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Check this Cali 14.8!

When it rains every 100 years or whatever in SoCal, if you’re a bass-head what do you do? That’s right, you call in sick and hit it hard, which is what Joe Ahrens did on Monday Feb. 27 (not sure about the call work part but it was a Monday…).

He used an unnamed swimbait (cuz Cali bass-heads are nuts about swimbaits) to smack this 14.8 on “tiny yet legendary” Miramar Lake:

Looks like Miramar is responsible for catching 5 of the largest 25 largies ever.

40-lb limit wins Gville BFL…by 20 lbs!

FLWer Casey Martin went a-bassin’ this weekend and banged a dang 40-11 limit! At the Guntersville BFL:

> “At that point [after a limit], I figured I had enough weight to earn my entry fee back. So I decided to swing for the fence at that point and run to some deeper water, near causeways.

> “I came across a school of fish at one point, looked at my graph and it was lighting up. I caught one bass that was close to 7 lbs, and within 10 minutes I had three more in the boat — a 9-lber, and two in the 8-lb range.

> Martin said he used a 1/2-oz Picasso Double Barrel underspin with a 4″ smoky shad-colored Z-Man DieZel Minnowz to catch all but the 9-lber. For that, he used a swimbait on a 3/4-oz Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid jighead.
> “Later on I made a run to an area near Goose Pond and caught another 7-lber out of some grass on a Rat-L-Trap.”

Nope, no photo of the fishes (what up with that?). 2nd had 21-05, 3rd had 21-04.

BUT check this 42.9-lb limit!!

At Shearon Harris, NC?? Bonnie and Shane Burns won the Piedmont Bass Classics Spring Team Bass Trail derby with 42.9 lbs and only the 2nd-biggest fish (9.56) of the tourney. WTHeck is going on at that lake??

No word on the baits, but their fish were deep:

> The weather was typical for March with air temps 27 degrees in the am on up to 57 in the pm. Water temps averaged about 58 degrees.

> Word was they culled 3 over 7 lbs!

2nd was 29.59 and 3rd was 28.98. Will say again: WTHeck is going on at that lake?

McClelland owns Table Rock.

He’s won just once there before (in B.A.S.S.), but several of the baits he designed are for highland reservoirs like that, a couple of which it looks like he used:

> The first 2 days McClelland kept his boat in 45-50′ and threw a Cabela’s 3.4 Finesse Swimmer swimbait with a 1/4-oz underspin jighead to bass holding in standing timber in 25-32′.

> He also caught some shallower fish on a SPRO McStick and a SPRO RkCrawler.

Do you aim your casts like this?

Bassin’ pet peeves!

You know you got ’em! I’ll start the list off. Add to it on Facebook or on the BassBlaster website. I’ll pick someone at random and send ’em a few baits:

  • Jet skis
  • Angry dock owners
  • Peeps fishing the “bent rod pattern”/can’t find their own fish even with a $50K boat + electronics
  • Peeps who think they own a community hole
  • “Friend” who wants your hot spots but never shares one
  • Fishing a spot for 2 hours and never realizing the fish on your electronics were catfish
  • Buds who always back out of fishing trips, always at the last minute
  • Guys who show up late at the house/ramp
  • Angry, know-it-all interwebz “fishermen” like:


1. KVD makes vid for sick fan.

Cool. Hope she’s okay.2. How KVD fished at Okeechobee.

> I caught 90% of my weighable bass on a heavy jig that I punched into heavy grass, cattails or mats…. The females were cruising around those spawning areas but using the heavy cover as transition areas.

> I knew that if I wanted to appeal to the 7- and 8-lbers, I had to give them something they would bite. Most of the big ones came on a 1-oz Strike King Hack Attack Jig with a Magnum Rage Bug pitched in less than 2’….

> I know it seems odd to use those big baits in shallows and have them crash through the water column like a bowling ball. But the big spawners were focused on spawning so I had to trigger reactionary strikes.

3. A-Mart still not fishing in crowds.

After Mille Lacs last year he said he would or should, but said at Okeechobee he didn’t. Huh. This is the only guy who understands where Aaron is coming from:

4. Al Jr on his first two rookie derbies.

> …it was even more gratifying to see my dad’s excitement for my success. He had a tough one at Okeechobee, but he was so excited that I had almost 20 pounds on Day 2 that he didn’t seem to mind.

> …in the weigh-in line when I found myself sandwiched between Gerald Swindle and Greg Hackney. You’re thinking, ‘The guy in front of me won Angler of the Year last year and guy behind me won Angler of the Year 2 years ago, and on either side are countless big names,’ and they’re just talking to you like you’re one of them.

At the Big O he was fishing a TX-rigged YUM Dinger with a 1/4-oz weight. Here’s a vid of him talkin’ ’bout it:

5. SC: Make-a-Wish, Cabela’s give teen a boat.


6. April 1 deadline to apply for Ike Scholarship.

> Upload Your 5 Paragraph Essay on the Following Topic: Success in fishing, at any level, requires many of the same habits and skills that make a person successful in their future. In a 5 paragraph essay, fully describe some of the fishing habits & skills that you 7ave developed and/or routinely used and how they have prepared you to be successful in your future outside of fishing and why.

7. MLFer derbies sound dangerous?

> Major League Fishing announces the implementation of new safety measures, including issuing Wiley X eye gear, to its already robust safety processes to further protect anglers, officials and staff during its on-the-water competitions.

> MLF’s 2017 competition crew, camera operators and other key event staff have already received medical training and now hold a national certification in emergency first aid and CPR…. The league has also purchased a portable defibrillator that goes to each event and all participants have been trained in operating it.

Rumor is the MLFers are now crafting rules about how to prevent rabbit attacks:

8. TX: MLF at Lake Nacogdoches?

9. KY biologists give where-to-bass-fish tips.


> “We would put in at Browns Ford and conduct population sampling in early spring. The largemouth bass would stack up in the old river channel at winter pool. There are row after row of stumps lining the old river channel and we would go over those stumps with a shocking boat. There would be largemouths just stacked in there — we would pull three or four nice largemouths off the bigger stumps.”

10. MS: Lake Okatibbee fishing good?

Guess the name Okeechobee was taken so…?

11. DC: 4 Reps intro anti-ethanol Act.

> …eliminates corn-based ethanol requirements, caps the amount of ethanol that can be blended into conventional gasoline at 10%…decreases the total volume of renewable fuel that must be contained in gasoline….


12. AR: YUM kicking tail, increasing production.

I need me one o’ these machines:

13. Africa: Namibian bass derby factoid.

> …Lake Oanob [went] from 25% to 80% capacity within the space of 3 weeks…this made the first tournament extremely difficult with only 6 fish coming to the scales.

55% of the lake filled in 3 weeks??

14. TW sale of the day: DUEL Hardcore Shad.

Can fish it like a jerkbait or a crankbait:

15. Letterman fishing for bass now?

But with…bait.

16. Special pre-spawn baits/gear issue!

Didja miss it?? Feast your eyes on all that WANT/”need” (lol) stuff here:

Tip of the Day

When Denny flips fluoro vs braid.

I love me some baits and they fer sher are key, but rods and lines are the connection — you feel me? Get those wrong — or even not ideal — and we simply will not hook or boat as many fish.Plus I 100% believe the right rod/line combo is super-personal. The combo has to feel right for you, and both have to work together to help you succeed with your hookset.

So…Denny knows more than any of us about flippin’, which is why I thought it was so innerestin’ when he and Seaguar came out with these flip-specific lines: Flippin’ Fluoro and Flippin’ Braid [now on sale at TW!]. Plus it’s smart — I mean, who doesn’t flip? (Cody Meyer? lol)

Denny said: “”This is about pulling big fish out of the nastiest vegetation you can find. You’re on a short line, and you need to feel the quick reaction strike and then horse the fish out of heavy cover. Your line is one of the most important aspects of the presentation….”

Here’s the maestro:

Quote of the Day

I think I appreciate [fishing] more than some people because I’ve seen how bad some situations can be and for no reason whatsoever.

– Our passed-on bassin’ brother Kyle Mabrey talkin’ from an interview years back, referrin’ to his off-the-water work with sick kids. From a great, long article on Kyle on the Bassin’Fan.

Got me thinkin’: Do I appreciate bassin’ enough?

Shot of the Day

Uh…quack? I guess?


VA now allows hot pink for hunting.

Believe that’s a few states now…. So tempted to make a non-PC joke right now but shouldn’t so…guess now y’all can wear these to your deer stand:

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