Dave Precht retiring, Flippin’ heavy wood, Yet more ICAST bait coolness!!

Today’s Top 4

Thank you Dave!

Didn’t want to out it til it was official: B.A.S.S.’s Dave Precht is retiring. NO WAY could I possibly do justice to Dave here, professionally and personally. Will just say this:

1. Dave has influenced, guided and contributed as much to B.A.S.S., the bassin’ biz, bassin’ media and bassin’ folks (including me) as much or more than anyone in the history of bassin’. At B.A.S.S. he started with Ray Scott so he’s seen it all.

2. He’s a gem of a human being and a rock solid Christian man. I’ve always wanted to be Dave when I grow up.

3. The wide but small bassin’ world literally won’t be the same without him in it.

I’m grateful, joyful, sad (a little choked up) and hopeful…somehow. Thank you Dave, and much love.

Is this why T-Bend and Rayburn are so good??

Check this quote from a TPWD biologist — believe it’s about bass since the whole post is about TX bass lakes:

> “Our last 3 creel survey years reflect high angler harvest rates at Toledo Bend (42-68%). Compare this to the 25-30% harvest rate at Rayburn.”

!!!! Few reactions:

1. That sound high to you too? I mean, obviously the lakes can handle it but dang.

2. Maybe that’s one reason the avg bass size is so big? More space/forage per bass?

3. And people complain about tournaments?? How ’bout a study of delayed mortality vs harvest?? Dang man…fired up….

What WASN’T working at the Champlain FLW Series??

Seems like if you fished that tourney with a bobber and crappie grub — or a buzzbait with a 10″ worm on it — you woulda caught ’em. Bryan Thrift won it cuz he was sick of just finishing in the top 5 (been there man…okay not), here’s what the baits of the top 10 finishers looked like:

Jerkbait = 40% — 20% Megabass Vision 110 (Fishin’ biz challenge: Can anyone make a jerkbait that’s as a good or better??)

Flip plastic = 40%

Dropshot = 30%

Hard topwater = 30%

20% each = Stickworm, Tube, Spinbait (both Duo Realis Spinbait 80), Jig, Neddy Flanders

10% each = A-rig (YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr of course), Frog, Crankbait, Bladed jig (EverBrett Hite Hammer), Punch/Slither rig, Swim-jig, Swimbait


> Thrift said he went through at least 115 Damiki Stingers. That’s like 11 bags. Those things made outta 90% salt or what?

> Ron Nelson (10th) said he fished a jerkbait “he got from a guy in a hotel parking lot.” Let’s hope nothing was exchanged in said parking lot…lol kiddin’! Send in a pic of that jerkbait dude!

Snorkelin’ through ICAST, lookin’ fer treasure.

More stuff I wanted to mention, no particular order:

1. 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug

Good shape, good colors, made outta that plastic that stretches like Spider Man’s boogers — what’s not to like?

Looked it up — in Japanese “sukoshi” means “upsidedown flounder.” Not sure what the deal is there since I thought flounder already were upside down? Sounds cool tho….

2. SIMMS stuff = reeeealllly dang good.

Love me some AFTCO shorts n tees, but man I have yet to find anything that can beat SIMMS stuff in any other apparel category. Here’s some of my fave stuff right now — which I do own and wear (so much that my kids make fun of me) so not just theoretical:

1. Downshore Flops — Look good, comfy, solid and my foot doesn’t slip in ’em — don’t seem to slip much on wet surfaces either. I wear ’em every dang day mang!

2. Tech tee — Look at it! ^^ Comfy too man….

3. Challenger Hoody — Great. Period. My kids steal mine so must look cool too….

See all the offerin’s at

Shout-out for the BUFF (not SIMMS) new CoolNet UV+ BUFF. It really is better and more comfortable…just ask Ott if you don’t believe me….

Be cool, look cool, fish coo’.

3. More ICAST nibblin’s

Swimmin’ through, findin’ new stuff, hearin’ factoids, stuff like that:

> Like many pros, Cliff Prince prefers Seaguar Tatsu fluoro. Have always heard Tatsu is the deal, so asked him why. He said: “Better knot strength.” Okay then.

> Yo-Zuri Rattl’N Vibe — Now in 3/4-oz. ‘Bout time yo!

> YUM Craw Chunk in the “tin foil” color — Shweet alternative to white for mimicking shad:

> Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver — If I remember my convo with Matt Herren right (#sketchy), Matty said he pushed for a Beaver with more action, and after this bait was developed kinda didn’t want it outed….

> Berkley Flute Worm — Designed by Ike “Mike” Anelli, has molded-in O-ring spots. Ike’s a bait geek (like all the pros) so might want to check it….

> Jack Hammer now comes in red, “fire craw.” Asked Brett Hite if he wanted that color or what, he said: “Yes it was a JDM color that I have been using. We needed a bright red/orange for pre-spawn and muddy water:”

JDM = “Just Dang Money” (heehee!).

> Z-Man TRD BugZ — Ned-sized Beaver-type bait = smart. Z-Man’s having a smart year…yearZ or whatever….

> Fish Lab Rattle Toad — New company, integrated rattle, looks like a different frog shape. Also check their Bio Minnow…looks familiar, in a good way:

> Westin Hypo Teez — Had a guy who’s been in the bait biz a long time swear to me that Westin makes some of the best swimbaits/glide baits period — and he works for a different (and major) bait co. I THINK this is the Hypo Teez we were watchin’ get demo’ed when he said it.

> Storm Arashi Glide Bait — Believe Brandon Palaniuk had a hand in it partly because he has a swimbait/glide bait obsession issue. Been thru therapy once for it, might have to go again….

> Lucky Craft Sammy 108 — Has the hot dog Spook-like shape. Also, the new Pointer H3 has 3 trebles on it instead of 2.

> Feathered Spooks — The Super Spook and Super Spook Jr now come with feathered rear trebles.

> Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL — Has a zinc head because the blade bangs so hard it would deform a lead head. Freedom also has a cool new head-weighted blade bait, not on TW yet.

> Fish Head V3 Balance Force Jighead — Now in 1/8- and 3/16-oz. 2/0 Gammy hook on that deal (and other Fish Head heads) supposed to be eggzellent. All Fish Head stuff still USA-made:

> Strike King Mark Rose Lil Ledge Spoon — Way smaller than your typical flutter spoon, different/shape action. Just bear in mind Mark’s only been fishing ledges for like 30 years so…. Btw learned that “KVD Perfect Plastic” means that every plastic has a different formula so it suits the properties of a particular bait.

> Big Bite Baits 3.5″ Tour Tube — “…developed with the softest plastic available to ensure the hook can pass thru the plastic easily…. Jeff [Kriet] used this tube across the country in the past year to get bites, having nearly a 100% hookup ratio.” Well, Kriet doesn’t get that many bites so…hahaha Kriet gotcha mang!

> LiveTarget ICT Slow-Roll Shiner — Cool-lookin’, hope it works as good as it looks:

> Terry Scroggins’ Big Show Kicker Tail Worm — Scroggy poured ’em himself, now Standford is makin’ em…now on TW.

> Mustad is making baits now? New bladed jig.

> Hayabusa DSR132HD Hook (vid link) — New “Heavy Duty” dropshot hook, “medium wire diameter, short U-Bend shank and Hayabusa’s Original Point,” in #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0. Not on TW yet….

> Sunline Power2C FC fluoro — Designed by Jason Christie for flippin’ cover. Innerestin’ has repeatin’ 12″ of high-viz orange then 48″ section of clear.

> Plano Edge — Finally a Plano box for your boat with a clear lid. Hope it’s durable since all the experience I’ve had with clear-lid boxes is they crack….

> MotorGuide Tour troller — Has 5 (maybe more) settings for a tighter to looser feel of your foot to the motor, pretty cool. I liked it tighter….

> Not ICAST (for me) but TW now has 1 of those Japanese fat grubs.


1. Why Steve Kennedy didn’t take the MLF invite.

Sorta. Doesn’t really say that but he went thru some family stuff around that time.

This quote from the Bassin’Fan post stood out:

> “…I knew where (Tommy) Biffle would be and (Kevin) VanDam would be out there cranking. Aaron (Martens) would be out there with a dropshot. I’ve been more of a swimbait and jig guy, but with some of the [new Elite guys], we’re in the same space and I don’t know them well enough to know who will be where when.

> “With the smaller field, I think we were all expecting to have more room and I’m certain some guys are getting it, but it seems like on most of my stuff, I have had company this year.”

Shoot we all knew Aaron would be dropshotting — where no one had ever fished, let alone dropshotted before….

2. Elitist Gary Clouse talks buyin’ used boats.

Can sum up his advice this way:
1. Buy a Phoenix.
2. Gary has never owned a used boat…because he owns Phoenix.

HAHAHA! Actually a good post with solid advice. Wonder who wrote it for him…hahahahahaaaaaaa!

3. 20+ BPT pros get Siren Marine.

Sounds like a boat security + more system. Pros: James Watson, Alton Jones, Brent Chapman, Jordan Lee, Aaron Martens, Justin Atkins, Zack Birge, Stephen Browning, Brandon Coulter, Anthony Gagliardi, Timmy Horton, Alton Jones Jr., Jason Lambert, Mike McClelland, Cody Meyer, Ish Monroe, Michael Neal, Brandon Palaniuk, Mark Rose, Fred Roumbanis, Scott Suggs, Gerald Swindle, Jonanthon VanDam, David Walker, Jacob Wheeler.

4. I was interviewed by these dudes…

…can’t remember what we talked about but seemed like a good time. Episodes 159 and 160 at that link. Also on the shows are some famous folks so you won’t be wastin’ your time with just me!

If I knew they had a full-blown recordin’ studio, woulda got the StrayCasts house band to meet me there for some ‘lectrical throwin’ down!

5. NJ: Algae-related Hopatcong closure is bull-hockey?

Super innerestin’ — wonder if the antis/Chicken Littles have a hand in this closure, which is killin’ businesses around the lake:

> In New Jersey, a bloom is considered hazardous when the cell count reaches 20,000 per milliliter. In other states the standard is 70,000 to 100,000.

> …the real question is not cyanobacteria. It’s cytotoxins. These are the hazardous substances created when a HAB gets out of control. “…was within normal range….”

6. OH: Another BFL tie!?

Believe this is the 3rd one this year? IN’s Chris LeClere and TN’s Daniel Johnson tied on the OH River. Each guy had 1 fish for 1-02…

…hahaha almost!

Maybe FLW needs to go back to hundredths scales for BFLs?

7. CO: “Smallmouth bass, big problem”??

Can’t see how anyone would ever think smallies ain’t anything but tons o’ fun, but that headline is talkin’ ’bout gettin’ rid of smallies in CO in case they eat the endangered bonytail chub. Pretty sure they’d rather eat crawfish but….

8. AZ: New take vets bassin’ tourney comin’ to Bartlett.

Aug 25.

9. New Ranger Z521L rated to 300 hp.

Top speed: 45 mph.

HAHAHA Ranger peeps!

10. NY: Asian carp can move through the salt?

Sounds like just a theory so far, surely hope not:

> “The carp seem to have gotten in by swimming in from the ocean and up Mecox Bay, to then pass under the Montauk Highway bridge just to the west of town.”

11. Costa partners with beer company.

Supposedly for a “kick plastic” deal, but man — so many of the accidents and fatalities I read about in boating have to do with alcohol. Nothin’ wrong with a brewskie but never on the water.

12. DC: New US Fish and Wildlife director.

Info doesn’t say whether she hunts or fishes, which probly means she doesn’t….

Tip of the Day

How Johnny Crews flips heavy wood.

From the fine folks at Bass Angler Mag:

> “…heavy wood…the nastiest, heavy wood you can find, like a thick fallen tree. The bass will go into the deepest, darkest spot of that submerged tree.

> “If…you catch 1 or 2 or a few fish, you will find the key depth. Then, you can eliminate the wood in deeper or shallower areas. The fish will tell you how deep you should be.”

> “I use a Missile Baits D-Bomb or a Missile Craw. There’s a distinctive shape and fall and action for these baits. They were developed this way. I use the D-Bomb for a bigger profile. It has more water displacement and a straight fall.

> “…the Craw…is thinner with a smaller profile. That makes it fall faster with more of a darting action and a different look on the bottom. Sometimes that is the fish’s preference.”

> …action and fall rate are more important than the color of the bait [so] Crews keeps his color choices basic…red around the spawn, natural shades on sunny days and darker ones in off-colored water. If he finds he is getting bit but they’re not holding on, he suggests adjusting the color or adding scent.

> …1/4- to 3/4-oz depending on how thick the cover is. “The fall rate can make a big difference,” he noted. He prefers flat black weights.

> “…the bait will take the path of least resistance. Pitch it out there in the heavy wood and the fish will find it. Don’t get in a hurry.

> “You don’t need to set the hook and land the fish in one motion. You need to give them a 2-second count before you give them a good, hard hookset and then hold on. They’ll find their way out. They will follow the line and then you can guide them out.”

He makes it sound so easy….

Quote of the Day

“I don’t even throw shakey heads at all.”

– Hahaha! Cliff Crochet showin’ his Cajun bassin’ roots, talkin’ at me at ICAST. Love it man! He had a stache there too:

Shot of the Day

@MercuryMarine shot I can understand but still makes me nervous lookin’ at it — the dude, not the motor:


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