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Today’s Top 5

Melons o’ the week. 

Mark “I love camo” Clifford caught this 12.3 blue-ribbon melon on an unnamed bait (but look HARD at the photo!) at CA’s Diamond Valley melon farm:

Tickle-Tackle Bassin’s Tim Little banged this 7-lb smallie at an unnamed lake that looks like it’s in the Northwest. Caught it on a Matt Allen Swimbait Head rigged with a Keitech (electric blue/chartreuse). Click the pic to see the vid — gotta hand it to the Tickle boys, killin’ it with the giant melon vids:

YUM Dinger vs Senko vid. 

Made this — not really me but I requested it — because I was curious how these two stickbaits compare. Check it:

Didn’t make the vid to find a winner — for sure both baits catch ’em and I’ll fish whichever one I have. But for me the Dinger was pretty dang impressive.

Check ’em on Tackle Warehouse: Dinger and Senko.

Watch yer back!


Or watch this guy’s…. What happens when yer bassin’ bud takes his frog/flip stick, braid and a SPRO Bronzeye, and flat misses a fish when your back is turned:

Dude’s fishin’ bud needs a paddlin’:

Dude catches smallie while removing hook from foot. 

Don’t watch this if you’re eating or just finished. But he does what we’d all do: Catches the fish, then gets back to taking the hook out. Love it!

Ever catch a ‘stache bass? 

Little guy got all gussied up for bass-head Shawn:


1. Watch Palaniuk win it on T-Bend.

If’n yer not payin’ attention, Brandon has a lot of really good vids about his derbies on his YT channel:

2. VanDams will be on iFISHIGAN show.

Sounds like an app but it’s a TV show. How man VanDams are in MI? Not sure, but here’s a pic of their annual family ice fishing deal at one of KVD’s ponds:

3. Pipkens pulls a frog over a log but…

…turns out to be a gator (vid).

4. Boating fatalities up in ’16…

…guess why:

> In 2016, there were 5.9 deaths for every 100,000 registered recreational boats, a jump of 11.3 percent from the previous year. …alcohol was the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. Other factors included operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed and machinery failure.

> Most boating-related deaths were caused by drowning (80%), and in 83% of those instances, the victim was not wearing a life jacket….

I know you guys are smarter than the first bullet, but please wear a PFD while running and while relieving yourself!

5. AL: 2 limits over 30 weighed at Gville derby.

Stout for a post-spawn derby. Winners Darien Craig and Houston Calvert had 30.45, and Hadley Coan and Scott Keeling had 30.06 — tough to have 30+ and lose….

> [Winners]…Waterfront Bay area and fishing a rockpile in 10′ with brown 1/2-oz Buckeye Football Mop Jigs with matching Rage Craws, and Texas-rigged big worms in green pumpkin with the tail dipped chartreuse. Their final 6-lb cull fish came on a wacky-rigged red bug Zoom Finesse Worm….

> All of the fish came by making the same cast over and over again. “There was a specific angle of cast that we had to make to in order to get the bigger bites.”

> [2nd] Coan threw 1/2-oz Guntersville craw-colored Mean Mouth jig with a green pumpkin Rage Craw, and Keeling tossed 6th Sense Cloud 9 C15 and C20 crankbaits to shallow offshore structure.

6. Great Lakes water levels highest in 20 years.

All that rain. Ontario is up 3 feet right now, and that lake is normally is about 193 miles long by 53 miles wide!

7. TX/LA: No DDs at Toledo Bend.

Don’t even bother going there man:

Whoa. Believe those are replicas….

8. WI: Should license fees be raised?

No increase in 10+ years.

9. NC: Magnum Spoons work on Monticello.

> “Monticello is not a big place — you can go from one end to the other in a bass boat in about 10 minutes. You’re looking for schools of bait on the depthfinder that are down deep.

> “In June, the fish could be anywhere from 18′ to 40′ deep…. You should be looking around the points and the islands. There’s a lot of sandy bottom out there, so if you can find some rock or wood, that’s always good.”

And of course Mag Spoons….

10. KS: New Horsethief Rez heatin’ up for bassin’.

Great to have a new reservoir to figger out.

11. TN: Youth bassin’ derby this Sunday at Spring Creek.

Good: “Hot dogs and cold drinks for everybody after the tourney.” Bad: “All children who fish in the tournament will receive a trophy.”

One day when my son was younger I went in his room and chucked out every dang trophy and medal he got for not winning. Felt great. #oldschool

12. NY: Smallies go over Niagara Falls all the time.

Is there any fish crazier than a smallmouth? Answer: No.

13. LA: Guy pulls a gun in dispute over bank fishing spot.

Wow. Must be the best fishing spot in the world…dang.

14. Original Yamamoto Sanshouo design by CA angler Bub Tosh.

15. GREAT Yeti vid/short film on kid’s 13-lb catch.

Not sure why it’s a Yeti coolers deal but who cares, it’s good:

16. Outdoor Channel brags on MLFers.

See if you can get the math, not sure I do:

> …the network’s Major League Fishing and All Angles accounted for 12 of the top 15 programs on the network in 1Q 2017. The 2 shows were also the top 7 programs on the network during the quarter.

Not sure if 2=12 or 2=7? Congrats to the MLFers…. This might all be part of Boyd Duckett’s secret plan to take over the Outdoor Channel and then take on Johnny Morris. Wait…did I just say that out loud? Sorry Boyd!

17. Pure Fishing has new CEO.

Pure Fishing = brands like Berkley, Stren, Fenwick, etc. Doesn’t say the new guy fishes so…. A lot of folks have left there. I may be wrong, but I’m expecting to see some of their many brands sold off. Who knows.

18. Electronics wars: Now Garmin gets a ruling.

Too hard to keep track of at this point.

19. New Chinese braided line.

20. New drug makes skin tan naturally.

Even redheads! Developed by these folks:

lol not really

Tip of the Day

How Seth Feider walks his frog.

How he trims it up, how he fishes it over slop and then in the holes, and how he walks it. After watching this, I think I walk my frogs too fast…cuz I’m too excited I guess…but then again Seth drinks a ton of Mntn Dew so maybe he’s trying to fish it even slower?

He likes the Terminator Walking Frog.

Quote of the Day

Come on, give me a shot. I guarantee you I can catch it.

Dude talkin’ was watchin’ a guy fishing for what ended up being the world record (but foul-hooked) bass while on a bed in Cali some years ago. Check he next line:

> Malmstrom refuses. Weakley offers him $1,000 for 30 minutes on the fish, showing a roll of $100 bills….

Wow. Dude is like:

More tidbits from a GREAT article on the chase for the 25-lber:

> Determined to learn [how to catch bass], they approached Mike Long to pick his brain, but he spurned the upstarts. So they studied him on the water from afar and found out how to fish for big bass the hard way. That year, the trio logged more than 200 days at [Lake] Dixon.

> The white jig is embedded in the fish’s back, maybe 3″ behind the dorsal fin. [Conditions were wind and rain — they couldn’t see the fish well.]

> He goes with his initial gut instinct. He foul-hooked the fish. It shouldn’t count. He won’t pursue the record. “I know we did the right thing,” says Weakley. “Look, me and Buddha and Jed got to hold a 25-pound bass. No one else ever has. That was cool for us.”

> …Weakley is finally able to reflect. And what he finds isn’t that pretty. “I look back now and it all seems kind of sick. Fishing is supposed to be fun.”

Word. It IS fun.

Shot of the Day

100% the nicest bassin’ outfit ever seen anywhere — and I think that’s someone’s ultra-cool mom:

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