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Bobby Lane’s 4th-place Ross Barnett baits/pattern

Bobby Lane said he felt like he was fishing Florida at the Ross Barnett Bassmaster Elite. And since he’s from Florida, he felt comfortable and banged out a 4th-place finish during one of the toughest events so far. Storms, fronts and wind were more normal than not. Not a problem for Bobby.

> “The key was fishing something close to a channel that had deeper water where fish could move up in the mornings and feed on shad. …deeper water closer to the bank that had pond weed, grass, lily pads. Fish moved in and out….

> “About 9:00-10:00 my swimjig bite would go away, so then I really started picking stuff apart with the flip stick.

> “You had to slow down and pick everything apart. Guys were just pounding areas. They were pitching to what they saw, but if you slowed down and picked it part, you realized more fish were in the area than you thought. So instead of 1 pitch to a bush, I’d put the Power-Poles down and make 5-6 pitches to one side of it, then I’d move to the other side do the same thing. It worked — typical Florida fishing.” [He noted that Barnett has Florida-strain bass.]

> He had 3-4 areas, all on the right side of the lake within 3 miles of the 43 bridge.


He cycled through these baits:

> 3/8-oz 4×4 Swim Jig (white) with a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss Jr (white), 7′ 3″ MH Abu Premier rod.

> When windy: 1-oz and 3/4-oz 4×4 Bobby Lane Signature Jig (b/b) with Pit Boss (junebug/claws dipped chartreuse with JJ’s Magic), 7′ 9″ Abu Veracity rod.

> Flipped a Pit Boss (dipped chartreuse) on a 4/0 or 5/0 Trokar TK 135 hook, various Flat Out Tungsten weights as high as 1.25-oz depending on the wind.

> Also flipped a Berkley Bottom Hopper (junebug) day 4. “They wanted something without action — the bite was very tough.” Fished with a 4/0 TK 135 hook, 3/8-oz Flat Out Tungsten weight, and downsized from 65- to 50-lb Spiderwire because it wasn’t as affected by the wind. 7′ 6″ H Abu Villain rod.

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