‘Takes the Pricks Out of Fishing’


Couple Outdoor Expo Chuckles

Just about every time I’ve been to an outdoor show/expo, I’ve been workin’ it. So when a bud called and asked if I wanted to go to a an outdoor show here in Jersey last weekend – I think it’s one of the ones Field & Stream just bought – I was like…meh.

But then I figured my son would like it and thought it might be nice to go sorta incognito, so we went.

This was a general outdoor show, so we got the mix of outfitters, retailers and makers of cheese, pickles, jerky, belts, etc. But for some reason we didn’t see many manufacturers.


In fact, didn’t see any until we ran across the MegaStrike booth. That company’s owned by Bobby Uhrig, a fellow Jersey bassin’-head, maker of good stuff that really works and a guy I hadn’t seen in years.

Was told he was at the bass tank doing his thang, so of course I walked over there and heckled him. A little. Didn’t want to set any worse of an example for my son than I already have….

Bobby finally finishes, comes down the ladder and – holy crap, he’s a star, man! People are getting his autograph, taking pics, all kinds of stuff. I was in such shock I forgot to snap a pic of people getting their pics taken with Bobby.

Did he win the Classic or something I’m forgetting?!

Funny moment: Kid about 10 walks up, asks Bobby about fishing one of his baits and about the MegaStrike attractant. Bobby commences to giving the kid a rundown full of terms a NASA scientist wouldn’t even understand. But the kid was listening with such rapt attention I was wondering if I’d lost more brain cells than usual last year.

I’m looking around, wondering if I’m the only dunce in the crowd – but other people’s eyes were glassy too.

Bobby’s a good man, his stuff really works, check it on the webbysite.


Alright, this was a highlight too – because it was freakin’ hilarious! Let’s see if I can do it justice.

We go past a booth with this fishin’ gizmo that…well, I had to see. Because let’s face it: You, like me, have seen it all. It has to be a gen-u-wine new item to get our skeptical bassin’ attention.

So I’m listening to the guy pitching this thing, called the Hook-Eze, and I’m just not getting it. What’s that for now?

The dude being pitched takes off, so the pitcher – guy’s frazzled, last day of the show – turns to us. I guess WTH IS THAT CRAZY THING was tattooed on my forehead because the guy got a little combative – which naturally made my buddy egg him on.

I must’ve sounded even dumber than I felt at Bobby’s 100-letter-word MegaStrike lecture because the guy pitching this thing was getting more and more tense, thanks in part to my bud getting him going. Meanwhile my son’s wondering whether I’m being a jerk to this guy or if he’s being a jerk to me or what.

Finally I got it: This 2-cent piece of plastic invented by an Australian guy is supposed to help you tie knots and carry your rod without hooking yourself. In other words: It holds the hook so you don’t have to. (Even says on the package it’s a safety device for tying swivels. Wow. Must be some sharp swivels down yonder.)

Didn’t get it at first, second, third and fourth because I couldn’t imagine needing a hook cover to tie a knot or transport a rod. Still can’t.

But hey, if the guy sells a zillion to unsuspecting fish-heads – I think it was $7.95?! – well, maybe he’ll save someone’s finger.

I snapped a shot of the thing (above) and walked off while the guy was still talking. Wasn’t the most polite thing I ever did (sorry bud!), but I was in a daze and when it finally clicked what that thing was for, my brain was like, “Bolt!”

My son looked at me kinda worried and said, “Dad, that guy was mad at you.”

Too funny.

Any outdoor show stories, share ’em below.



  1. Scotty Bud Melvin

    January 18, 2012 at 11:29 am

    You didn’t mention my favorite part of this package, right on the front it says “Takes the Pricks out of Fishing”. Priceless.

    • admin (mostly Jay)

      January 18, 2012 at 1:46 pm

      Holy crap, it does! I gotta change the headline….

  2. Jay

    January 19, 2012 at 9:17 pm
    It’s actually not bad for twist knots like the san diego jam, but for $7.95 I keep hanging my scissors on the bottom of the hook bend.

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