Cox winning deets, Crazy boat crash vid, Hite spring JackHammer tips

Hope ya enjoyed the Dr. Seuss pre-spawn special issues! Jig ‘n bladed jig stuff is coming…so much I wanna do, just gotta get my head around it.


Today is 3.16. Even if you’re not a Jesus-follower, you probly know the verse John 3:16 because so many folks have held up signs with it at sports events:


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”


That’s Jesus talking…about Himself! One of many, many amazing things He said (they were all amazing). Anyhow, in case you think all this stuff is boring or whatever, check this – a story in the Bible where Jesus makes Peter fish for money! Matthew 17:24-27 – for real:


When they came to Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma [temple] tax went up to Peter and said, “Does your teacher not pay the tax?” He said, “Yes.” And when he came into the house, Jesus spoke to him first, saying, “What do you think, Simon? From whom do kings of the earth take toll or tax? From their sons or from others?” And when he said, “From others,” Jesus said to him, “Then the sons are free. However, not to give offense to them, go to the sea and cast a hook and take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth you will find a shekel. Take that and give it to them for me and for yourself.”


Hahaha amazing! I think a few deals about that:


1. Jesus knew Peter liked to fish, so maybe he did that to give Peter a little fun.

2. Because of that I want to think Jesus was smiling when he said it.

3. How ’bout Peter’s faith – okay I’m gonna drop a hook from the shore and catch a random fish and it’ll have a coin in its mouth!

4. “Casting a hook” to catch a fish “worth” money is in the Bible!


So great. And on that note, please keep sending up those prayers for Aaron and Trip. Thank you! Let’s git to it:

Today’s Top 4
How John Cox won at Smith Lake.
By now you gotta know John never stops fishing. Heard rumors about the guy sleeping in his boat, tying FG knots blindfolded and never getting haircuts (lol). Anyhow, he ended up winning this’n by 5.5 lbs with really not many bites. Here’s that bait info, all the fishing info is in the BB full pattern rundown:


> 1/2-oz Dirty Jigs Swim Jig (b/b) with a Berkley Powerbait MaxScent Meaty Chunk (b/b flake), 40-lb Berkley X5 Braid, Abu REVO EXD Reel (8.0), 7′ 6″ MH Abu Fantasista Premier Rod.

> “That reel was the deal. I always threw that jig on a 7.3, and it would just wear my arm out. The 8.0 didn’t work me like the 7.3 would’ve…same reel that I throw the Frittside with [slower ratio for the crankl] and I love it. When I started throwing [the 8.0] in practice, the light bulb went off….


> Why tie directly to braid: “I was asking myself that all week. With the water that clear, maybe I needed to throw it on fluoro. I actually rigged one up on fluoro…but when they would eat that thing it was down their throat.


> “MaxScent – I hate to even talk about that. Look how the Flat Worm dominated smallmouth fishing. With that chunk…I saw most of those fish eat the jig [visually], and a lot of times they came from 10′ away and just grabbed the chunk. Normally [if you didn’t see that bite] you’d set the hook and lose your trailer, but I would give them a split second and they would just take the rest of the jig.


> “Once they tasted it, they swallowed that jig. Everyone was fishing the same stuff, and I really think I caught a lot more fish because the MaxScent made ’em take the jig.”


> Electronics did not factor: “…sent me a LiveScope right before I left…left it in the back seat of the truck…. I actually turned off my units the first morning – the water temp was so cold I was afraid to see what it was. When I turned it on mid-day, it was 55 and I was like, Oh my gosh I’m so glad I had no idea all morning how cold it was.”


> “Battle Born batteries – when I’m covering water I feel like the trolling motor performance is so much better…full power all day. It doesn’t slow down like lead ones would later in the day.”

5 Qs with the hammer.
1. How much credit do you give to your dreds?


> “I’ll just say I’m probably not gonna cut my hair anytime soon.”


[Asked him about Dave Mercer’s push for corn rows, he said, “I don’t know.”]

2. If you’re fishing so much there’s no time to get a haircut, is that a bad sign or a good sign?


> “That’s a good sign I think. When I’m fishing, it’s always a good thing. I don’t know what else I would do every day.”


3. Are you familiar with a concept called “free time”?


> “No what’s that? [Laughs] This is free time – practice time.”


4. Why do you fish so many tourneys?


> “If I was home right now I’d probably be fishing, after taking the kids to school. I just figured I’d be fishing all the time anyways. And I’m getting older so I might as well jump in as many tournaments as I possibly can.”


5. What’s your favorite bait right now?


> “I am so happy with how well that jig works with that trailer – that right now is my favorite. It’s probably not going to get any use with this tournament here. That’s the same way I was catching them in ’15 before I ran myself over the last day….”


If you don’t remember that, that’s when I think an FLW-given top 10 boat John was driving (observer was Bryan New) suddenly cut to one side, both guys were ejected and then their inflatable PFDs didn’t inflate, which John actually thought was a blessing. John did get injured in that deal, glad they were both okay. Scary deal.


Bonus: Pat “E O” Renwick of CrayStats was in the boat with John today…

…and kinda made John tell me about a couple Smith superstitions – John talkin’:


> “It was pretty bad. Day 2 I parked in the same spot as day 1…got the exact same spot and I thought, It’s fixin’ to go down.


> “Then I ate Chipotle every day, for 6 days straight…. A bowl, white rice, black beans, chicken, queso, hot salsa and cheese. I ate it with the chips – scooped it with the chips. I ate it in the same spot every day, in the parking lot in my truck.”


Asked if he’s always superstitious and he said no:

Insane Smith Lake boat crash vid.
Not sure who or when (this weekend?), but glad he’s okay wow . Here’s a peek:
Full vid on YT:
“Jack would lay in his bed… watching Google maps and stuff, trying to find fishing spots.”
– SC’s Lee Hunt, father of Jack who passed Fri night “driving a boat while fishing on Lake Secession and was hit by debris.” Sounds like he was on the Erskine College bass team.


Please pray for Jack’s parents, grandparents and friends. Bless you bassin’ brother.



Alexandria Amphitheater at 5 pm.


2. Win a trip to fish with KVD.


He won’t let you get on the troller, don’t even ask.


3. Skeet Reese gets Luminox watches.


Luminox will also sponsor the Bass Pro Tour for a year. Far as I know, Luminox does not have a yellow watch but maybe that’s about to change…?


4. Matt Lee is running a Falcon.


Was Ranger….


5. MLF Pro Circuiter Kyle Gelles is on BassEdge Radio.


6. AL: John Soukup won the first NPFL.

OK dude led every day (of I believe 3) at Eufaula, AL. Fished a bunch of different jerkbaits (no deets) around wood:


> “Having those different style jerkbaits was key. I had one that would float and I could work it over the top of that shallow brush. I’d pull it down into it, then let it rise. Some of them were deeper brushpiles and that bait would sink down to them before I would even move it. I had one with a bigger bill that would get down into the brush and deflect off the pieces. Then of course that big one I got to go by hovering it above that brush and he came up and got it.”


Can’t link it, at I didn’t catch much of the live stuff and for some reason no Fat Cat, but:


  • I always love listening to David Dudley. To me it’s like watching Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) play guitar – way more AND less is going on than it looks. Don’t know how else to say it…it’s a big compliment, both are great at what they do.


  • Luke Dunkin had one of most incredible insights about LiveScope I’ve ever heard: All the looking down is adding a lotta red to the necks of rednecks. Boom! Takes a true redneck bass-head to come up with that, props to him.


  • Not sure what was happenin’ at that lake, but a few of those guys had more rods on their decks than I even own. Kept expectin’ them to step on ’em or trip over ’em….


7. MLF Pro Circuiter Miles Howe gets auto ‘lectronics company.


> Innova Electronics Corp., a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for the automotive aftermarket….


8. Harris Chain Opens winner’s daughter encouraged him…


…to fish the Opens, said he had the skillz. Love it.


9. New Chatterbait coming!


My bank account is just appreciative it doesn’t start with the word “Jack” – Luke Clausen posted:


> The new @zmanfishingproducts Big Bladed Chatterbait (BBC) designed by @bryanthriftfishing will be out soon!

10. VA: Smith Mntn Lake bass pop is up.


> Overall largemouth bass numbers are up 16%, and bass 18″ or better are up by 38% since 2015.


11. VA, MD and DC have a management plan for Potomac largies.


Note if you catch a tagged bass (can’t link it but at


> …share authority to manage the river system for largemouth bass…jointly collaborating on monitoring and assessing the fishery with an update produced every 3 years. Work begins in March 2021….


> The objective of the new collaboration is twofold: to estimate abundance of largemouth bass in a portion of the river and to develop a joint assessment of the population.


> To help encourage angler participation and reporting, hundreds of bass will be tagged, and anglers who report a tag will be entered into a raffle for small prizes.


Hope they’re looking at ways to get rid of snakeheads too….


12. MT: This fish is officially the new state record smallie.


Caught last Oct by Theron Thompson at Fort Peck Rez, 7.8 lbs, 22″ long, 17.75″ girth – on a 1/4-oz jig I think with a minnow? Tank:

13. TN: Little Pigeon River smallie tourney Jun 5-6.


14. GA HSer gets bassin’ scholly to Emmanuel College.


Benedictine’s John Ortman – congrats! Post says only 17 colleges give bassin’ schollys?


15. HSer is a Clear Lake guide.


Love the work ethic – Josh Adams, a senior at Cloverdale High School:


> “Fishing is my passion and what I love to do,” said Adams, who has maintained a gpa between 4.2 and 4.3 throughout high school.


> When the coronavirus…closed schools and interrupted social activities last year, Adams began to weigh the option of becoming a fishing guide. He was laid off from his job at a hamburger eatery in Cloverdale, another loss from the pandemic.


Josh will go far in life, no doubt.


16. Nominate someone for the bassin’ humanitarian award.


B.A.S.S. and CAST for Kids award.


17. Bassin’ HOF joins up with Bassin’ Archives.


Good! Should be a good thing. My 2c is bassin’ history is VERY important and amazing.


18. Pure Fishing is buying Plano.


Wow that’s an aggressive company. Interesting. Deal is supposed to close in April.


19. New federal kill switch law effective Apr 1.


20. MI DNR is looking for sponsors.


Good idea.


21. FL is spraying Toho this week.


The problem appears to be too many bass…kidding (sorta). FWC is also looking for input on veggy management plans for the Harris and Kissimmee chains and Okeechobee.


22. Corporate marketing site shouts out fishing.


> During lockdown, interest in fishing reached new levels and new demographics as people looked for fresh air, fun and the allure of catching the big one. 3 mil more fishing licenses were sold in the US last year compared to 2019 – this accounted for 40% increase in sales…. And 90% of new anglers say they plan on sticking with the sport.

On right now!


Pre-spawn cranks ‘n gitcha geared up and boat ready!


How John Cox won the Smith Lake MLF Pro Circuit tourney


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Tip of the Day


Ooo I could not wait to read this! From the MLFers site:


> …prefers locations such as the backs of bays or creek arms where fresh spring rains may be entering the lake, offering a little more color to the water. Not dark and muddy….


> “The fresh water coming into the lake, especially in the backs of creeks or bays, will draw fish in. Little secondary points where a creek channel runs against the point is great too.


> “If your lake gets a cold, heavy rain, you don’t want to fish in that area. You need a happy medium. The water shouldn’t be cooling and it should be stained, not muddy. Make a note to yourself, bass don’t like cold muddy water.”


I think Jason Christie and a few other dudes might disagree with that last statement, and I got an issue with this Hite deal too:


> “Those are great areas to use the JackHammer.”


Listen Brett, for once I’m gonna give you a feesh tip my man: EVERYDANGWHERE is a great area to fish a JackHammer hahaha! How you like them apples!!


Says he likes 3 colors in the spring: red, gp and white/shad, 3/8-1/2 oz in grass and up to 3/4-oz in wood. His trailer is always the Zako, man I like the MaxScent Chunks….


Race you to Tackle Warehouse!

Quote of the Day
“Like, I love fishing so much I can’t describe it.”
11-yr-old Heath H. of LA talkin’ – we get it Heath! During the shutdown he started a soft-plastics biz and is doing so well with it he now sponsors his HS’s bassin’ team. How great is that! Here he is doin’ his thing:
Shot of the Day
Pretty sure I’ve never seen a tourney shot like this – cracks me up for some reason. MLF shooter Tyler Brinks at Lake of the Ozarks…which makes sense:
Ya got me!
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