Blimps of the week, More pro tourney baits, Best topwater rods are…?

Quick note about winning and high-placing baits — whatever I get, you see. If it ain’t here, I didn’t get it. In other words, whether you see a guy’s baits in here has nothing to do with me, and either way all good. Hopefully that was clear all along….

Sooooo many tourneys this year, so lots o’ tourney baits lately. Will finally be gettin’ into some cool new stuff next week so be lookin’ forward to it!

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Today’s Top 5

Blimped up melons of the week!

Gitcha howgs fix, start the weekend off right!

TX HS basser Chase W landed this 11.4 at Alvarado Park Lake after decidin’ NOT to hit the vid-game console and instead hit the lake with his dad — ALWAYS a good decision!

John Reber,caught this 11.14-lb full-growed melon (24.5″ long, 19.5″ around) in the Toledo Bend Open Shoot Out on a 6″ YUM Dinger (b/b). LA Sportsman added: “Near the same spot later, he caught a 9.5-lber on a frog….” Yep, he won the derby — heck of a day mang!

‘Nother howg on a Lunkerhunt frowg vid — amazes me how far back to the boat the strikes can come on their frogs:

Gotta include this Lake Lena, FL bluegill, that WILL be drafted by the NY Football Giants this year — dang lookit that thing!

More Chickamauga BPT baits.

2nd: Jared Lintner

> Fished creek channels, pockets, laydowns and rocks, 2-8′.

> Power shot: 6″ Roboworm Fat (Aarons magic and morning Dawn, 3/0 straight shank Trokar Hook, 1/4-oz Eco Pro Full Contact Drop Shot Weight, 14-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro, Shimano Metanium HG Reel, 7′ 5″ MH Ritual Angling Rod.
> Ned: Roboworm Ned Worm (Aarons magic), 1/8-oz Trokar Ned Head, 12-lb Sunline SX1 braid to an 8-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro, Shimano Exsence 3000 Spinning Reel, 7′ 1″ M Ritual Angling Spinning Rod.
> Wacky: Zoom Trick Worm, 1/0 Trokar straight shank Finesse Hook, same spinning setup.
> Neko: 5.8 Jackall Neko Flick Worm (gp), 1/32-oz Eco Pro Nail Weight, new Trokar TK 137 Pro V Hook, 12-lb Sunline Shooter, Shimano Metanium HG Reel, 7′ 5″ M Ritual Angling Rod.

3rd: Todd Faircloth

> “Also caught a few on wacky-rigged Strike King Finesse Worm (gp) and a Strike King 1.5 squarebill (TN shad). Primarily wood laydowns in 1-3′ but the ones I caught on the squarebill came off rock.

> “Intentionally targeted the more stained water the last 2 days, up the river. Not as much pressure there.”

4th: Jacob Powroznik

> “Livingston Walk n Pop 67 (shad) and a V&M Trickster Worm (gp violet), same rod and line as [when he won]. That’s all I threw.”

Believe that’s a Quantum Smoke Rod, Quantum Smoke S3 Reel and Hi-Seas fluoro.

5th: Mike Iaconelli

> “I caught 80% on a generic shad-color squarebill and the Rapala BX Brat (pearl grey shiner). I fished the cranks on natural rock and riprap on channel swings at the mouths of coves and creeks. It was key to make the cranks bang off of the rocks.
> “For the crankbait I used a 6′ 6” Abu Ike Series Delay Rod with a 6.6:1 Abu Ike Revo Reel. I used 14-lb Berkley Sensation mono to help keep the crankz up a bit.
> “The other 20% came on the 1/2-oz Molix Venator Spinnerbait (white) around docks, and a 4″ Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss (Okeechobee craw) with a 5/16-oz VMC weight and 4/0 VMC Heavy Duty Flippin Hook around laydowns.
> “For the spinnerbait I used a 7′ M Abu Ike Power Rod and Abu Ike Revo (8.0) with 17-lb 100% Berkley Trilene Fluoro. For the Pit Boss I used a 7′ 2″ Abu Ike Power Series Rod with the same reel and 20-lb Berkley Trilene 100% Flouro.

> “Most bites came from 1-3′ of water, and 90% of the fish I caught were post-spawn.”

More Winyah Elite baits.

2nd: Scott Canterbury

Scott fished him a great tourney, was 2nd by 9 oz. Here’s what he did:

> “Day 3 I caught my fish on a 3/8-oz Dirty Jigs Swim Jig (b/b and bluegill) paired with a NetBait Kickin Mini B.
> “Day 4 I caught them on the Dirty Jigs Canterbury Pro Buzz — 1/4-oz black with a black toad.
> “All fish on 50-lb P-Line TCB8 braid on an Ardent Grand Reel (7:3). Swim-jigs were fished on 7′ 6″ XMHC Halo TI Series Swim Jig Rod and a 7’3″ XMHC Vibrating Jig Rod. The buzzbait rod was a 7′ 5″ Halo Kryptonite Series.

> “Caught them in grass 1-4′ deep. I caught other fish off beds, but this is what made the jump.”

3rd: Cory Johnston

> “I fished a 5” Senko (gp) both wacky- and TX-rigged. Fished on G. Loomis NRX 872S Rod, 8-lb Power Pro to 8-lb Seaguar fluoro.”

5th: John Crews Jr

John fished scattered grass in 2-6′ with these baits: Megabass 110 (Ht-Ito Wakasagi?), Missile Baits 48 (gp), 3/8-oz Jack Hammer (gp) with 3.5 Missile Shockwave (fisholicious), Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm (black/red flake) on a 3/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Worm Hook and 1/8-oz weight.

Top 10 finessed ’em at the Cherokee FLW.

Congrats to local-ish FLWer Andrew Upshaw for winnin’ this’n by 1-02 with 67-10. Said on the FLW site he was a-feeshn for spawnin’ browns:

> “I wanted to be around the deepest water and the steepest banks that had the big — what we call ‘dinosaur rock’ on it. …it had to have boulders out in front…more important that it wasn’t a straight bank, it had to have somewhat of a turn. Those smallmouth were spawning in those turns.”

> …Upshaw fished behind the boulders that peppered the shoreline — as opposed to in front of and behind them, as much of the field did….

He fished wacky-rigged 4″ Strike King Ocho stick worm (gp). Here’s what the whole top 10 fished in this finessin’ fest:

Shakey head = 60%

Swimbait = 50%

Ned Rig = 50% — 50% Z-Man TRD

Jig = 20%

10% each = Stick worm, Spinnerbait, Swim jig, Topwater, Dropshot.

Props to:

> The lake — FLW said “90.7% of the field turned in a 5-bass limit.” #stout

> 2 PA guys — Grae Buck (2nd) and Matt Becker (9th) were in the top 10, which kinda had guys from all over.

> I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that Tom Monsoor (6th) fished a swim-jig….

South African derps get ticked off!

Check it, from Jonathan S:

HAHAHA! Hope you get a kick outta this stuff as much as I do.


Friend of a friend needs a tracked wheelchair so he can do more of this:

Learn about him and the need at this GoFundMe link.

2. Ott DeFoe is practicing with an underwater cam?

Such like:

> “The Smith Lake, AL event at should be really interesting. A lot of the bigger bass are deepwater spawners. If it’s even the slightest bit choppy on the surface you won’t see them, and can easily drive your boat right past them.

> “A big part of my gameplan will be to scout with my Aqua-Vu HD10i Pro camera. In scenarios like this, the Aqua-Vu helps me find, mark and study those bigger fish, in this case, spotted bass.”

3. What the Cajun Baby used on the Chick…

…to set the record for most weight in a period:

That’s a 1/2-oz ‘Trap (RT836 silverado), 20-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro and a Duce Cliff Crochet Cranking Rod. “Cliff” is Cajun Baby’s schoolin’ name, but no one ever calls him that…far as I know….

4. MLF BPT gets Bad Boy Mowers for Grand event.

5. TN HSer signs with King U bassin’ team.

Love it!

6. New Jason Christie AFTCO Performance Sun Hoodie.

You will NOT look as cool as Jason wearin’ this, but if you gitcha a black hat, blue reflective glasses and a mean-ish attitude, you’ll be close! Lol Jason! Not on TW yet….

7. New Power-Pole system keeps everything charged…better?

> The Charge [system] operates as a bi-directional marine battery charging and power-management built to divert power around to electronics where it’s needed most, while keeping batteries continually charged and monitored.

8. Pure Fishing’s new president is from Goldman Sachs.

Well that should be a culture shock both ways….

9. Chinese fish farmers have developed new largie strains.

> The Chinese have developed improved strains more suitable for intensive production.
If those strains (for food) get fat fast, send ’em over here! Shoot they gave us all these dang carp, they kinda owe us….

Tip of the Day

Brandon Palaniuk: Choosing a topwater rod.

Innerestin’ little excerpt from a MLF BPT tip:

> “I throw a 6′ 10” M Alpha Angler Slasher…designed to have a good backbone and a good, light tip that allows you to control the bait very well. That’s really important for me because it creates that system where you can stay in the strike zone and take your time. The right rod allows you to do that.

> “If you have a rod that’s too stiff you end up moving the bait and you lose action out of it. If you have a rod that’s too long, you can hit that water when you’re casting and that’s very cumbersome. That’s why I go with a shorter rod like that 6-10.”

Quote of the Day

“I am probably one of the more fortunate people to have ever lived a life.”

– How profound is that? Aren’t we all, man. Anyhow, that’s a dude named Drew Reese talkin’ in this good Z-Man vid about the origin of the Neddy “Flanders” Rig.

Come to find out Drew actually fished the first BASSin’ Masters Classic — said you could bring 10 lbs of fishing tackle and 4 rods/reels. Pretty sure I have more tackle than that in my glove compartment….

Stuff that jumped out at me in the vid:

> Said he kept fishing logs his whole life, at first “to begin to pattern what the fish were doing.” Important because all the bet fishermen know how to pattern-fish. Waypoints are good, but not as good.

> Last year (I assume) thru June 5th he’d caught 3,000 fish THAT YEAR, “probably 75% of them would be bass.” That’s about 400 bass a month. Now I’m startin’ to get that “fortunate” quote!

> Ned connection — Ned Kehde, whom the Ned Rig is named after, was in Drew’s bassin’ club, showed him the deal. Drew says in the vid that he had to bug the snot out of Z-Man to get them to support it.

> Important note: Ned was fishing it on a WHITE jighead:

> Drew said the Hula Stickz catches bigger ones.

Shot of the Day

If you’ve ever snuck into a feeshn hole — I know you have — here’s FLWer B-Rad Hallman doin’ it modern-style. Hope there was one back there man!


How CRAWfish became CRAYfish.

Thought it was just a redneck deal but no:

> The “w” was actually used first. When red swamp crawfish was officially named it was with a “w.” When the explorer Constantine Rafinesque, in the 1800s, was going through the Midwest naming all these crawfish, he used crawfish.

> In the late 1800s and early 1900s, in England, a university used a zoology textbook that called it crayfish. So, that’s how crayfish with a “y” kind of stuck.

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