Dropshot baits too small, KVD breaks down a lake, More top finish baits

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Today’s Top 5


How Dave Lefebre caught ’em at Mille Lacs.
Dave “#VanLife” Lefebre — for the record, his van is more like a delivery van than a conversion van — cracked ’em pretty good at Mille Lacs and finished 3rd, though almost 10 lbs behind winner Seth Feider. Here’s what the pride of Erie, PA did — full deets on

> Never made a cast all week. Fished vertical on fish I could see on screen. Had to spend quite some time on bigger fish — some took 10+ minutes to catch. Almost like bed fishing sometimes: Leave bait on fish and back off, barely pick bait of bottom — deadstick it for long periods of time and they would finally pick it up.

> The two giant (5.5-lb) Shadow Rap fish were fish I couldn’t catch on a dropshot. I backed off, let that thing sink by the rock and worked it slowly. It was pretty cool, actually.


> Dropshot: 4″ Senkos (green pumpkin magic and “other variations of gp with different flakes”), HOOK, 3/16- and 3/8-oz VMC tungsten dropshot weight, 15′ 6-lb Sufix fluorocarbon leader, 8-lb Sufix Nanobraid mainline (aqua camo), new 13 Fishing Creed GT spinning reel, 6′ 10″ medium-light 13 Fishing Muse Black and Envy rods.


Are our dropshot baits too small?
Remember this recent catch, Patrick Hildebrand, 8.4-lb bulbous smallie, St. Lawrence River, tied the NY state record:

Deets on the spot:

> The spot itself is a big fish’s dream [do fish dream?]…. There’s a lot of current in this open area, but the money spot is a giant eddy that corrals the bait and provides big slob bass [can there be small slobs?] a deep resting area where they don’t have to fight much flow.

> Patrick attributes the size of his fish to both the quantity and size of the gobies stuffed in this area. The goby bites were abundant, and he even pulled up a few 6+” specimens.

> …as fast as he got there and caught the giant and the 5-lber in the picture…the calm spell was over and that window of opportunity closed.

6-INCH gobies!! Our dropshot baits are too small!?!


What a Neko rig looks like underwater.
Kinda like a feeding baitfish? Either way, different than a Texas rig or a dropshot, that’s for sure. Gotta O-ring it though. Cool vid, though since it’s in a tank it doesn’t the pop,, pop, pop it off the bottom action:

That’s the new YUM Genie worm. Can’t wait to try the “old school purple” color — cracks me up but bet it works:

Lake Norman FLW bait breakdown.
Bry Thryft wynned it — he’s lookin’ pretty happy:

Gotta quote Robbie Newell: “Thrift’s fishing approach was completely idiosyncratic.” Do whut?? Stop playing Scrabble Rob! Dang son!

Thrift is a local and fished a jillion spots to win it. Here’s the Top 10 baits breakdown:

Senko/worm = 70% (mostly finesse worms)


Jig = 50% (30% used Shooter Jigs, known as the deal on that lake — shocked more guys didn’t use jigs)


Buzzbait = 50% (all but one had a Zoom Horny Toad)


10% each = swimbait, dropshot (Wes Strader used it! Get in your nuke fallout shelter now!), soft jerkbait, walking topwater (and Whopper Plopper), spoon.

Here’s Tracy Adams’ bait selection, which was pretty typical: 1/8-oz shakey head with a Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm (Spanish fly), 7/16-oz jig with a YUM Mighty Craw, buzzbait with a Horny Toad.

The marshal wasn’t seen again.
Hack Attack talkin‘ ’bout yet another Squatch sighting, this time when his marshal obeyed the call of nature on the shores of Mille Lacs. Got a pic on his phone, just before the guy disappeared:

I was like, “Dude! Really?” And Hack was like, “Do I file a missing person’s report or what?” I said, “Yep! Show those officers your pic, man!” So he did and they were like:

Okay a little too much caffeine for me today. Here’s the full quote from Hack:

> One angler — I’ll not name him — made the decision to continue fishing [during lightning on day 2 at Mille Lacs]. His marshal demanded to go to the bank. The angler complied. The marshal wasn’t seen again. I told the angler straight up, “Your marshal had it right.”

[Not sure who Hack was talkin’ ’bout but here’s a sick shot of Skeet riding the lightning there. That’s an old-school Metallica reference for Z and KVD.]


> If I’m honest with you, I’d say that when I was young I probably would have fished through it, too. We all think we’re invincible when we’re young.

> Nevertheless, fishing in a lightning storm just doesn’t make sense. It’s not worth the risk.

No joke. I’ve done it plenty of times, no good reason for it…except the fish were biting….


1. Johnny Crews talks about his season.

Didn’t have a great one. Talks about his upper Miss pattern going away. For sure happens even to the Elitists.

2. Get to know Drew Benton and Adrian Avena.

Barone tour. Good stuff.

3. Ike Live show this Sunday night.

6-10 PM ET, Swindle, DeFoe, Feider, more, at

4. OK: Child abuse charity derby on Tenkiller Oct 1.

Two words that should never go together: child abuse.

5. B-Rob strips A-A-Ron, lips a fish.

Check it, from Mon night — lovin’ the bass love from a bass-head:

7. LA: Owner got mad at movie star bassin’ ponds.

Chris Pratt on the set of “Magnificent Seven.” Kinda meh about the whole movie star thing….

8. How to get line off your troller prop.

Easiest way I’ve ever seen: #theEliminator

9. Kistler still lookin’ fer gal anglers.

Also check episode 2 of the story of Kistler Rods — always love the faith, family, fishing thing in bassin’. Tell it brother Trey!

10. Lunkerhunt giveaway on FB.

Lots o’ stuff!

11. Alien bugs like Shimano Metaniums.

Who wouldn’t, right? Check the size of these Men in Black hoppers:

Looks crazy cool, other holos too. Interesting: these cranks are 2.25″ long, 1/4-oz, designed for pressured fish. I haven’t fished one yet but want to…and yes I did comes across this while browsing TW. It’s sorta “work” for me….

14. BassU: Klein on “Key bass fishing situations.”

Headline of the Day

Endangered crayfish found dead

So…guess it’s not endangered anymore?

Not News But Interesting

Fishing BIG Swimbaits in a Small Pond is the name of a vid made by some younger dudes fishing a pond from the bank. Has 416K views, which dwarfs pretty much anything the majors in bassin’ have done. Can anyone tell me why? Not a trick question….

Should mention they’s feeshn SPRO swimmy-baits….

Do I need to say anything else about how great that would be?? Same deal: Fill it out with your email addy (so we know who enters!), then share the link you get fer more points. Good luck mang!

Tip of the Day

This one’s Kentucky Lake, but lake doesn’t matter — still innerestin’ fo sho. Warning that you need 25 mins to watch it all:

Quote of the Day

I spent the night out there with the raccoons and mosquitoes.

Casey Ashley talkin‘ ’bout gettin’ stuck on that sandbar durin’ the upper Miss Elitist practice. Super-dangerous. Why? Here’s a sign seen all over the roadways of MN:

No joke man! He lost that much blood and maybe got a little zika virus in there then had this dream:

Almost won the derby so maybe there’s a pattern in there? Plus I’m thinkin’ Seth Feider is immune to the giant zika carriers??

Shot of the Day

Stevie Browning having the most fun you can have in a bassin’ tub! Shot by B.A.S.S. shutterman Seigo Saito on Mille Lacs — you know goin’ fast is fun!

Be careful out there tho….

Use the best!


Git on these yo!
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