Did eclipse blind bass, FLW Cup topwater crazy, How Combs picks colors

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Are all shallow bass blind now?

I looked at the dang eclipse and can still see! Was wearing my Costas and only did it for a few seconds, but:

My wife went nuts on me, but I was like: You mean to tell me in ancient times when everyone looked at an eclipse, all these people were walking around blind after that?? I’m sure it’s bad if you stare at it for a while, but come on man.

Actually forgot it was the eclipse til I ran outside to roll up my truck windows because I thought it was going to rain. Then I was like: oh yeah, the eclipse.

Done WAY more damage to my eyes looking at bass beds and computer screens than an eclipse could ever do mang!

So…are shallow bass blind now? Or do they at least have retinal damage so they see spots? If so, recommend everyone only fishes black baits from now on.

Guess the only bass that survived the E-clipse okay are ledge/hump/point fish that were too deep to get retinal damage, and mat fish that live in a dang dungeon all day long anyhow. Only bass fer sher not damaged by the eclipse was the Costa bass:

Topwater insanity at the FLW Cup.

Mega-props to winning rookie Justin Atkins who crushed ’em all with a dang topwater, an Ima Little Stik 135 (chrome):

When’s the last time a champeenship was won on a topwater? Crazy schooling herring bite. The top 10 looked like:

Topwater = 90% — Ima Little Stik 135 = 30%, walking baits = 50%, pencil poppers = 40%

Walkers included Travis Fox’s (2nd) Storm Arashi Top Walker (ghost pearl shad), and Brandon Cobb’s (3rd) Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil (prism ghost shad), new 3DR Pencil (glass minnow) and a Yo-Zuri salwater Hydro Pencil (blue mackerel):

Soft jerkbait = 50%

Shakey head, Crankbait, Spinnerbait = 10% each

Callin’ out Wes Strader (9th) for fishing a giant popper-shaped block of wood that looks like it should be a decoration in a fishin’ lodge — aka a “prototype bone-colored pencil popper” made by PH Custom Lures: “It’s made out of real heavy wood. I call it the ‘Jabberwocky’ because it throws water like crazy and you can throw every bit of line off your Lew’s reel with it.” Believin’ it:

Hit the Niagara River again!

That’s me and my kids, man! Last week dragged — or in bassin’ese: “drug” — them and the wife up to the Niagara Reever/Lake Ontario to get on some smalls and ogle the falls…which already feels like 3 weeks ago…. Full deets, including baits and whatnot, are on — includin’ that triple-header — but a few feeshn highlights:

> …dragging tubes — which typically is $$$ there — was not the deal. So we dropshotted. Was key on the second day to get the bait above the grass that was all over the bottom.

> Capt Frank Campbell was dropshotting the Strike King Dream Shot (gp purple/gold flake)…

> …and I was using the back 2/3 of a YUM Dinger (ghillie suit), nose-hooked. For whatever reason, that color was the only one I could get them to bite. No purple in it, which is key in gobie-land, but it does have lots o’ other flake colors:

> …used 1/2-oz Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Drop Shot Weights. Also caught a few wacky-rigging a full-sized Dinger in the same color on a tube jighead. Sketchy-looking rig but it works!

> Line was 8-lb Seaguar AbrazX….

I DID fish wimp-sticks. Had to. Was like:

Brought one lighter casting setup which I intended to use, but had an incurable reel malfunction so…hated it (dang line twist!) except for when I had a fish on. My rig was an Alpha Angler Wrench with a Favorite Rush spinning reel.

Reel was fine, and wow what a great rod. Never used a wimp stick that in my opinion felt and performed like a casting rod.

Btw, they’ve been catching Mille Lacs smalls on another new Dinger color (camo), which like “ghillie suit” also has gold and red flake….

The hype is too dang high.

Check some recent lines and headlines from around the world o’ bassin’:

> World-class fishers to converge on Lake St. Clair for Bassmaster Elite

> Most Renowned Bass Fishing Tournament Will be [on] Mille Lacs….

> …[FLW Cup is] biggest prize in bass fishing

> “These guys in Major League Fishing are the best of the best….” [KVD talkin’. So…is MLF better than the Elites? Apples and oranges imo.]

Only sport I can remember with more hype than bassin’ is:

Most intense vid-game bassin’ vid ever.

Too funny — like an action film trailer:

My bud Scott was like: Tourney jerseys on the bank are now a thing? lol game designers….


1. TX: We lost a brother on Lake Fork.

Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. SC: State police investigating bass boat crash.

Says the boat hit a dock, driver didn’t make it. RIP bassin’ brother.

3. Aaron Martens plays Halo.

He also hacked some Halo into Minecraft looks like:

4. Pete Gluszek on BassEdge Radio.

Pete is the dean of Bass U, and is the guy who cringes the most at what happens on the Ike Live set….

5. TN: Bryan College’s Jacob Foutz will fish Classic.

6. TX: B.A.S.S. says LA off-limits in Sabine Elite.

Because so much LA water is “private,” guess Trip doesn’t want guys unintentionally DQing themselves. Fix it LA!

7. NH: Did governor kill Sunapee ramp for rich buds?

State DNR seems to imply that’s the case.

8. Cliff Prince’s son is the FLW Jr champ.

Syler (Sy) Prince won the FLW Jr World Championship on Lake Wateree, SC. Cliff: “Needless to say we’re ecstatic!!! I sure am on cloud 9 right now — he has just set the bar pretty high for ‘ol dad…lol.”

Dang straight, Cliff! Sy, tell your dad to clean his room man! lol

Sy caught ’em flippin a dang Bass Assassin bait! A Pure Craw (gp), 4/0 Owner Jungle Flippin Hook, Fitzgerald Flippin Bead, 50-lb Seaguar Flippin Braid, Lew’s Pro Mag Reel and 7′ 6″ Fitzy Okee Rod. Heavy setup for a young dude….

9. 2018 Costa schedule out.

Also, next year’s FLW Cup is at Lake Ouachita, AR.

10. Bass Pro adding Legend Boats too…

…which could be great for Phoenix, Skeeter and whoever else is left out there. Guys who run Legends: Chris Lane, the Lee bros, Jacob Wheeler, Fred Roumbanis, Stetson Blaylock, Fletch Shryock, FLWer Chris McCall and MLFer Scotty Ashmore.

11. AZ/NV: WWBT Championship on Mead next month.

12. NH Federation wants to be non-intimidating…

…to other folks using a lake. Props. Super-important and they nailed it: Lots of folks are intimidated by bass boats and bass fishermen, and that intimidation can turn into resentment.

13. New B.A.S.S./AL Power technical college scholarships.


14. Cabela’s College Bass gets Mossy Oak.

15. New Ranger Z521L ICON Edition.

Click the pic for lots more shots.

16. BassZone gets Bassin’ Cat.

17. Crestliner adding Bass Hawk deep V next year.

18. New ‘Breaking Bass’ web show.

Hosts are Big Bass Dreams’ Oliver Ngy and hip-hopper Carnell Lee. Not sure how you can watch it, but hope it’s cool.

19. Tackle Warehouse does have the Strike King 4.0.

Couldn’t find it for the ICAST special issues, but here ’tis.

Tip of the Day

Keith Combs’ fave crank colors…

..and how he adjusts using ’em. Dang I love it when guys who are great at something give up some juice:

Believe those colors are — in order — crystal shad, Tennessee shad, powder blue back chartreuse (which I’m pretty sure he painted his room when he was a kid), chartreuse black back, and I THINK silver Tennessee Shad even though it looks gold?

Of course he only uses Strike King cranks….

Quote of the Day

You can be a great fisherman, but if you don’t understand the business side it will be hard for you.

– Dang straight if you wanna be a pro. That’s KVD talkin’ who btw is EXCELLENT at the biz side. Also said:

> It’s hard to become and stay a pro in any sport.

Okay but maybe not…pro cornhole? It’s real:

Shot of the Day

How ’bout this possible new state record — released, folks had no scale — Mille Lacs, MN smallie? 24″ x 18″ = j-j-j-j-giant!


Check this shot of a 9′ great white eating a striper on a fisherman’s line off Cape Cod, MA:

That’s right near where Jaws was filmed. Dang, you don’t need to go to South Africa to see that stuff now. Freaky.

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