Dragon melon and derps, Chesapeake reasons, Why black frogs

Next week I’m a-gonna take my first “vacation” in a couple years — in quotes cuz it’ll be with the fam, whom I love, but a real vacation would be feeshn or chasin’ birds. Need some semi-solitary critter-focused nature…you know what I’m sayin’.

Anyhow, you’ll STILL gitcha 2 Blasters next week — cuz bass never take a vacation mang! Except after a cold front…and when the media guys show up lol. Enjoy, back at ya in a couple, and thx for readin’!

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Today’s Top 5

Rare dragon melon and a couple merp-derps!

Seth “not alpaca” Feider caught this crazy dragon-finned brownie on Champlain. Dropshotting a BioSpawn Exo Stick (llama shad):

Lake o’ the Woods, Canada small-merp caught by Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson:

Matty G Yellow Magic-ed (bone) this yellowish #derp outta the North River, NC:

Proof that ketchin’ a derp is a cool thing — sent to me by a bud…lol:

Some Elitists not happy about Chessie deal.

Some weren’t happy about not fishing when it was postponed, now it’s canceled with no make-up derby. Money, points, Classic qualification, # of events all involved, but the biggest thing I heard is some guys felt there was still a lot of fishable, safe water at the Chessie. Not sure if that would’ve been true 2-3 days later but…

…after chewing on it as long as it takes to get through a Jolly Rancher, here’s a few thoughts:

1. First let’s not forget about how the bassin’ season started off. We lost a brother on Okeechobee. Think that has everyone a little paranoid about safety, which I’m sure we all get.

2. There’s never a 100% right thing to do, meaning the Elitists will always disagree — which is okay.

3. Wondering: Is something else going on here? Back in the day, the guys would be fishing in conditions they won’t even launch in now. Is that type of change a good thing? Honestly not sure, but if safety and/or weather is now a bigger factor, maybe that should affect choice of venue?

Other than that, not gonna 2c on the should/shouldn’t decision because I wasn’t there to see it. That said, I did run across some more alleged conspiracy theories on why the Elite was postponed/canceled:

1. Too many clouds = no wifi = no BASSin’ Live. Supposedly this is Mike McKinnis in the production truck at the Chessie:

2. The Elitist angler advisory board is too easily influenced by B.A.S.S.:

I’m with you guys — hard to beat free vittles….

3. Totally on the down-low: DeFoe’s team was about to beat VanDam’s in Fortnite and NO ONE wanted to miss that so everyone was all, “Just delay it a day,” then it got outta hand with KVD insistin’ on a rematch and callin’ Trip about it. Here’s what Ott was texting to everyone:

Maybe everyone shoulda taken a look at the BassForecast…maybe all they needed was that 1 magical hour man!

Couple $$$ comments about the cancel.

@teamtriton08 commenting on Insta (I think it was Ott’s post):

> “Wanted to see them fish this body of water. Sure beats these little dropshot tournaments.”

Dang straight lol!

@bhyatt228 wrote:

> “…canceling a tournament nobody wins.”

Literally true….

This one was a little salty but:

HAHAHAHA! Dang that Groot….

Meanwhile at the Opens…

Got that??

Just say NO to year-round E15.

This wouldn’t be great (from here):

> Last week President Trump announced that he is “very close” to allowing the sale of 15% ethanol blended fuel, or E15, year-round.

> “Unfortunately, most consumers don’t know about the risks of high-ethanol fuel blends like E15 and expanding sales into the summer months will only do more harm. 65% of people assume that any gas sold at retail gas stations is safe for all their products, when in fact federal regulation prohibits E15 use in small engines.

> These engines…suffer immediate damage when fueled with blends exceeding 10% ethanol, thus voiding their warrantees and saddling consumers with high repair and replacement costs.”

President Bush, pls call #45 and give him a bassin’ education!

Seems to be no consensus on whether E15 could hurt vehicles, but looks like probly not nearly as bad as for outboards and small engines…IF you’re not drivin’ an older model truck.


1. Brandon Palaniuk now with Daiwa reels.

Forgot to mention, announced at ICAST. Said he bought his own high-$$$ Daiwas to check ’em out before doing the deal.

2. Greg Vinson’s getting his Rooster back.

3. FLW AOY Mark Rose on BassEdge Radio.

4. Dave Mercer now with Berkley rods and Abu reels.

Think I forgot to mention this one too. Dave’s a loyal guy — check out his tat:

5. MD: Chesapeake debris canceled yacht race too.

Believe it was out of Annapolis, MD, which is quite a ways from the Elite launch, so had to be a bunch o’ junk in the water. Also check this:

> …a deluge of water, trash, trees, sticks, a crab house and even a chicken coop down the Susquehanna River and into the bay.

Do chickens float? [chin-scratch emoji]

6. KY: US Senate approves $11 mil to fight Asian carp.

Sounds like that’s all for KY?

> U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he has secured $11M to combat Asian Carp in west KY waterways.

> …a provision in a government funding bill directs the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to focus efforts on combating the invasive fish in Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley and the larger Mississippi and Ohio River basins.

7. Great Lakes restoration program now fully funded.

Federal deal, includes anti-Asian carp stuff.

8. Lowrance reduces Carbon prices.

Does this kinda stuff ever happen??

> …a reduction in the Minimum Retail Price (MRP) on all HDS Carbon fishfinder/chartplotters. MRP will be reduced $1,000 on HDS Carbon 16, $700 on HDS Carbon 12, $600 on HDS Carbon 9 and $500 HDS Carbon 7. These significant savings are effective immediately.

Check ’em on the TW.

Tip of the Day

Why fish black topwaters…

…not just in lower light and dirtier water. From that longer post I’m working on — because ever see a black frog? I mean a real one?

> Alton Jr, talkin’ ’bout the BOOYAH ToadRunner: “When I’m looking for a big bite, I look for a darker-color frog…. That black gives it a real big profile…tends to cast a bigger shadow. Puts off a bigger profile than the bait actually is.”

> Dean Rojas talkin’ ’bout the SPRO Bronzeye 65: “A lot of times I don’t think the fish think it’s a frog. They just know it’s some little creature up there crawling around. Black helps them key on the bait better — it’s more of a solid silhouette.”

Quote of the Day

“It bothers me when we go to places where all the fish are the same size.”

– Greg Hackney talkin’ to me ’bout places like the upper MS River. Wasn’t mad at it, just says he prefers:

> “…places where you can legit catch a 6-8 lber. Mentally it keeps you in the game.”

I was like, “What about the Sabine?” Which he won, not exactly a big-bass factory. He pointed out that several 5+ fish were weighed there. Told that to my peeps at the local bait and tackle and they were like:

Shot of the Day

BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher a-winkin’ at the basses — ultra-cool shot by @mcgreschak on the BOOYAH page:


Bristol’s Another World festival cancelled due to sheep poo

Let’s see — a big festival scheduled for a big livestock field, not sure what they expected to be there….

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