Best Vision 110 colors, Colors pros won’t fish? Lake Fork UFO spotted!!

Please pray for Jimmy Houston’s wife Chris. She had a serious stroke – sounds like she’s slowly coming back from it…hopefully. I don’t know Jimmy other than to say hey, but do know he’s a good man who still has a large following. Here’s his FB page where the family posts updates. His vid post talking about what happened to Chris is amazingly powerful man.

Please also keep praying for Aaron and Trip, and please put Mark Jeffreys of Bass Talk Live/The Bass Zone in your list. Mark had a serious injury, though sounds like recovery is going well.

Lot of folks hurting right now, hopefully everyone you know is good…and hope you can get out and bass this weekend!

Today’s Top 5
The BEST Vision 110 colors.
For some reason I’m bein’ reminded of the old-school Ice-T tune “Colors”…but anyhow, to me this is an ultra-important post because:

  • It’s jerkbait time
  • All the 110 colors look good so how do you choose cuz…
  • …they’re expensive

So I hit up the 2 guys who should know better ‘n anyone – Randy Blaukat and Chris “Mustachio” Zaldaingerous. Both are sponsored by Megabass, both know these baits, both could get any color Vision 110s they want and probly have ’em all (in a gun safe lol), and pretty sure both get hit up by guys they know for certain colors – so here we go. Randy first since he’s had the most time with ’em:

Top to bottom:

1. GG gill – “This is my choice on sunny or partly cloudy days with water visibility between 2′ to 4′ especially if it’s windy. They like the metallic finish under these conditions.”

2. Table Rock shad – “This is my favorite color under cloudy or rainy conditions, and any low-light conditions. It works well in all water visibilities if you have clouds. It’s also a good color if you have water visibility under 2′ and sunny conditions with not much wind.”

3. Pro blue – “This is everybody’s favorite color and for a good reason. It’s one of the top colors I use in very clear water under bright sunny conditions. I use it mainly when the water visibility is over 4′ and it works in a variety of sunlight conditions.”

And here’s Chris:

Top to bottom:

1. GP sexy shad – “My all-time fave because jerkbaits are especially deadly in clear water and this color kills it in 4’+ visibility.”

2. Elegy bone – “Because it’s the most requested color by fellow Elite competitors!”

3. Mat shad – “Because she glows whenever the water is stained or the sun is shaded by clouds.”

Few more thangs:

> Randy’s YT channel is a lil gold mine for Vision 110 info. BUT when it comes to colors, he says in this vid about a new 110 color that he’s colorblind? Gotta think he’s kiddin’, but either way the colors that work for him do work!

> If you’re curious, here’s Randy talkin’ ’bout how the 110 got born. Cool story: He carved it outta soap! I was there when he was fishin’ the prototype, and was like “You know what those bubbles mean right?” He’s all, “It’s working!” I was like, “Well I was gonna say dissolving but okay….” Seriously tho: Real innerestin’ is how the 110s are based on Randy’s custom-tweaked Rogues. Weird koinkydink is Randy talks about the ’92 Classic, which I think was the first Classic I went to AND I was in his boat in practice.

> Here’s Chris talkin’ ’bout his 110 gear and how he fishes ’em.

I went and looked at all the colors on TW. Even after what they said I’d have a hard time just picking 3. BUT there’s almost no muddy water around where I am so….

Colors the pros won’t throw…even though they work??
I’m in that boat too…anyhow 1 oddball color wins – guess which:
Hint: the Lindner clan throws that color a lot…and they catch a lot on it too….

This quote from MDJ is sorta a hint too:

> “A bubble gum or merthiolate-colored floating worm is awesome. It’s been around for decades and still works.”

“After 20 years as a professional angler, I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to resist following through on what you’ve learned during practice, even if you know it’s going away.”
Chad Morgenthaler droppin’ a huge red pill, and not just for tourney anglers. We can think about this a couple ways:

If you made your living fishing and had caught some real nice fish over the last couple-3 days, would you be able to chuck that pattern after the first day or half the first day to try something that DIDN’T work for you in practice? Or you hadn’t even tried in practice? What if you were strugglin’ just to get by $$-wise on tour?

For those of us who don’t make our livin’ thataway, tell me it’s not hard to NOT fish spots you know have produced in past years let alone what worked last week!

Live sonar won’t solve this problem…but it can make it worse!

Fwiw when I look at the pro tourneys, I’m looking at who’s weighing more each day, not who slayed ’em days 1-2. Even the MLFs. Who is GETTING on ’em vs who WAS on ’em. Yep there’s some wire to wire wins, but not so much at the top level.

Anyhow, this is great from Chad too:

> “…early in your tournament career you won’t be able to fully rely on instincts. They won’t be fully developed. In order to get to that point, unfortunately you first have to live through a lot of failed efforts.”

Let’s get this straight once and for all mang!
If anyone tries to get you to do this and it’s not to send to the BassBlaster do NOT do it! Especially if the fish are small ormal size like this:
Kinda looks like he maybe wasn’t into that random hand deal – good! Anyhow, ONLY exception to this is if you have a Dean Rojas 45-02 record-type day like such:
In conclusion, it’s not a requirement to hold up all 5 fish at once if you win a tourney. I mean, even the Classic winners don’t do it so….

Just funnin’ – really don’t matter a lick, but those ghost appendage fish holdup pics are hilarious mang!

UFO seen at Lake Fork!
Check it:
That look real or what?? And it is real:
BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! How great is that! Mucho gracias to bass-head Tom L for sending it in.

Short IG video, when he fishes 1/2- vs 3/4-oz:

Check the new BOOYAH Covert Night Times on the TW.

2. Chris Lane gets Firedisc cookers.

I was like, “Did you get this deal cuz you’re fiery?” He looked at me funny and was like, “What’re you talking about?” Then he was all, “Hey Bobby come on over here and help me talk to Kumar.” I beat feet man…

Firedisc portable cooker looks like a cool little deal, here’s the website.

3. Did Seth Feider catch a spotted bass at the Sabine??

Pretty sure spots don’t live in tidal water??

> I’m hoping I can get back to fishing more with my instincts permanently…. Early in my career is when I had my biggest successes, and that’s how I tended to fish, just because I didn’t know any better. I had limited experience on most waters and would have no problem abandoning everything and running across the lake on the 2nd day of the event and fishing new water I had never seen before. More often than not, it worked out for me.

I do that half the time I fish and it rarely works out……but when it does I get an Insta post out of it

5. Look what Randy Howell teaches his kids!

Laker Howell doing the sketch trolling motor balance deal – lookin’ fer a bite at the Dale Hollow ‘Yota:

Lol love it! Not for older folks….

6. James Watson has one of those LiveScope turret deals.

Lets you GPS lock the troller then pan the LiveScope around, pretty slick:

Coming maybe in the fall. “The biggest bass fishing video game ever made” – not sure if that means packaging, weight or…?

9. Denny Brauer boat walkthru vid (IG).

Denny has 3,500 IG followers?? One of the best bass fishermen ever on plant Earth??? Crazy.

10. New Dave Mercer “Peace, Love and Fishing” podcast.

Good! Dave can cast anything, even a pod…just not sure how far…

11. Strike King “Kings of Bass” series is real good.

That link ^ is the 1st episode of this season, season 2, featurin’ Greg Hackney. Someone whose name I won’t disclose, but rhymes with “Bark Hopply,” kept bugging me to watch it, glad he did. Hack sandbagging a fish catch in practice was pretty hilarious.

Only thing – with that title for the deal, why am I not in it? HAHAHA yeah right!

12. ID: Big year for big Dworshak smallmouths?

Kokanee salmon might be up by 75% and that’s smallie food so:

> This year should be as good as it gets for growing bass. While the fruits of this growth tend to lag a year, bass fishing should start getting better this year and only continue to improve….

> The last time we had this many kokanee in the reservoir, the state record was nearly broken. With even more kokanee, maybe we’ll see a new record in the next couple of years. So if you like to catch big smallmouth, Dworshak should be on your list for these next couple of years.

You hear that BMP Fishing??

13. TN: Quick baits breakdown from the Chick Abu/YETI college tourney.

East TX Baptist U hammers Cannon Bird and Jacob Keith won it, sounds like fishing the back of marina docks with JackHammers (b/b, fire craw) and V&M J-Bug trailers (gp):

Bladed jig = 40% – all JackHammers (college kids don’t play man!)

Crankbait = 40%Rapala DT6, Berkley Frittside 5, SPRO Little John, new Jackall MC60 SR

Lipless crank = 40%Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe, Strike King Red Eye Shad and 2 Tap, SPRO Aruku Shad

Swimbait = 20%

Flip plastics = 20%

10% each = Jerkbait (Yo-Zuri 3DB 110), Senko, Jig

14. Here’s 12 new Bassmaster HS All Americans.

Huge congrats!

15. OK DNR relocating biggest Watonga bass to other local lakes.

Before dam repair.

16. FL: New rez NORTH of Okeechobee too?

One planned for south of the Big O already…sounds like an even bigger bassin’ bonanza comin’ there.

17. CA lakes at around 50% because of endangered fish?

> Statewide…the largest reservoirs are holding around half of their total capacity. When current snowpack melts, reservoirs in the state are still only expected to be filled up to 58% of average capacity.

> What they don’t say is that the state has been letting water out of reservoirs…for months now. And it’s not going to farmers, growers, ranchers or urban use. Environmental policy says the water “flows” from reservoirs are necessary to produce a rebound of endangered Delta smelt and Chinook salmon. However, these policies are a failure as neither species have been collected in all of the latest trawling surveys, where they spend several days a month searching in more than 200 spots.

18. FL is herbiciding Toho this week.

Can’t link it, at positivelyosceola com.

19. VT: Hydrilla herbicide coming to Lake Iroquois.

Can’t link it, at willistonobserver com.

20. MS: Asian carp processor needs fishermen to catch more carp.

21. IA DNR hatchery-raises northern pike??

Pike get raised in hatcheries?? Who knew. Thought just some shallow veggie water and they’re good.

22. New magnetic “weight” repels sharks from fish.

Used on the line in the salty water to keep sharks from eating hooked fish. Not bassin’ but – what if weights could be magnetized to ATTRACT fish?

Headline of the Day

Learning to love the Sabine

From a Brandon Palaniuk post:

On right now… 

> Couple fishing bans? KVD talks sonar, NOT sight fishing for spawners

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Tip of the Day

Good for all 3 species, all depths, any water temps, and almost any conditions. Also not just for dinks, he catches the bigs on it too. Innerestin’ too is he says this is the bait he’ll have in his hand when he’s using LiveScope:

Quote of the Day
“It blew my mind that a fish could eat a lure like that.”

Casey Goode talkin’, who won the co side of the Ozarks ‘Yota, talkin’ ’bout how he got into bassin’. Full quote:

> “A guy I didn’t even know got me into it. He was throwing a Chug Bug along the shore, and when I saw that fish come out of the water and eat that lure, I was hooked. I was so astonished a fish would do that. It was bloop, bloop, bloop, bam! It blew my mind that a fish could eat a lure like that. It has me obsessed with it (bass fishing).”

Topwater! Old-school Storm Chug Bug which still catches ’em! Topwater is so addicting man….

Here’s Seth Feider talkin’ Chug Bugs for river bass a few years back….

Shot of the Day
Lookit these 2 young bass-heads! Nephew and son of Opens fisherman Andrew Upshaw – they’re stoked about that chunk!

> “He had picked up the entire package of short ribs, like flying away with it.”

Couple things:

– AK ravens must be huge!

– This has gotta mean something, not sure what….

Ya got me!
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