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Bonus Stuff at the Classic!!

Brought at ya by your friendly neighborhood Bassin’Blaster, for folks who will be attendin’ this week’s Bassmaster Classic:

1. PhotoBlast the Classic!

Check this:


That’s about $500 worth of BOOYAH and YUM stuff!! All you have to do is:

1. Post at least one pic or SHORT vid from the Classic. Must be funny!
2. You gotta be in it or part of it (vid).
3. ONLY show floor or weigh-in stuff. NO SHOTS from on the water. Not down with disturbing the competitors or anything unsafe. Repeat: NO SHOTS on the water or docks.
4. NO STUNTS or anything to embarrass anyone. Please DO NOT do anything dumb or dangerous. C’mon man. Looking for funny and/or enthusiastic, that’s it.
5. Post it to Insta or FB and tag it @bassblaster (@jay kumar’s bassblaster on FB), @booyah_baits and @yum_baits, and hashtag it #bassblaster.

I will choose a winner. Reminders 2:

> I’ll be at the Classic. Extra points if you find me and get a pic.

> Extra points if you get an Elitist at the show to do/say something. Tell ’em it’s for a Blaster contest.

2. Gitcha a FREE Rapala hat!

While y’all is stoppin’ by the Rapala/Guy Harvey booth (#2413) for some great blow-out deals on Rapala tees, hoodies and such, say “BassBlaster” to someone there who looks official and word is you’ll get one o’ these Rapala hats — free! While supplies last….


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