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Today’s Top 5

It’s going to be like (fishing in) a washing machine.

KVD talkin’ Conroe + spectator boats:

> “The biggest challenge here — if you’re doing well — is to manage your spectators. Conroe has got seawalls around 3/4 of it, especially on the lower end.

> “If you come to a creek and there are 40 or 50 people following you, then the boat wakes (are going to) keep going and going forever.

> “(Many of the) fish are shallow and it will stir things up. That’s something that a lot of the rookies aren’t really going to understand or (be able to) balance. You’re not going to be able to have a topwater pattern in the morning and run any place that has seawalls because it’s going to be like (fishing in) a washing machine.”

Here’s Ike day 2 at the 2013 Classic fishing docks in a creek — yikes:

…your best vantage point and certainly the safest because you’re out of the elements.

Trip “don’t mess with me” Weldon talkin’ ’bout watching the Classic on the Live vid stream instead of being out on the lake…because it’s safer:

> “Safety is always our primary concern for any event.”

No doubt Conroe will be a circus, but here’s the real reason Trip wants everyone off the water:

Trip is a Pokemon Go ADDICT, mang!

Okay, don’t know that for a fact but will keep a close eye on him while I’m there….

Expect to see prototype baits.

In the past, Classics lotsa times were won on “prototype baits” — which usually meant “someone else’s bait but the company I’m sponsored by will come out with a similar one soon.” No secret there, but the whole cameras in the boats thing has changed that. So:

> A bunch of new/announced and new/not yet announced baits will be fished in this Classic…unless they’re not working well, of course.

> From what I’ve seen and heard, you can’t wait to find out about some of ’em.

> None of the ones I’ve heard about are topwaters…but who knows how things’ll shake out, especially if the shad spawn is happening.

Maybe not this one tho:

Btw, ‘ccordin’ to this Ken Dukeness, looks like crankbaits and Strike King account for the most Classic wins. If that’s not in the Keith Combs sweet spot don’t know what is…but there’s this KVD guy too, and others fer sher can crank….

Something about brushpiles has me thinkin’ jigs tho….

Classic stuff you haven’t heard about yet.

All 100% true I swear:

Combs said he had an advantage over the other guys because of his practice rig:

Word is Tak Omori hired these guys to guard his spots (not the first time either):

Bowman and Stevie Wright got their new Bassin’master blogging rig — Overstreet traded it to them for a can of Hormel chili, two toothpicks, a miniature Arkanasas Razorbacks football helmet and a vintage Cotton Cordell Big O:

Rest of the B.A.S.S. staff will be doin’ a pumpkin boat race at the day 1 launch. Pictured are Bassin’’s Jim Sexton in the Cap’n Crunch getup, also Chris Mitchell and Bryan Brasher and you kin just barely see Phil Lawless:

Just got word that Jerry McKinnis got the Avengers to make a special appearance!

Can’t put my finger on why exactly, but wonderin’ if Jerry got fooled on that one….

Did this guy lose a tourney??

Or maybe a 25-lber? Either way, guess he was ticked enough to not go back and get his boat:


1. St. Croix Rods rep needs help.

Dave Colley has stage 4 stomach cancer, and chemo treatments have created a big financial burden for his family. If you can help, please hit the GoFundMe account here. If you pray, please send a few his way.

Long-time Seaguar VP passed away after a long bout with cancer. RIP fishin’ brother.

3. Final day of practice with Combs.

Question for ya: If you were the fave at the Classic and knew you’d be in a photo gallery published before the Classic, would you fish the baits and spots you planned on fishing in the Classic?

Keith just got Old Town canoes/kayaks….

4. How Alton Jones (Al Sr) sizes up the Classic.

> “The lake is going to fish small because it is small, so it will be imperative to do whatever you are doing better than the next guy,” said Jones, the winner of six B.A.S.S. events.

> “I suspect the winner of this event will catch two or three 8-lbers throughout the week.

> “This will not be a total post-spawn event…I think it’s possible that we will have another wave of females push in (to spawn) during the tournament.

> “The spawn bite is not a sight fishing bite as the water is not that clean.”

> “There’s a shad spawn going on now for about an hour each morning and that may be the best window to get a good foundation for your day.

> “The fish have been getting a lot of pressure for the past few weeks. Even during our practice you had to work your way around local anglers in every area.

> “Getting 20 lbs a day will be very strong, and I predict 64 lbs to win it all.”

5. Elitist Skylar Hamilton running tin boat in Classic.

Xpress Xclusive Series X21, same boat he runs on the Elites. #tinboatmafia

6. Big storm coming day 1 at Conroe?

7. Did you know factoids about Conroe.

> Doesn’t have grass — Why: grass carp and herbicides…and locals wanted the hydrilla out. So it could fish more like a highland rez than a lowland one, especially if the fish are post-spawn like they’re supposed to be.

> 17 ShareLunkers came outta there = 13+ lb fish = stout!

8. Check Yusuke Miyazaki’s new Swish Bait (vid).

A topwater rip-bait?

9. VA: Shearon Harris dude wins Smith Mntn BFL.

One-half the team that slayed the 40+ lb sacks at Shearon racked a win at Stingy Mountain Lake (lol):

> …found an area where big females were staging for the spawn…with a gp Dave’s Tournament Tackle football jig with a Dave’s Tournament Tackle Sweet Tail Craw (gp)….

10. Ya miss me on Stray Casts last night?

Talkin’ Classic, showin’ off a Hot Wheels…. Check it here.

11. Gitcha limited run StutterStep 4.0s afore they’re gone!

Smaller 4″ size, 3D printed (a first to sell #D print baits for sale I believe?), limited number, Tackle Warehouse only:

12. Check these limited-time Seaguar promos.

> Mark Rose got us a deal on TATSU fluoro! Buy 2 spools and get 2 free. Click the pic for the deets:

> Bassmaster Classic apparel promotion — code is Classic2017:

13. TX: Locals don’t want border wall around Falcon.

> “If a wall were built and we would somehow lose access to the lake, it would decimate our economy.”

14. GA: First college gals fishing team in FLW College Championship.

Love it. #girlpower

15. TN: Shelby Forest ramp might be closed.

On Mississippi River.

16. 6 new Bassin’ Cat dealers.

1. Century Marine, Mesa, AZ
2. Tycoon Motorsports, Kingston, OK
3. Limit Out Performance Marine, Inc., Pacific, WA
4. Helm Marine, Aberdeen, SD
5. Wood Boat & Motor, Inc., Warwick, RI
6. Taylor’s South Shore Marina, Wilmington, OH

17. I’m takin’ one o’ these to the Classic.

Guess which:

Mentioning for 3 reasons:

1. Kinda stoked about it. If you travel a bunch, like I do, what you carry makes a difference. Plus the whole grey/metallic orange thing looks cool…which is important yo!

2. Also has a bagnin’ name: the Bounty Hunter, like:

3. Here’s the deal with Simms stuff: It’s good. I don’t love it all, but the Simms stuff I like I wear literally all the time. Like the Westshore flops — magic cuz my feet never get tired in ’em — and the Axis Hoody…which costs 2 HUNNERT DOLLARS but in cool weather I almost never take it off. My wife says it smells cuz I don’t top wearing it long enough to wash it…. (TMI, sorry)

Quote 1 o’ the Day

It’s like watching your best friend kiss your girlfriend in 8th grade.

– Only one bass fisherman on Earth could come up with that: G-man…talkin’ not makin’ the Classic, from a cool vid Minn Kota put together. Has Combs too:

Seein’ me some “powder blue back chartreuse” there!

Quote 2 o’ the Day

It would probably trigger an endorphin or something in my brain that could shift all of my momentum for the season.

Aaron Martens talkin’ ’bout eating one — just one! — Dorito.

Okay no, he’s talkin’ ’bout if he wins the Classic. If so guess he’d be all like:

Shot of the Day

This is an actual Classic winner photo (Rayo Breckenridge, ’73)…and I’d personally love it if it was recreated on stage this weekend — talkin’ to you Mercer! Already got the okay from Jerry and Trip…seriously man, go for it!


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