We Need To Break This Record Too

Yes those are all bass ( photo).

Can we get some records here fellas?

We recently wrote about the “world’s biggest” fishing tourney, officially certified by the Guinness folks. It was a toothy-critter (walleye) tourney, and we have been assured that several bass derbies would beat that boat count hands down.

Now I read about 382 sailfish being caught in the Stuart Sailfish Club’s 44th annual Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament in Florida. “It went into the record books as perhaps the most storied day in tournament sailfishing history.

“The numbers still amaze anyone who has ever caught and released a majestic sailfish. The tournament fleet racked up 382 sailfish that single day. A dozen boats had 15 or more catches each. Angler Joe Lehner fishing solo aboard Bone Shaker in the tournament’s individual division led the entire fleet with 22 sailfish releases.”

Big deal.

Will someone please get on the phone to the Guinness folks and get them to certify in 2011 one or two bass fishing derbies as having the most boats and most fish caught of any fishing tourney? Bassers need to claim their titles….

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BobbyJ

    December 16, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    The thing about the Guinness records is that someone has to apply for the record. They don’t go around looking for the biggest this and the longest that (otherwise I’d be chasing them off my lawn all the time). Someone applies, Guinness then just “certifies” it.

    Most of their “records” should really be something along the lines of “Biggest Fishing Tournament That Ever Sent Us an Application Form”.

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