

G-Force Elinimnator Prop Nut (red!)

Tackle Titan Lure Hanger Kit

Tackle Titan Mini Lure and Tool Holder

Steer Stop Hydraulic Steering Locks

You might not know the folks at Jewel are geniuses at coming up with stuff that solve or enhance fishing sitches. They’re so good at what they do they actually make a bunch o’ stuff for other folks, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. This is about the DockStix, which in my opinion are friggin’ genius man. I have no idea how anyone even thinks something like them up.

Basically they’re hollow metal “sticks” with industrial-grade bungees that let you a) securely attach your boat to docks using cleats and other things while b) making sure your boat is just far enough away that it doesn’t rub on the dock even when a wake hits (my experience).

Reading that took longer than actually figurin’ out how to use ’em — here’s Earl from Jewel with a quick indoor deal on it, all you need to know:

Make ’em smash on top!

Was told this bait was gonna be called the Chop-o-Matic but that name was taken?

Anyhow so now it’s the Choppo (lol) — different than the Plopper and different sizes: the Choppo comes in 90, 105 and 120. In my experience, it’s great. Swims straight, you can get different plops outta the same bait, stock Fusion19 trebles are good. But it’s a LOT better to be listenin’ to MLFer Justin Atkins:

> “The perfect time to use this bait is when there’s a lot of wind. The Choppo makes a lot of ruckus in the water, producing lots of sound, which helps the bass to find it in windy conditions.”

Obvious point: Smaller sizes make less ruckus. His Choppo gear:

> Rod: 7′ 4″ MH MF Abu Garcia Veracity — “I designed this rod specifically for chunking big topwaters. It’s got plenty of backbone and a fast tip. Casts a long way and allows for better hooksets when the bait is way out there.”

> Reel: Abu REVO STX (8:1) — “Need it for quicker line recovery but you can slow it down just as easy if you need to.”

> Line: 50-lb Berkley X5 or Berkley X9 braid — “Perfect for making long casts with no slack. You don’t have to worry about the fish seeing your line. If fish see your line while you’re doing this then they’re too smart to catch anyway [lol!].

> “Use a snap-swivel when throwing big topwater baits like the Choppo on braid. Big topwaters have a tendency to spiral and can put twists in your line. Using a swivel keeps that from happening.”

He likes the “maverick” (black) and “matte finish shad” (^) colors in the fall. Here’s you another Justin talkin’ ’bout and showin’ how he fishes it:

The newer #13 size in this bait is 5.25″ and 1 oz vs the 4″ 1/2-oz Spook Jr-ish size. Color is up to you but this time of year most will like “bone” or another shad-ish color (like “silver” ^). Gear-wise…

> …braid works best. Brandon Palaniuk adds about a foot of heavy mono or fluoro to prevent the braid from tangling around the hooks, but braid allows for long casts and solid hooksets [at distance].

Fwiw I love this bait for a) how easy it walks and b) how you can make it glide-walk too. Burr-Knee Schult-Z with the vid on it:

This bait looks like a lotta fun to fish, from fast to slow. Just 1 way right here, from this must-watch vid for this bait:

FLWer Spencer Shuffield talkin’:

> “I love throwing this over deep points with brush, trees and grass on them. The fish really like to group up and suspend over the deeper water…still relating to drops/cover this time of year, waiting to ambush balls of shad. The Noi-Z will call these fish up from the depths and get them to commit nearly every time.
> “Rod I use is a 7′ 4” MH Phenix M1, reel is a Daiwa Zillion (7.3), and line is 14-lb Yo-Zuri fluorocarbon. I like using fluorocarbon with this technique because it allows me to retrieve the bait at quicker speeds without it blowing out.”

For the fall he likes “ghost pearl shad” (^) and “UV smelt” colors.

For any treble-hooked bait (duh), not just topwaters:

Only thing you need to know: Pros and other folks who fish these regularly say the bass hit this specific treble — the one with the blade — on the bait. To me that says it works and makes a difference. In the fall, with the small shad, the bladed treble might be even more of a good thing?

Check this clip of baitfish:

Believe that’s bait flashing, but even if it’s not (it is though) where does your eye get attracted? The flashing!

Anyhow, Jacob Wheeler swaps out his middle treble for the bladed treble because he feels fish will key in on that blade. Here’s more about ’em with Ike Mikeonelli:

Few more FEED baits!

When the grass be dyin’ and the fish be bitin’, you can punch ’em up with this new bait — which for a new bait actually has done pretty dang well in bigger tourneys — or try pitching the Spine Craw on a lightweight 1/4-oz Texas rig and letting it slowly fall in and around cover. Swims pretty great too, and can be rigged vertically as a bladed jig trailer (“pearl Silver flake” ^):

Spine-in’ gear:

> 7′ to 7′ 6″ MH Rod, 7:1 or so reel, 15-20 lb fluoro based on the cover.

Here’s YUM bass-head Chad Warner tellin’ you about it:

If the Bio Minnow looks Cali-familiar, it should. It’s a shape that works, and it swims fast or slow — slow being maybe better this time o’ year as the water gets colder. It’s made to be rigged weedless, on a weighted hook or a screw lock or whatever you want:

> Ideal for skipping under docks and overhanging trees…the oversized protruding fins will quiver at the slightest movement…specially-designed T-tail that starts kicking the instant [you move it].

> …will entice slack-lining bites….

Here again is the slow-mo:

Full vid here, new colors coming but that’s “sexy shad.”

Can you get better fluoro? No. You can’t. You might be able to get “as good,” maybe, but Seaguar is the king of fluoro. Don’t listen to me, listen to Keith Combs — talkin’ ’bout fishing bladed jigs in the fall:

Says he thinks of ’em like crankbaits, fishes ’em similarly, on his 7′ Shimano Curado glass rod, line is 17-lb Seaguar AbrazX.

In this vid Zona also talks fishin’ bladed jigs, same type of rod, but he fishes it more like a jig or blade bait, and uses 20-lb AbrazX. He makes a good point about using too light a fluoro can make your bait bog down in the grass.

Little 2c from me: AbrazX is the first Seaguar line I ever tried and it’s friggin’ amazing.

The Lunkerhunt Bento and Swim Bento are a some of the finest-looking soft-plastic swimbaits made — as you can tell from that “TN shad” Swim Bento ^. Comes in 3″, 4.5″, 5.5″, works on a variety of hooks/heads, real good on a dropshot too….

Full video on YT, here’s a hint:

The soft-plastic swimbait of your choice, slide it up onto the Dude and you have a slower-movin’ finesse version of a crankbait. If you want a little more flash or just something different, Fish Head makes an underspin version too.

Great tip in this older vid with Wesley Strader is to use a loop knot with the Dude.

O’ course you can always go with the regular Fish Head Spin Underspin, which comes in weedless and stand-up versions too.

Fish Head product not out yet:


Rods PSA

Wasn’t sure how to get my fave rods in here so I’ll do it this way:

In my 2c you can’t go wrong with ANY Alpha Angler or Kistler rod. What I mean is: You ever have a rod you really like and get another different one the same brand and not like it as much? Happened to me enough times I got to the point where I had to hold a rod in my hand before I’d buy it, which I still think is the way to go if you can.

On the other hand, we all know a lotta stuff is bought online now so I can tell you this: So far every Alpha and Kistler rod I’ve gotten is good…meaning I really dig every one. UPS man brings me a rod tube and I’m like:

Alpha Angler has one line of rods — used by Brandon Palaniuk among others — and Kistler has a few lines (some at TW, some at the Kistler site) used by a bunch o’ pro anglers. So far all of ’em = good, meaning I fish with them.

– They’re all high-end rods, even Kistler’s new Graphite series.
– Everything’s personal in fishing so your mileage may vary.
– A lotta companies now make good rods, and in fact it’s never been a better time for finding reasonably-priced good-performing rods.

Just saying that if you want better rods, those 2 companies have my confidence and maybe they can earn yours too. And always remember:

HAHAHAHA keepin it real yo!

On BassBlaster.rocks right now…
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