Cool stuff from Japan, When to fish big vs small frogs, Greatest bassin tailgate ever?

No pro tourneys last weekend! I mean, I love me some derbies but it was good to have a break…partly so I can finally get some non-tourney stuff in the Blaster. Been savin’ up, hope you dig it too.

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Today’s Top 4

Cool stuff from Japan part 1.

All of this-here stuff’s from @LureNews.

This looks beautiful…and intriguing:

Gitcha lawbstuh on:

Guess if you upsize your spinnerbait trailer, this is what you get — new finesse deal:

Check this look — believe that’s the Zappu Inchi Wacky Head (?) and one of those fat/wide ribbed grub-ish things they fish over there…which for some reason no American company has made yet?

New shape of sinker coming, believe just in Japan for now:

Raise your hand if you’d fish this…yep, didn’t think so except #kpink

Cool stuff from Japan part 2.

Feast your eyes and brain matters on more cool/odd/innerestin’ bassin’ stuff!

What the heck is this spinnerbait/buzz thing? Posted by @imakatsu_info:

The Tickle Sprinkler inventor is workin’ on a new type of bladed jig — which he blurs out in this vid:

Check these new Japan colors — post. Does plaid = scales?

@decadeworks_kasai matte purple reel. Hot or not? I dig it…but prolly wouldn’t use it:

“I can’t believe I won the Bassmaster Classic. I don’t win tournaments very often.”

– HILARIOUS quote by Randy “ol’ flat top” Howell when he won the ’14 Classic at Lake Guntersville, which is where next year’s Classic will be.

So how DID he win that one? Well, here’s a quick peek from a video about that victory — video never got done but clips could be on YouTube somewhere:

Yep, that’s who you think it is. No idea how Randy got to be friends with him and not sure if Trip would say that type of info is legal, but guess it’s too late now….

Btw if the “AL angler wins an AL Classic” thing continues, next year’s Elitist candidates could be: Scott Canterbury, Clent Davis, Matt Herren, Kelley Jaye, Steve Kennedy and Bill Weidler.

No this ain’t Greg Hackney’s truck…

…but it oughta be:

OUTSTANDING — and slightly disturbing — tailgate. Bet the wife loved it.

Anyhow, not Hack’s truck BUT he does have this painting in his man cave, and swears it’s based on an experience he and James Overstreet had somewhere in OK. Asked JO about it and he said, “Bro, don’t ever ask me about that deal again, can’t talk about it.” So I was like, “Okay.”

Btw truck shot was posted by Clark Reehm — good eye man!


1. Win a bassin’ trip with Justin Lucas.

If you win and you’re smart, you’ll ask a million questions while you’re out there with him cuz he knows him some stuff yo!

2. Win a bassin’ trip with Elitist David “Doomsday” Mullins.

Plus a PILE o’ stuff…. Same deal with Mullins — get him talkin’!

3. John Crews auctioning off his autism sneaks.

Crews verified that they do come with a wee bit ‘o stank, but I believe it’s the same stank — or close to it — that’s in all Missile Baits so….

Yep, the kicks are signed by Hartwell champ Brandon Cobb, who may or may not have held his nose while signin’ (heehee!).

4. Edwin Evers has fished the final rounds of all 4 BPTs.

Only dude to do so — Marty Stone said:

> Edwin’s mind is better than ever right now. And he’s done such a great job of taking care of his body.

Whoa EASY there Stone…HAHAHAHA! Dang that sounded funny…to me anyhow. Seriously tho, Edwin’s really a-feeshn crazy good, congrats EE!

5. Read this: Zona talkin’ ’bout Elite rookie Derek Hudnall.

Too much to excerpt, worth a full read fo sho.

6. MLF BPT vid recaps.

7. David Dudley demonstrates proper fish handling.

He 100% cray. Dude cracks me up….

8. Boyd Duckett clarifies the “no working the Classic” thing…

…for MLF BPT pros. Following are all highly interesting statements, Boyd talkin’ to Bassin’Fan — parenths are BassFan’s:

> “Our strongest assets are our players and there’s no value to MLF for them to be at the Bassmaster Classic. (That stance) isn’t anti-B.A.S.S. — that’s a bad perception that’s out there. It’s positive toward MLF.

> “I knew this would create a mess at first, but the world has got to realize that all our guys are on one team and our team’s job is to grow MLF, not B.A.S.S. or FLW or anybody else. With the sponsors, it’s really a risk-tolerance issue, and obviously we need them and they need us. If we have to slow-walk them through this to keep their comfort level up, we’ll do so. We’re here to help them and if they need us at the Classic next year, we’ll be at the Classic.”

> “It doesn’t take from 1969 to now to do what B.A.S.S. has done — it only takes that long if you move at a snail’s pace. I don’t move at a snail’s pace…. This thing (MLF and the inaugural season of the BPT) is tracking pretty good and people should be getting on the train to help us.”

9. LA releases 1.8mil FL bass fry…

…in Lake Dauterive-Fausse Pointe, which I’m gonna call Doe-Foe-Poe:

> If 7%, the high end of a state biologist’s projected mortality rate, of those 1.8 mil fry survive…126,000 FL bass will be in the…fishery.

10. IL: 4 arrested for the unlawful taking of 114 bass.

> Officials said the value of the bass is $456 according to statute.

Doesn’t sound like near enough. When was that statute written? Does it account for “recreational value” or something like that?

11. Susquehanna River issues related to high pH?

High pH means more alkaline, less acidic, which the post says is:

> “…consistent with the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) goal to reduce nutrients and sediment.”

Way I read it, pollution is the main issue, which is causing secondary issues like high pH and diseases like Largemouth Bass Virus…which does affect smallmouths.

12. BUFF sponsoring Bass Pro Shops collegiate trail.

Check the new CoolNet UV+ BUFFs at the TW. If you wear a BUFF — which you do cuz you’re cool (hahaha!) and sun-smart — hear these are the best ones ever.

13. AL: 10th graders rescue competitors at Pickwick.

> Garrett Howington and Issac Darden…both 10th-graders at Sardis High School, dropped their fishing rods to rescue another fishing team from Arab High School whose boat began sinking in Cypress Creek on Pickwick Lake.

Way to go, glad everyone was okay.

14. AL HSer gets fishing scholly to Blue Mountain College…

…in MS. Too cool. Gotta point out she’s a gal, which kinda makes it 2x cooler!

15. Seaguar InvizX fluoro is in 600-yd spools now.

Save you some $$ AND fool you some more fish. Sick line — you can tell by how BPTer James Elam orders it:

16. Tightlines UV sued Pure Fishing.

> The patent relates to the manufacturing process Tightlines uses to incorporate reflective properties into its baits.

17. Registration for first FLW yak derby now open.

At Nickajack Lake, TN, May 4-5.

18. MN county stops required boat inspection program.

For aquatic invasives. Will now go back to random checks.

19. PA getting a month more rain a year…

…and probly other eastern states too:

> “…we average about 3.5″ of rain more per year than we did when reliable weather records began in the region [1890s]. To put that into perspective, that’s about an additional month’s worth of rain per year, on average, compared to the late 1800s.”

Suggestion: To take most advantage of this new weather pattern, stock more bass.

20. The Bass Pastor is rafflin’ off another boat!

> Wellspoken Ministries is raising money by giving away a Fully Rigged 2019 Nitro Z-18 bass boat. 100% of the proceeds go for this ministry.

> Everyone who buys a ticket within the first 7 days will be entered into an additional drawing for a Lowrance Hook HDI Depth finder.

Tickets are $100, get ’em at Chris and his posse are good people man.

Line of the Day

…pulled an 8.13-lb bass and 19 lbs of stringers to take 1st place….

Stringers for sure can be heavy:

Fave Easter posts

Lots of good bassin’ ones on the Insta, here are my 2 faves cuz I don’t think they were altered — meaning the pics, not the words:


Tip of the Day

Jason Christie: When to ToadRunner vs ToadRunner Jr.

Yep this is the bait like the Tickler Sprinkler, but it’s different, and the new Jr flavor is somethin’ I’ll personally be a-throwin’ ALL DAY LONG cuz: fun topwater + bass + no MSG = all-natural mouth-waterin’ deal:

Legs come already trimmed, check both sizes on Tackle Warehouse — and check this action:

Full ToadRunner Jr vid here.

Quote of the Day

“The fish don’t care how big I am or how fast I can throw a baseball.”

Matty Lee talkin’ in an MLF post, but not sure how legit that statement is cuz the post seems to have errors. First of all, says Matt is now 30 years old which can’t be right — unless maybe he got outta college at 27? And second, it says his dad, name of Bruce Lee, is a veterinarian…but we all know that Bruce Lee is one of the GREATEST KARATE MASTERS ever, even better than Rick Clunn. So the whole deal is sketchy…

…even though it looks like there actually may be a way to combine karate and animals:

Anyhow, if Matt’s not boatin’ ’em, maybe the fish do care about baseball? I mean, how would we ever know?

Shot of the Day

Very cool @silocreativeco shot. Don’t know who that is (I don’t think?), but some good stuff on that Insta page:


Just in case you think we’re the baddest fish-extractors out there, check this:

> Rather than ripping their prey apart, it seems that orcas can extract [great white] livers with surprising finesse, despite lacking arms and hands. No one has observed their technique, but the wounds on otherwise intact carcasses suggest that they bite their victims near their pectoral fins and then squeeze the liver out through the wounds. “It’s like squeezing toothpaste….”

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