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A Cool Fast Froggin’ Story

Gotta share this one, sent to me by a well-known fishin’-industry dude after seeing yesterday’s fast-froggin’ post. Names of the innocent are withheld, this being bassin’ and thus worse than a knitting convention. Here goes:

Little story for you…

Spring of [year] I was at Clear Lake for a [photo] shoot, and one of the boat drivers was [name withheld] who I was told later is [a well-known] frog guy in California. I didn’t know him but he was a good cat.

We were way, way in the back of [a creek]. While another guy was shooting photos, I said that the shoreline looked fantastic for frogging. [Name withheld] said it was still “too early” for frogs. I said it’s never too early for ‘em in my book, unless there’s ice on the water.

He whips out a rod with a  black-yellow frog and tells me to have at it, kind of like: Well, go ahead but you’re wasting your time.

I fired a cast. He said he was surprised at how fast I was working the frog. This was a Snag Proof and I was making it hum across the slop by some bushes.

“We work ours really, really slow,” he said. Told him I work from fast to slow, trying to get the reaction first on the fast retrieve.

Monster blowup and I missed it. Fired in there again. Monster blowup and I missed it. He was shocked.

[Name withheld] and his partner went back there a few days later and in a 2-day tournament had something like 50+ pounds on the frog. Blew everyone away. First day was something like 30 pounds on the fast retrieve. Second day they wanted it slower.

Speed up, dude. Speed kills.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Voog

    June 7, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    “Too Cold”……. unnnh , yeah. Thanks for your entry fee.

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