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Today’s Top 5

Would you rock this bass donut boat?




Spotted by the one and only Ricky Clunn:

Wonder what the USCG weight rating on that thing is. One guy saw it and was like:

You know I had to throw Homer in there….

…while an $80,000 boat is definitely a luxury purchase, it’s not even close to a “luxury yacht” — it’s more like a bass fishing boat.




Commentary on politician Marco Rubio buying a fishing boat. Dude, $80K only gets you a MIDDLE OF THE ROAD bassin’ tub hahahaha! Marco was hung by the NY Times for buying the boat…sheesh.

Evers’ baits and mentor.




Got a shot of Edwin Evers’ winning baits (tx double-E!). If you don’t know what they is, click here to read the last Blaster.

Btw, here’s the guy who taught Edwin everything he knows about Kentucky Lake…and the “live action” fishin’ method:

Navionics chips have put the anglers on lots of my favorite places that I found by fishing years ago.


– Interesting comment by Mark Menendez, who was surprised finding fellow Elites on lesser-known spots on Kentucky Lake, a lake he knows better than he knows his own yard. Also said:

> Lowrance Electronics have become so go that anglers can fish in real time as they just idle around looking for schools of bass.

> No excuses for me.

Gotta ask: When every square inch of the bottom of every lake is mapped, and every electronics maker has basically the same maps, then what? #backtopatterns

That a bite or…?




Check this shot of KVD from

How many times have you set the hook and wondered for a sec if it was a fish or a snag or a phantom weed? Could KVD also be mortal in this regard??

Hey easy now Mr. Jackson, I was just asking a question man! Okay, okay — was rhetorical….




1. Fish with Ott DeFoe contest.

2. Opens angler proposes on stage.

Hope she said yes!

3. Fans will pick Brandon Coulter’s baits.

Stone cold crazy.

4. Megastrike Father’s Day deals.

5. Jocumsen gets The Mad Hueys clothing.

Never heard of it but it’s “global.” Fishin’ duds.

Have the F word on one shirt and hat. Maybe that’s cool in Australia or wherever, but good luck with that in USA bassin’ mang!

6. MLFers going to Fox Sports 2.

Rock n roll.

7. WA: Pikeminnow anglers making $50-70K/yr!

Catching invasive fish and turning them in. Entry fee = zero!

> “The top guys have high-end gear, high-end electronics. They keep extensive records of water temperature, water levels, etc. They have logbooks going back for years.”

> Top-end pikeminnow fishermen pretty much live in their boats from May through September. “It would be hard for a normal guy to stay married. Most wives wouldn’t put up with it.”

Do not know one single “normal guy” fisherman — do you??

8. ID lottery winner will buy bass boat.

Dang straight!

9. TX: Choke Canyon fishing better.

> …the lake has risen more than 13 percent in the past month….

> “Prior to the water level increase, largemouth bass were utilizing flooded timber and offshore habitat such as ledges, points, humps, old roadbeds and bridges. Now they have a few thousand acres of flooded terrestrial vegetation.”

> “The timing of the water level increase was almost perfect for the survival of this year’s largemouth bass spawn.”

10. TX: New habitat coming to Lake Austin.

11. TX: Meet Combs, Niggemeyer.

At Angler’s Pro Tackle in Richland Hills June 19-20.

12. FL: Dr. Who structure dropped in Stick Marsh.

13. MN: Smallie anglers up at Mille Lacs.

14. NC: How to beat the big boxes…

…at the retail game.

15. BPS wants to get urban kids fishing.

They need to hire this kid. Awesome.

Win ya a K2 Cooler dads!


K2 Coolers and me are celebrating dads the whole dang month! Giving away 1 high-end, high-dolla K2 cooler a week like one o’ these-here (winners will prolly be announced all at once):

Duh-rool over all the K2 offerings right here.

How do you win? 2 ways:

1. Post a pic of you and your kids fishin’ to the BassBlaster AND K2 Facebook pages.


2. Send me a cool sticker (nothing worse than rated PG) for my cue-bald white K2 cooler, because a cooler without cool stickers ain’t cool. Mailin’ addy:

Jay Kumar
Sasq Media
PO Box 133
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Git on it yo, and good luck! (U.S. residents only, sorry!)

Tip of the Day

> …I’ll probably spend two to three hours during the whole practice period fishing, and the rest of the time behind the wheel of my boat. …that means spending 12-13 hours just slowly driving my boat. It’s tedious work, but that’s the best way to cover ground and find the schools of fish that it takes to do well.

> I will idle over different depth ranges just to make sure I do not miss anything. Many people think that fishing offshore automatically means fishing deep water, but at the Pickwick Lake FLW Tour event last year, Greg Hackney won the event fishing offshore ledges that were 6-8 feet deep.

> There is nothing more exciting than seeing schools of fish on your graph, but what kind of fish are they? With some experience you can begin to tell what the arches based on how they look and are acting, but nobody knows for sure every time. The best way I have found to see if they are bass, crappie, white bass, drum or something else is to use…the FishSens SondeCAM….

Says his 5 fave baits/rigs for offshore fishing are:

> Strike King 6XD — “one of the best baits for offshore fishing.”

> Vintage Luhr Jensen Hot Lips Express — “a slightly softer rattle sound.”

> Strike King Sexy Spoon — “Heavy line seems to work best…because it has less stretch and doesn’t sink as fast [which] allows you to get a slower flutter on the spoon….”

> 3/4-oz football head — “Kalin’s Rock Stalker jig in the pbj color with a green pumpkin double tailI. I will usually switch to the football head after I’ve gone through an area with both crankbaits and the spoon….”

> Dropshot – “…6” straight tail Roboworm in a color like morning dawn or margarita mutilator, or the 4.5″ Kalin’s Western Weenie worm in green pumpkin.

Quote of the Day

I actually missed my high school graduation because I had a bass tournament. I made 1,500 bucks that day.

– FLWer and fo sho stick Andy “playin’ hookey” Morgan talkin‘. Also said:

> You have those surreal moments where it’s like, Why would anybody even pay me to do this? …I’m just an old redneck from East Tennessee….

C’mon man — you’re not that old! lol

Shot of the Day

Dude named Ryan caught 20+ largies on this Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. at Mountain Creek Lake (Callaway Gardens) in Pine Mountain, GA. Bait took a beating yo!

Looks like it’s resting on the top of an amp….


As if a lot of what’s in the Blaster ain’t…heehee:

Tiger Woods is no longer the KVD of golf — what I’ve called Tiger. Think I said it on ESPN at one point, one reason they loved me so much….

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

Jay Kumar is the guy who created BassFan, co-hosted Loudmouth Bass with Zona, was a B.A.S.S. senior writer and a whole lot more in bassin’. His BassBlaster is a daily-ish roundup of the best in bassin’, and is the #2 or #3 daily read on any given day in the wide world o’ bass. Also available as an app:

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