Derp merps of the week, Angry dudes, Break down your flip

Next week I’ll be fishin’ for big smalls in and around the Niagara River, NY so you’ll be getting the ICAST special issue! Or issueS…haven’t figured that out yet. Hope you catch ’em this weekend, and thanks for being a bass-head!

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Today’s Top 5

Derpy merp melons of the week!

From your only source for merp (aka derp) basses hahaha!

Jacob Wheeler got him a NICE brown merp:

Another smallie merp, this time ketched by Rapala’s Danny Quinn — of course he was fishing a Rapala Shadow Rap Deep. Looks like DQ was so ruded out he didn’t even want to touch that thing with his bare hands! lol

Greg Vinson got a CHUNK merp:

Not the greatest pic from Jamey Caldwell, but for sure another chunk merp:

Merpy the bass say:

Combs gets hook back from fish…after 1 month and 12 miles??

This is nuts!

> In late June, me and Jennifer went to Lake Champlain to do some scouting. One of the last days we were there I caught about a 3-lb smallmouth on a jerkbait. …had two of the trebles hooked right behind the tooth patch. While trying to remove the hook, I ended up hooked with the fish still attached. Jennifer cut the ring on the bait, and in the chaos I released the fish with the treble still attached and then removed the hook from myself.

> On July 21, during the first day of practice for the Elite on Champlain, I caught what had to be the same fish. Crazy thing is I was probably 12 miles away from where I had originally caught the fish. He was hooked in the same spot, same hook I use and the split ring still attached. This time I removed the hook.

Odds of that happening:

Will “Mr. Point” show again at the Murray Cup?

No run-ins this season with angry-man locals is kinda boring (but safe), so…won’t say I’m hoping it happens but it could be funny! If you recall the last time the FLWer Cup Champeenship was at Murray (2014):

> …[eventual winner Anthony Gagliardi] was greeted at his first spot — a point where fish tend to school up and chase herring and shad — by a local angler who Gagliardi says doesn’t have the best reputation on the lake.

> “There was a little boat on the spot that I wanted to start on and I went ahead and pulled in there. I wasn’t going to not fish there. The fish started to come up and they were schooling all over the place between him and me and on the other side of him. You could tell he was agitated right off the bat. He started cussing at me when I first got there.

> “He wasn’t mad that I was there, but he was upset that I brought a flotilla with me because now everybody saw where his hole was. He said, ‘I can’t believe you brought all of these boats. Now, they’re going to see where I’m fishing.’

> Upon being told by Gagliardi that he was fishing in a tournament and wasn’t sure what he wanted him to do, the man told Gagliardi he needed to “go out and get a real job.”

Dang straight Gagliardi! Git you a boring cubical office job and never look back man!

Hopefully it won’t happen this time but…there is this guy up in MN right now:

(Not my caption.) Don’t forget to flip that dock…several times! Just be careful. Some folks are nuts now, man.

“…it may be as simple as girlfriend or boyfriend issues or how you did on your last test.”

Elitist B-Rad Roy talkin’ ’bout mental distractions high school anglers can face. Dude, what about acne, rude teachers, “mean” kids, not dressin’ nearly as cool as Palaniuk or Lucas on the water, not enough Insta followers, etc??

LOTS of stuff teen bass-heads gotta overcome, but hey — we all did it! Wait…no we didn’t…. Good luck tho! lol

Seriously…you guys are good. No worries.

How David Dudley gets in basses’ heads.

Well that’s one way to do it:

Guess it works for him? Dudley cracks me up….


1. We lost a couple bassin’ bros.

In CA we lost Paul Leader, aka “the godfather,” a force in the SoCal bassin’ scene:

Also lost Joseph Kremer of FL, another guy who had a big impact on that state’s bassin’:

RIP bassin’ brothers.

2. Lakeforkguy’s brain tumor is treatable.

Great news. He named his tumor “Willis”…lol

3. Win Chapman’s bassin’ tub!

The boat he’s using now, a Triton 22 TRX with a Mercury 250 Pro XS, Power-Poles, Garmin stuff and all the bells and whistles — 1,000 tix being sold @ $100 each. Get one at the KS BASSin’ Nation site. Plus it’s #stout:

> …an opportunity to be part of giving upwards of $10,000 to 3 different charities; Folds of Honor, Fishing’s Future, and Kansas Food Bank.

4. Wheeler’s take on FLWs vs Elites.

> “There’s about 30 guys in FLW I would put up against anyone in B.A.S.S., but overall I think Bassmaster has the best competition and it gives us more tournaments.”

Really the comparison is almost meaningless because they don’t fish against one another but still on bass-heads’ minds….

5. Watch Ott set the hook with a frog.

Looks like he pulls up a bit to make sure the fish is on there (which I don’t do — do you?) then slams ’em:

Love the way TN folks say “frowg.” Wish I could do it….

6. John Murray gets Rapid Fishing Solutions.

Added Murray, FLWer Billy McDonald and regional angler Nicholas Bodsford. Already had Shaw Grigsby, Ish Monroe, Mark Menendez and Bill Lowen.

RFS makes some cool stuff — some of it’s stuff you didn’t know you needed but once you see it and hold it, you’re like: MUST have it. Check their stuff on TW.

7. Lowen goes anti-Flanders.

> …it’s late summer. Everything’s had a chance to grow and that includes whatever’s swimming around in 2′ and being eaten by the bass….

> My favorite late-summer, big, shallow-water lure is a 10″ worm. …sticks up out of the mud and stays visible to the fish. My second favorite is a giant creature bait. Something around 6″….

> …bigger plastics is that they have more movement to them. A 4″ worm won’t move around much. It’s just sort of there. But a 10″ version of the same worm will wave back and forth as it falls and even move around some after it falls.

Here’s what he’s saying in 1 pic:

That photo on the wall makes it….

8. Robbie Newell picks Cody Meyer to win the FLW Cup.

Rob’s an FLW scribbler, and picks Cody partly because he (Cody) is expecting a child. Seriously. Rob’s got a good head on him, but mebbe has breathed in one too many a gas fume from the back of a boat?

9. Ricky Morris went old school to win the James Open.

> He spent a lot of time throwing a worm on spinning tackle, but also pitched a spinnerbait along outside bends in creek channels that featured deeper water and current, and threw a jig around duck blinds and sunken ships and barges.

> Worms: Couple blue worms (can you ID them?) to imitate blue crabs, 3/0 hook, 1/8-oz weight, 6′ 10″ RPM Custom Rods Dropshot Special spinning rod, Team Lew’s Pro Speed Spin Reel.
> 3/4-oz War Eagle Spinnerbait (silver shiner), 1/2-oz War Eagle Jig (gp brown) with Strike King Rage Craw (gp).

Shoutin’ out my NJ homie Pete “gitcha to the dean’s office” Gluszek for showin’ he’s still got the skillz. But more stoked that he fished in an anti-tourney shirt:

10. NY/VT: Flanders Rig wins Champlain BFL.

Dude won it fishing a Flanders Rig with Z-Man Finesse T.R.D. (black blue flake). Caught a 6-10 and two 5s in one pass! [PA and NY all over the top 10 — what up Jersey?] Not sure how you pronounce “trd” but maybe a picture will help:

HAHAHA! Sorry, yep I am immature…hopefully just sometimes?

11. NY: Gobies could make Oneida water cloudy?

By eating mussels. Sounds like gobies like to eat zebras, so is that why there’s tons o’ gobies in the Great Lakes?

12. MN: Some limits at Mille Lacs weighing 40??

Must be a typo, or maybe over 2 days?

13. Check these yak running lights.

Sorta — they’re gloves…pretty cool if they work:

14. Skeeter kicking tail.

> “We recently had one of the best dealer meetings we’ve had in many, many years. Our current backlog is at a 20-to 25-year high as far as orders. It’s very strong right now. We are seeing a very pro-marine market all over the country.”

Don’t get Johnny mad now!

15. PRADCO looking for amazon liason.

PRADCO = BOOYAH, YUM, Norman, Bomber, etc. Innnerestin’. Anyone buy tackle thru amazon? For me it’s Tackle Warehouse or NOWHERE man hahaha!

16. Cabela’s blames Q2 dip on Gander liquidation.

And maybe the Bass Pro buy of Cabela’s ain’t such a good idea?

1 Bass-Head’s 2c

Startin’ a new thang today, gonna try to do it regular-like. Will keep it anonymous so peeps (you!) can vent. This is ONE bass head’s opinion, not everyone’s and not necessarily mine. This one’s about the MLFers — cracked me up:


They are doing this to be politically correct. I get it. Are they going to start fishing out of kayaks so as not to contribute to global warming?

Hahaha! Easy now. The MLFers are good people…mostly…lol

You want to get featured here, just respond back to a Blaster about something that fires you up — with a witty comment, here or on social. I MIGHT use it. Please DO NOT send one every dang week! And no profanity, callin’ people out personally or anything else mean-spirited. Just keep it PG and fun.

Tip of the Day

Okay, you have your flip stick in hand and you’re trollin’ over to a drool-worthy good-lookin’ laydown. You KNOW Mrs. Panda is sitting there, so what do you do? You pick you out a spot, spit on both hands, grab your rod, flip (some of us cross our fingers it goes there lol) and let that sucker fall with more anticipation than we ever felt on Christmas morning. Right? Heck yeah mang! Whelp, not the pros. Check Ish:

> Control your excitement.

You’re so right man, but that’s a little over the top:

> Do not get in a hurry. Do not cast across it and bring your lure back at a 45-degree angle. Sure, you might catch a bass that way but if you fish it right you’ll have a better chance of catching 1, and maybe 2 or 3.

> Take the time to position your boat at an angle so that you can fish the entire length of the back side and then front side, or if you think the front side looks better do it the other way around. If necessary, reposition your boat so that you can fish the top and the bottom of it.

> Before you make any of those casts, however, think about the third thing that matters: How are you going to drag her back to your boat after you hook her? Know what you’ll need to do before you have to do it.

Welllllllll…dang. Here’s me around a great piece of structure:

Here’s Ish:

Quote of the Day

I’ll spend a lot of time out there because I have probably 1,000 waypoints….

– Elitist Kelley Jaye talkin’ ’bout Lake Martin and the Elites goin’ there in ’18. So lemme get this straight KJ: You have 1,000 waypoints and you need MORE??

Lol kiddin’, he is going to whittle down those waypoints…or try to…. Vinson also knows that lake well. Can’t wait for that one, been a while.

Shot of the Day

Okay gotta run this one cuz first time I’ve ever seen a bassin’ shot with coyote fur in it…though I do see a minner bucket back there:


Canadian angler files freedom of info request with Canadian gov’t to find out where a guy was fishing.

Guess the YouTube vids of big trout were too much for him to handle. Dude wanted to get access to the camping permits so he could tell what lake the trout were coming out of. That’s a little much, man.

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