Biggest merp bass ever, Where and how to Shad Rap, Boat to glory

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Today’s Top 4

Merps are invadin’!

Believe this is the biggest merpy derp ever! Caught somewhere in Japan — check how @backlash_official blocked out the merp face in the hero shot hahahaha!

@mcgreschak said: “Not the way I wanted to make it on the Blaster but I’ll take it. #Merp” Lol love it!!

Did Ott DeFoe catch a merp spot on Martin? Lookin’ like it:

Contacted Trip about a possible new B.A.S.S. rule where a merp is worth double lbs, but haven’t heard back….

Gitcha Ott-like BUFF headwarmers here. Will again recommend the merino. And didja know that BUFF is having a 65% OFF GLOVE SALE!!?? Makin’ room for the 2018 gloves, get on it before Monday night.

It’s brontosaurus melon time!

That time of year:

Chris Clement caught this cantaloupe-swollerin’ 12.79 at a derby on Lake Claiborne, LA War Eagle Spinnerbait (said “white hot” but I think it’s “hot white”):

Joe Semler whacked and stacked this 11-11 in FL on a Strike King 10XD:

You custom-reelin’ yet?

Not Ike’s but bettin’ he sees it and gits a case of the #want:

From @lloydgomez

Ever hear of Glory Boats?

Guess a boat ride into the great beyond ain’t just for Vikings no mo’:

Uh…yep, I’ll take…one, I think. And deliver it to…never mind….


1. How Ike’s been practicing for the Classic.

Told him it’s the first Classic where every species counts — he’s been traveling around the dang world — so he’s like, “Cool!”

Don’t tell him it’s just bass…day 1 weigh-in should be money….

2. At Martin, Jared Lintner fished like he was in CA.

3. Jason Christie joins $1 mm club.

B.A.S.S. winnin’s. Went out and bought 2 things:

Think either Kevin Short or Steve Kennedy raises those cheetahs….

4. Matty Herren has a new crankbait named Fudd.

> I worked with PH Custom Lures to design a bait…. Meet “Fudd.” …extremely tight wiggle that will drive cold-water and heavily-pressured fish crazy!

Believe FUDD stands for Famished for Unauthorized Dunkin Donuts. Secrets out Herren hahaha!

He said it’s available at PH Custom Lures but I don’t see it there.

5. Here’s Keith Combs’ new Elite rig.


6. Swindle says red and green go together.

Christmas every day in G-man’s boat — lookin’ good:

Gitcha T-H Aqua Blaze on here.

7. Is Randy Howell’s hair possible?

Because of physics and gravity I don’t think so but you tell me:

Personally I think he’s a Terminator from the future…but don’t tell him I said that.

8. FLWer Bryan Schmitt gets Missile.

9. TX: Salvinia found in Lake Athens.


10. PA DNR gets real.

Head dude told the legislature:

> “We’ve come to the point where we’re at a crossroad relative to what we can do to meet anglers’ and boaters’ expectations. We’ve stretched every dollar. If we don’t get a revenue increase programs will be cut from the 2018-19 budget.”

That’s actually the case with many DNRs, glad PA is drawing a line in the dirt.

11. Looks like bass don’t like the SPRO Aruku Shad.


See ’em here on TW — I think that color is bass-abused “magic shad,” but check “wild shiner:”

12. Honda redesigned some outboards.

BF200, BF225 and BF250:

13. MO: Bass Pro reopening Bolivar boat plant.

Says for pontoons and other stuff:

> “…a positive signal of our sustained momentum and the overall strength of the White River Marine family of boat brands.”

14. Check this crazy new Megabass Dark Sleeper swimbait.

On Tackle Warehouse here.

15. Git yer own bassin’ camera dude…

…sorta, with the YOLOTek PowerStation. Blurb on Bassin’masters here. TW doesn’t have it but check it on

16. Ultimate Yak Bass Feeshn giveaway.

At this URL:

Can’t make it a link cuz the domain is on a couple blacklists….

17. Garmin pursuing connected gadget direction too.

Also, Q4 revenue was up 24% in marine.

18. Pursuit Channel getting Nielsen rated.

19. LA: Legislator wants bounty program for Asian carp.

20. Why Asian carp #sux.

> “…are filter feeders, with long gillrakers to strain zooplankton, which is the same food young gamefish eat before switching to minnows and shad. The more these fish become established, the more they have the capability to outcompete native species.”

21. Non-native shrimp expanding in Great Lakes.


Blaster Contest/Giveaway Updates

1. Garmin Echomap Plus 93SV — We do have a winner, just want to make sure it’s delivered before I let the cat outta the bag.

2. Good news: Gonna give away another Garmin unit soon….

3. More good news: Get on this Seaguar giveaway before it’s over!

Tip of the Day

Shad-Rappin’ with Otter DeFoe.

Excerpts from

> DeFoe is largely a shallow-water angler, and as such he likes to keep moving. …having a lure that will allow him to effectively cover water horizontally when the water temp is cold….

> “I caught my first 5-lb bass on a Shad Rap when I was a kid, and my first 7-lber on one in an EverStart tournament. ….I’ve got a lot of confidence in the Shad Rap.”

> “I use it when the water temp is in the 46-52 degree range. The tight wiggle of the Shad Rap really appeals to bass in cold water. It has a very natural swimming action and I catch a lot of fish on it in tough times.”

> …best bet is to target transition areas to be able to pinpoint bass…. “I try to start where the steep banks transition to 45-degree angle banks and then where the 45-degree banks transition to flatter banks in the creeks. Bass will use those transition zones while they are chasing shad, migrating in and out of the creeks.”

> …rocks along them…enhances the effectiveness….

> One final place he likes to use Shad Raps is on standing timber or around pole docks.

Says he likes the #5 size best, but will also fish #6 and #7 in shad, “the crawdad pattern everyone says looks like a carp” and olive green crawdad — on egg-beatin’ gear.

Quote of the Day

Once she’s in the boat you’ll start fishing with confidence, a calm head and a relaxed body.

The Hack Attack talkin’ ’bout…somethin’ I HOPE is, you know…decent? HAHAHA, actually another really good post from the Hack Attack. One more line:

> Beyond the tackle and equipment deal is your head.


Who knew the dude had so much wisdom?

Shot of the Day

@briezziee hammered a nice double, love it when bassin’ gals get on ’em:

Ya got me

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