Bassin’ is comin back! Carolina-rig bait options, Coldwater bass shallower earlier

Hoping you and families are all healthy, if you’re laid off that you’re getting your unemployment checks (unlike some of my friends here in NJ), you’re getting out on the water, and you’re reconnecting with everything/one in a renewed/new way.

As for me, I’m just trying not to get completely sick of my wife and kids, and also myself! Interestingly, my feelings toward my dog haven’t changed….

Lol let’s BASS!

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Today’s Top 5

Git ready to rumble!

VERY psyched the tours announced plans to git ‘er goin’ again, along with finally allowing outboards up to 350 hp!!! (Okay not the outboards part.) Guys gettin’ back to fishin’ even got a smile outta ol’ Phil:

Summarizin’ in alphabetical order:

Bassmaster Elite Series — Starts Jun 10 at Lake Eufaula, AL, then Cayuga Lake, NY in July. Here’s the rest of the year, assumin’ all goes accordin’ to plan:

Jun 10-13 — Lake Eufaula, AL
Jul 14-17 — Cayuga Lake, NY
Jul 23-26 — St. Lawrence River, NY
Jul 30-Aug 2 — Lake Champlain, NY
Aug 20-23 — Lake St. Clair, MI
Oct 8-11 — Santee Cooper, SC
Oct 16-19 — Chickamauga Lake, TN
Nov 5-8 — Lake Fork, TX

Opens are back on too, at that link.

Bass Pro Tour — Starting Jun 7 at the Kissimmee Chain, FL with the new Heavy Hitters deal. Then Lake Champlain, NY/VT in July. Looks like so far no more tourneys scheduled, according to the MLF site, but I assume they’re comin’.

FLW Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit is starting in June too.

Lookin’ forward to seein’ some blastoffs like this! Except for the gravity kickin’ in part:

“If you can pull any positive out of this whole coronavirus deal, it’s the timing of it. It did hit in April when the fishing is at its best.”

Ex-Elitist Scotty “geetar man” Rook talkin’, who’s managing a fishin’ store in AR, which is where he gits his britches mended…or actually I have no idea if that’s true, it’s just the caffeine talkin’. Anyhow, glad to hear about all the fishin’ going on there, bet you are too — and good to see Scotty’s pic:

Why he quit the Elites:

> “The traveling is what burned me out. 22 years I fished with B.A.S.S. That’s a long time. And I fished tournaments around here for 15 years before that. I was just burned out on traveling, and I wanted to be home more.

> “To be a professional fisherman, there are a lot of sacrifices. One of them is being gone….”

Another one is only getting 5 miles a gallon, like Skeet’s F-1250:

Surprised Scott didn’t mention that paintball incident with Trip…heehee!

“I got enough hair on the top of my head you could wrap 24-dozen jigs.”

– The one ‘n only Billy “T” Dance talkin’, who’s still funny! Few more deals from a Covid post:

> “My hair looks like a can of grout.”

> One of his favorite morning traditions is a sausage biscuit breakfast, with half a slice of country bacon and a teaspoon of milk gravy. [Just a teaspoon Bill?] This delicacy is delivered to his truck, so he doesn’t have to get out. Then the sack is sprayed with Lysol. “Have you ever eaten a Lysol-flavored biscuit?”

Glad he’s doing okay. He’s such a capital-L Legend he turned down being in the Michael Jordan documentary…but then I heard he thought the dude said “Kelly Jordon” so….


Like an English Springer spaniel on the trail of a ringneck rooster, the heavy sinker of a Carolina rig sniffs out bottom changes and features….

– Never heard that’n before! Makes sense tho…that’s IN feesh scribbler Jeff Knapp talkin’.

And hey — since a lot of us have an unusual amount of free time, now’s a good time to Carolina rig! Lol!

I actually have always loved the C-rig, and the BB vid of Mark Davis doing a detailed rundown of how to rig a C-rig has gotten a boatload of views. So maybe it’s waaaay more of a thing than some pros — who shall not be named — wanna believe.

Here’s some non-Zoom Brush Hog (or Baby) alternatives from the pro-type dudes:

> Micah Frazier: 6″ YUM Lizard (gp)

> Justin Lucas: 7″ Berkley Powerbait Fatty Bottom Hopper (gp)

> Drew Benton: Big Bite Finesse Worm (“tilapia magic if it’s clear, plum apple if it’s slightly stained, junebug or black/blue if it’s dirty”) — “I usually start with 6″ and go up to the 8″ if I’m catching a lot of small fish or go down to the 4″ if I’m not getting as many bites. Bass will eat a weightless finesse worm anytime and a C-rig is a way you can fish it faster and deeper.”

> Paul Mueller: 3.5″ Do It Molds Slim Daddy (watermelon gold/red flake)

> Elitist B-Rad Whatley: 5″ A Band of Anglers Deadalive Swimmer (black shiner) — “It’s super buoyant.”

> Brandon Palaniuk: Xzone Adrenaline Bug (Beaver-type bait, color depends on water clarity) — “The claws flat and with the body shape it tends to dart around a lot more. Also, high-pressure places where the fish can be finicky like FL the Xzone Deception Worm can be killer.”

> Chris “Bro” Groh: 6″ Berkley Power Lizard (gp)

> Takahiro Omori: Zoom Ol Monster worm (plum)

Here’s those baits in order, all colors as named except: the Big Bite Finesse Worm is tilapia magic, the Slim Daddy isn’t watermelon gold/red flake, and the Adrenaline Bug is summer craw:

But remember: If you’re gonna C-rig in TX, by law you MUST have at least 1 Brush Hog in the boat…lol.

New swimbait model!

Diehard swimbait dude Wayne Camlbell got a 2fer with this brook trout:

#1 is it’s a derp (duh), but it’s #2 also an extremely rare swimbait model, which he says he’ll put in carbonite until Jabba gives him the rest of the money:

I was like, “Don’t really think you can trust any Hutt man….”


1. Watch the killah Bs sight-feesh on Facebook.

B-Rad-Lee Roy — 17 flips and a crazy-fast hookset

B-Randon Lester — Might be the skinniest bed water yet

2. Edwin “Wild Man” Evers doing a Lowrance Live deal on Thurs.

6 pm CT on Maybe ask him why he famrs pecans instead of peanuts since more people like peanuts? If he gives you the “peanut allergies” line, don’t believe him….

3. James Elam is getting ready to….

a. Have a garage sale
b. Go to war with some evil fish
c. Cash in his retirement “savings”
d. Buy stock in Shimano
e. Add 2 rod lockers to his rig
f. Start the Bassin’ Pro Tour
g. All of the above

4. Feelin’ good ’bout this shot of Aaron Martens.

Please keep praying for him and Shaw Grigsby.

5. Chris Wells has a post on Bassin’!

Chris is the pastor, preacher and ADD representative (lol) who travels the Elite Series, Bass Pro Tour and elsewhere to talk to folks about God. Great guy, and all of a sudden has a post up on Bassmaster. It’s good — love this part:

> We are currently living in a world where everything we have counted on has been turned upside down. The security, comfort and familiarity of our usual routines have been suspended for an undetermined amount of time. It seems the only constant we have is our relationships.

> As the Bass Chaplain I want to give you a message of hope. Relationships, ultimately, are what really matter. Our relationships with family and friends, and our relationship with God, are the most important things we have.

Relationships is it! Plus, you know…our trucks. Lol kidding….

6. CA: Clear Lake opening to boats…but locals only.

No city folk allowed I guess:

> After 2 months of being of the fishermen being stranded on shore, Lake County Public Health decided that it’s safe to open the lake. Only Lake County residents will be allowed on the lake….

7. AR: Vets tourney at Beaver Jun 6.

> The John W. Brown Fishing With A Veteran bass tournament…out of Prairie Creek Park. Entry fee is $70 per boat. A veteran or member of the military must be a member of each team.

> 1st prize is $1,000, 2nd place $700 and 3rd place $500. Big bass prize is $200 [wait — there’s big bass in Beaver?? lol]…also a prize of $100 for the smallest legal bass [that’s more like it…hahaha!].

> The tournament funds programs for veterans.


8. TX: Word is Rayburn’s on fiya.

50-fish days, having to park on the road cuz the ramps are full. Yeah buddy! If it was driving distance for us, bet we’d be there fo sho….

9. AL: New bassin’ plate is out.

Looks cool and way unusual to have what looks like a spotted bass on there and a Spook. Not sure why the Spook is ultra-old school/saltwater red/white and why there’s crappie too but:

10. MN: “Youth” license sales have doubled.

Good! Sounds like license sales and fishing tackle sales nationally are doing pretty good to real good, which is super cool. #gofeesh

11. Here’s the TBF’s Covid tourney procedures.

Can’t link it but it’s at:

Only thing that sounds concerning:

> You can watch the rules briefing online or from inside your nearby parked vehicle. Extra sound systems will be utilized so that all can hear even from parked cars.

Word is with no bands able to tour, the TBF was able to rent AC/DC’s sound system:

That’ll encourage some distancing….

12. WI anglers want tighter smallie bags on 2 rivers.

Upper St. Croix and Namekagon rivers.

13. New monthly water level records on 3 Great Lakes…

…plus St Clair. Michigan and Huron are 3 FEET above avg, and might hit an all-time high this summer. Dang!

14. AZ: Cali peeps hitting Havasu hard.

> …trucks hitched with boats have congested city streets, with as many as 70 boats waiting for a single ramp….
I think they’re not even fishing? Not sure why you’d launch a boat and not fish???

15. New national boating access map.

Covid-related, somewhat helpful….

16. Japan bassin’ sitch.

Word is (no link) there’s no law stopping peeps from going outside and fishing, and seems like the restrictions for the rest of life will start easing up by the end of this month.

17. NB biologist says smallies worse than murder hornets…

…as far as invasive species go. Gotta think he’s lost a few of his marbles? Heehee!

18. Garmin has a Darth Vader watch??

Can’t believe I didn’t know this. Digital so that screen is only one of several — gitcha Sith on!

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Luke Clausen: Northern bass are shallower earlier.

Couple nice tips in there ^:

> “50-degree water is totally different when you’re talking about bass in the southern states compared to ID or WA. The northern-strain bass are just used to the colder weather and they’ll still bite when there’s still ice on parts of the lake and the water is 39 degrees on south-facing banks and protected bays.”

> “Around my house we don’t have shad, so instead of pre-spawn bass suspending out in deeper water on balls of shad, they act differently…just doesn’t happen here.

> “The major forage is going to be crawfish, perch and bluegill. Because of that, the fish are much more target-oriented and right near the bank.

> “I like to focus on docks, pilings and hard cover when fishing the prespawn in northern fisheries.”

Asked Luke if he FEELS shallower than southern fishermen and he sent me this:

I was like, “Why are you dressed like a pirate?”

Quote of the Day

“When you’re fishing your local lake, you tend to fish spots rather than conditions.”

Brandon Palaniuk talkin’, so true…cuz of ‘lectronics which really ARE like a video game. They’ve led to a loss of the art/knowledge/instincts of fishing the conditions/in the moment and also pattern-fishing, which is fishing the conditions just all over the lake.

So just think if you could fish the conditions and use your electronics! Then you’d be…a pro! Or at least it’d be possible…theoretically….

Shot of the Day

To me this shot says just about everything there is to say — in my imagination — about Cali bassin’, which I’ve never done…somehow. @pakkaa shot:


In a story that could’ve only happened in the Northern Territory [of Australia], a fisherman has fought off a 3-meter [10′] crocodile with nothing but beers.

Lol what?? How it went down:

> After crashing his boat into a mangrove forest…. “I…crashed the boat, and then the crocodile wanted a bit of me when I woke up. But I threw a stubby in, she was all good.”

Pretty sure they speak English down there, but it must have a different dictionary….

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