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Today’s Top 5

Dustin Connell’s Ross Barnett winning baits.

Dude’s harder to get ahold of than Trump, but here you go. Accordin’ to the Bassin’Fan, he fished up the Pearl River, “overhanging trees with limbs and branches in the water…also deep laydowns with mats that fish would congregate under…some water was 15′ and some was 2’….” Fished moved vertically with the weather.

> 3/8-oz 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig (sexified shad) and Netbait Baby Paca Craw (pearl).

> 1.5-oz tungsten weight, punch skirt (looks like a Paycheck Punch Skirt in “tax man”), 4″ Netbait Paca Slim (Okeechobee craw), Owner Jungle Flipping Hook.

> Also frogged it a little with a SPRO Bronzeye 65 (midnight walker).

Chick Costa baits breakdown.

Bama boy W-squared — William Weidler — crushed the Chickamauga, TN Costa when his pattern held up from the Bassmaster Open there (where he finished 6th):

> “I knew that shortly after the spawn the big females will feed heavily, and a lot of times they’ll hang around bluegill beds, and that’s where I caught all my fish — either in transition areas leaving spawning bays or around bluegill beds.”

Caught ’em with a Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig (b/b) with an H&H Lures Swamp Frog (feet dyed blue):

Here’s how the Top 10 break down bait-wise. Nothing much dominated, but you could put swim-jigs, jigs and a couple other things in about the same category:

Swim-jig, Jig, Vibrating jig = 20% each — No-Jack Swim Jig used by winner and 4th…Taylor Ashley, the rookie who won this year’s Okee FLW…and couldn’t decide what color earrings to wear lol:

2nd (Barry Wilson) fished a 1/2-oz Strike King Pure Poison vibe jig with 5″ YUM Pulse swimbait:

Also check this crazy trailer on Anthony Ford’s (10th) vibrating jig. Anyone know what it is?

Looks like an elephant fish:

Crankbait, Wobble-head, Underspin, Spinnerbait = 10% each

Check Brent Butler’s (5th) custom Strike King 6XD, painted by Bushwhacker Custom Baits:

Let’s help Guido.

You probly saw this already somewhere because a lot of folks are getting behind it, but putting it here in the top 5 anyway cuz it’s that important. Bottom line: Guido Hibdon, who whether you realize it or not has taught you something about how to catch a bass, needs some $$ help related to cancer treatments. If you have a buck or 2 to send his way, great. If not, please pray for him and the fam.

Don’t hold it against Guido that he likes to sit in the boat and wimp-stick it…lol. He’s Guido Hibdon — he can do what he wants!

Flooded out at the Niagara River.

So I head up to the Niagara River for the annual smallie whack-fest and:

> The water on the Niagara River is higher than guide Frank Campbell has seen it in 35 dang years. And it was like coffee with cream.

> So much runoff from so much rain that it has changed the color AND raised the water level of at least two of the Great Lakes (Ontario and Erie). Think about that — that’s a TON of water and mud mang!

> Plus it was colder than usual, so water temps were down from the week before.

Any one of those factors would’ve made catching smallmouths tough. All of ’em = not great.

A few what I call “village idiots” (luck fish) were reeled in, but only a few, like this one, a 5-02. That’s Jeff from Seaguar’s fish and Frank (left):

My big catch, hooked in the mouth on a 3.5″ Strike King Coffee Tube (dark melon goby), was this:

That’s like 16″ long — the biggest dang shad I’ve ever seen…but so friggin’ what! Only other fish I caught was even more disappointing than that one: a wally-eye. BUT I did get some a-learnin’ about how to catch Great Lakes smalls, which you can see on including this vid:

Even wore my rad smallie UV BUFF and no suerte:

Crazy happy fun time Japanese bassin’ battle art.

Gojira Larry vs bass-head:


1. Chapman cracks “Joe” on the head.

From a Pro vs Joe episode:

2. Chris Lane Fish Camp for kids at Gville May 27.

3. JLee on BassEdge Radio.

4. Christie’s lunker rod/reel auctioned off for $3K.

He kept the BOOYAH spinnerbait that was tied onto it…which any bass-head would do!

5. Niggemeyer giving away some baits.

6. Z says Trip Weldon is the principal of the Elite Series.

Only question that remains is whether the Elites are elementary school, middle school or high school. Not sure, but this was backstage at the Barnett Elite:

7. B.A.S.S. gets Shell Rotella.

I think I had some of those with red sauce last night….

8. Bass Pro Shops sponsoring FLW HS derbies.

Interesting for 2 reasons: 1) In the past I gotta think Wally-Mart wouldn’t have been cool with that; 2) BPS has been a big-time B.A.S.S. sponsor and is now helping a competitor.

I’m like:

And B.A.S.S. be like this to BPS:

9. AR: MLFers at Hot Springs.

10. GA: New state bass slam.

Need 5 of GA’s 10 bass species?? Largemouth, smallmouth, shoal, Suwannee, spotted, redeye, Chattahoochee, Tallapoosa, Altamaha and Bartram’s. Ooooooookaaaaaaay:

11. AL: Dude cited for bowfishing a largie.

All he needed was a frog….

12. MN hyping the upper MS River.

Pretty sure this is happening because everyone there is now on the Seth Feider Mntn Dew diet.

13. FL: Apopka no longer the Apopka-lypse?

14. Kistler looking for 35 pro staffers.


15. Lowrance disses Garmin in this vid.

Innerestin’. Would love to see a side by side vid of all major electronic units mapping the same structure. Anyone want to tackle that?

16. Gander Mntn is liquidating inventory.

Maybe gitcha a deal. More info on the acquisition here. Sounds like turnaround specialist Marcus Lemonis is planning to operate company and keep the brand — this link is an informative vid from Marcus. Says 70-75 stores will reopen.

17. DC: Just say no to more E15 fuel.

Couple clicks and you’re done — I did it. #ethanolsux

18. Northeast: BAD new tick disease can be fatal.

Fatal?? Dang. Had Lyme twice, do not recommend anything tick-related.

19. Outdoor rec = $887 bil in annual spending.

Stupidly big #, not just fish/hunt. Not as much as our gov’t owes China tho….

Headline of the Day

Largemouth bass fishing with Larry Large

There’s a guide on Fork named Larry Large?? Awesome!

Tip of the Day

How to fish underspins shallow.

Ain’t just for ledges, nuh-uh. FLWer Terry Bolton takes you through how he fishes ’em shallow, including in rivers. Kind of an alternate, sexier look than a spinnerbait:

His rig is a VMC Spin Jig, Zoom Fluke, 7′ Lew’s MH rod, 7:1 Lew’s Team Lite Speed Spool Reel, 14-lb Sufix Fluoro.

Quote of the Day

I’m just really excited to get the opportunity to go fishing out every single day get paid to go do it.

– ID kid who got a scholarship to Bethel U in TN. Very cool but…sounds like he has a slightly mistaken understanding of what college is like. If not, I need to go back to school. I picture it like this, with a dock in the back:

Shot of the Day

Shweet shot:

Looks like a Roman Made Mother — just $440!!


Guinness stops using fish bladders

Assuming this is legit, goes a loooooooong way to ‘splainin’ why Guiness has always been “the” #stout HAHAHA!
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