Best spinnerbait guide ever, Derp parade roundup! Do you have troll foot?

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The greatest spinnerbait guide ever?

Check it, for the new BOOYAH Covert Series / Christie family secrets — gotta click it and go to the BOOYAH site to see it work. Very cool plus it makes sense cuz every spinnerbait in that series is built for a specific set of conditions:

‘Nother great thing about this deal is it’s gluten-free….

Hahaha! Say that as a GF eater. Had to switch cuz my son for-sure can’t eat gluten — great way to lose the LBs and feel better too, believe it. Good excuse to eat more grilled protein too…. #traeger #biggreenegg

Derp-melon parade of the week/month!!

Few get through so gitcha lawn chair and yer favorite juice box, and just watch the parade go on by:

Check Tim L.’s tourney derp at Cowan Lake, OH — helped him get 3rd! Brown jig with a Strike King Rage Craw (gp):

‘Nother tourney derp (lookit that top lip!), this one in KS and caught by Brian K on a BOOYAH ToadRunner (bone):

Trevor R smacked him this eastern WA jut-jaw on a Dirty Jigs Tour Level Pitchin’ Jig (PB&J) with a Missile Twin Turbo Double Tail Grub (cinnamon purple). Said: I think the key is a long pause…the derps are a little slow to react.” HAHAHA love it!

Derps are in Guntersville! JD O got his first one ever on a Mann’s 20+ crank (grey shad) around old barge pilings:

They’re in Chickamauga, TN too! Matty M got it on a 1/4-oz Molix Kento Jig with a craw (both white). Said, “Cant tell you how excited I was to finally catch a derp….been wanting to catch one for the BassBlaster. Caught one during practice for the Bassmaster Open…I geeked out a little bit. Bubba was released and swam back to docks to chase more shad. Hope he tucked the bottom lip in so he wouldn’t get snagged on a dock crossbeam.” Hahaha!

Canadian fishin’ legend Bob Izumi got this Big Rideau, ON derp on a 5″ Berkley MaxScent General (gp party). Said: “Since you started posting derps I’ve been on the hunt for one…sort of like seeing a unicorn!” Dang straight! #derphunter

Jeff C was Neddin’ on Broken Bow, OK with a Z-Man Finesse TRD (“the deal” color) and said: “So pumped, my first DERP!” That’s what it’s all about yo!

This one’s so derpy kinda looks like a…trout? Hase R said: “Been wanting to snatch in one of these forever and finally did.” Word! On Table Rock, Bass Patrol Football Jig (PB&J) did the deed:

Little derp collage for ya:

> L: Josh P dropshotted this KS small-derp with a Strike King Half Shell (KVD Magic).

> Top R: Somewhere in WV Jerod H got this derp Jr on a 3/8-oz Accent River Special Spinnerbait (white/chart).

> Bottom R: Lee E got hist first derp at Lake of the Woods, MN/ON/MB on a homemade Plopper.

More n a few bass-heads sent this in from an Oneida Lake, NY FB page — do smallies swim full-speed into rocks?? Before you answer, look at the next one….

AR fishologist Jeremy R shocked and tagged this’n from Crooked Creek — shoulda gone on the wall man!

Whoa that’s a bunch. Still workin’ on the derp sticker for anyone who’s gotten their derp in a Blaster. Will update ya when it’s done….

Few cool Japan stuffs.

1. Rig it sideways?

Maybe you do this already but not me:

For when the “busses” (Google translate for “bass” plural) are tough to catch: “…if you do this, it will fall like a circle….”

2. Decoy slide weight

How’d you like to use any hook you want for a weighted hook, and put the weight anywhere you want it? Like this — and there’s a way to attach a blade too:

TW has some Decoy stuff but not the slide weight yet.

3. Fish Arrow Flash Vib

Yep, “Vib.” Blade bait head for soft-plastics, though not sure if all soft-plastics will fit or stay put. Cool idea tho. More about it in this TW vid:

How the MLF does polys.

Here’s the pic Gerald Spohrer posted…

…but someone sent me this shot from “that trailer no one’s allowed to go in:”

Gerald’s face is a little messed up there, maybe cuz of whatever that machine is doing? Couple weird things:

1. G-Spo said he thinks he passed out while Boyd Duckett was asking him questions. He asked how long he was in there, Boyd said 5 minutes. Gerald’s watch said…37 minutes.

2. G-Spo had just had a dang good day and thinks he remembered they videoed the whole Q&A. He asked to see it, and everyone denied doing it.

3. Brandon Palaniuk asked Gerald why he got polyed. G-Spo said, “They always poly you if you do good one day.” Brandon’s like: “No they don’t….”

Not sure what’s goin’ on man, but sounds kinda like the time Trip Weldon polyed all those guys in AL just before his team trail started….

KIDDING HAHAHA! But…makes you wonder, don’t it?


1. More deets on Ott DeFoe’s heart stuff.

He’s back to fishing a little, and will get to a lof fast cuz he plans to fish the BPT’s RedCrest ChampeenShip.

2. Elitist Jamie Hartman rescued folks from a burning boat.

On Oneida Lake, NY. #stout and scary….

3. FLWer Brian Latimer’s got some custom-color ‘Traps.

Let’s call ’em B-Lat’s ‘Traps. Here’s “hot wings,” get ’em all here:

4. Wesley Strader ain’t political but…

…for a split sec I thought he was wearin’ a Trump shirt here lol:

5. Who are these famous dudes?

Hint: One was conceived on the Delta (true and too funny), the other one grew up on the Delta (or maybe they both did):

Also gotta point out both dudes were WAY more stylin’ back then…as we all were….

6. Zaldains walk you through the new Skeeter FXR.

4-min vid on the Insta @chriszaldain.

7. Here’s the swimbait heads Elitist David Mullins uses.

Scottsboro Tackle Hellfires….

8. Elitist Garrett Paquette 100% confident at the James River Open.

So dialed that he just pulled up on a sandbar and chilled for 5.5 hours:

Hearwd he was drinkin’ water with an umbrella in it…. Love the post GP, too funny man!

9. Jerry McKinnis got him a Vexus tin-glass hybrid AVX…

…painted to match the first-ever boat he got from Ranger, back when Forrest Wood was just startin’, which is how far those two go back. Word is Forrest drops by Vexus all the time…

10. VA: Swimbait Universe is having a meet-up…

…Sat Oct 12 in Toano, VA which I believe is on/near Little Creek Rez? Gonna try to make it….

11. Rapala has a new RipStop Deep.

4.75″ long and 9/16-oz. Seth Feider be sayin’:

> “With 2 to 3 quick twitches I can get that bait to the strike zone, where with a shallower-running bait you’d have to cast a long way past it.”

12. 2020 BPS college Majors schedule is out.

Rayburn, KY Lake, Pickwick, Dardanelle.

13. CA: HS angler signs with Simpson U.

Cool, congrats!

14. JAP: Lake Biwa shore swimbaitin’ rig.

From Swimbait Underground’s FB page:

Guess Skeet was right, fanny packs are comin’ back? Buddy of mine recently called his a “waist pack,” tryin’ to save face but I was like, Nuh-uh….

15. T-H Marine has new colors of Chill Trax pads.

Blue and green camo-ish, on TW.

16. FL: Are the peacocks getting bigger down there?

Jamey Caldwell with a NICE’n — that’s a bucket list trip for me:

17. VA added an Outdoor Recreation Office.

Other states are doin’ it too, glad someone is pushing for this stuff…as long as fishing and hunting are the main reasons….

18. Merc owner Brunswick laying off 9% of global folks.

Tip of the Day

Small-motor operatin’ tips from Mark Menendez.

Mark’s got a really good column on the Bassin’masters now, sharin’ lots o’ good info like this’n. Gotta ask: Do you have troll-foot?

> …a couple of aspects to trolling motor noise. The first one is when you start and stop your trolling motor to position your boat. Boat positing is important, but so is casting accuracy. Sometimes it’s better to make the best cast you can instead of jerking your trolling motor on and off so you can make a perfect cast.

> Learn to cast from different angles and different directions. Not every cast needs to go towards the front of your boat. Off to the side and behind you is just as good, especially if you can do it quietly.

> The second aspect of trolling motor noise is when you’re running it continuously. That’s certainly less of a problem than turning your motor on and off. For some reason a continuous vibration doesn’t seem to upset the bass as much as an intermittent one. But it’s still far from perfect.

> My trolling motor is rarely used either way. I use it to get my boat into the best position I can, always running it continuously whenever possible. I do not…use it all the time.

> Whenever I can run my motor at a lower speed and use less battery I’m making less noise and putting myself in a position to fish longer without battery hassles.

Not sure if this is a troll foot or a giant foot or what, but whoa:

Quote of the Day

“…here’s a species that doesn’t require the world’s largest fish production infrastructure to perpetuate in perpetuity, plus they’re ready-made for climate change.”

Dude in the Pacific Northwest talkin’ ’bout how smallmouths just might be better-suited for what’s goin’ on than the salmon that govt’s are spending stupid amounts of $$$ on.

Shot of the Day

Cool @yozuri_lures post — makes me want to lip-grind out deep:

That’s a Yo-Zuri 3DR Deep in “real brown crawfish.”

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