Are our frogs too skinny, How to Neko Rig, Kickboxed pike

Everybody say yo to Yo-Zuri/Duel who’s joinin’ the Blaster! Stoked to have ’em aboard.

Today’s Top 4

Korean bassin’ TV just like here?
Check these scenes from a show out there called “Sports Fishing Decode:”

Guest on the show said:

> “I really want to appear on a fishing show and earn uncle fans like A Pink.”

Wait…they have an A Pink and we have a K-Pink? And wtheck is an “uncle fan”??

Bassin’ with the Skitter V.
At a Rapala media gig a couple pools up from LaCrosse, WI last week, fished with several top-tier bassers like:

That’s Jacob “J-Wheels” Wheeler, who will be an Elitist next year, and Bernie “the ageless wonder” Schultz. Note the same bait in those pics — the new Rapala Skitter V topwater. Walking bait, VERY good. Can aggressively walk it, make it glide (Bernie has the subtle glide thing down), knocker in it, about the size of a Spook Jr., my fave size. Home run.

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Bernie yakkin’ ’bout it:

Few mo’ thangs:

1. J-Wheels picked up and dehooked both those smallies with his hands. Never reached for pliers. Thought he was nuts.

2. One other bait — old-schooler — was a complete surprise to me. KILLED the smallies. Won’t say anything about it til this week’s Elite derby is over — cuz I don’t wanna get DQd. Okay not really, but a couple Elite rules are there because of me. Tell you about it one day….

3. Here’s FLWer Terry Bolton patiently re-spooling after an epic backlash — done by me fishing opposite-handed (lefty fishing righty). I was like, “Hurry up man the fish are a-bitin’!” Lol, not really. Every time I set the hook I mashed the bar down for some reason. Terry’s a heck of a nice guy, tx for having me in your boat man!

Are our frogs beefy enough?
Pretty much everyone’s got a compact frog body. But check this one, barfed up by a smallie caught by Mike Iaconelli (held by Chris Zaldain) at a recent Under Armour photo shoot:

Look at the thighs on that thing! Duck Commander boys’d be fightin’ over that one…and mebbe the basses would too?

Did this fish get kick-boxed into the boat?
Speaking of muscles…Check the the abs (which many bass-heads do not sport…lol), the gloves, then you tell me:

That’s 37″ inches of pike, smoked and made into fish tacos. Not shedding a tear for that fish….


1. Elites gonna crush ’em.

Should be lots of fish caught on the upper Mississippi, but it will be tight since 3+ lbers probly tough to find. But Mille Lacs should be a complete pigfest. The brown bass won’t know what hit ’em. Could be a derby won entirely with brown fish, a rarity.

2. BP back at same spots?

Remember that the last time (I think) the Elites were at La Crosse, Brandon Palaniuk was leading the event when he was DQd for the horrendous crime of culling in MN state waters. Can you believe it? That’s one step short of fish murder (derp).

Bet he can’t wait to squeeze his spots, etc. again this time. He was fishing the new at the time Storm Arashi squarebill. Wonder if he’ll be usin’ it this week.

Other than that, expect these AOY dudes to be fishin’ their brains out:

3. Nixon already ready to kick some tail.

> “I had to have four new pistons and a new valve and should be good for another 100,000 next year.”

Meant miles, but might end up being $$.

4. 2017 Elite schedule out.

You can either wade through 63 slides to get the schedule on, or check it in list form on Bassin’

> Feb. 9-12: Cherokee, TN
> Feb. 23-26: Okeechobee, FL
> March 24-26: Bassmaster Classic – Lake Conroe, TX
> April 6-9: Toledo Bend, LA
> April 27-30: Ross Barnett, MS
> May 17-21: Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest – Sam Rayburn, TX
> June 2-5: Dardanelle, AR
> July 20-23: St. Lawrence River, NY
> July 27-30: Champlain, NY

> Aug. 24-27: St. Clair, NY

Things that jump out at me: zero tidal waters, NY’s lottery must be doing pretty good to afford all those derbies, a good number of crankin’ derbies in there, looks like.

Re: the Fest, seems that’s now a B.A.S.S. derby, replacing the BASSFestivus. So no more FLWers allowed. Will have the same paper weigh-in too.

5. NY: Obese smallie actually tied state record.

8.4 lbs not 8.15 as first reported.

6. LA: Hawg Fight winner studied maps in the boat.

Interesting — during a championship derby:

> “They’ve got a really neat chip on Lowrance called Legends Cartographic, the LA Go Card — satellite imagery from Venice to Lake Charles, including the [Atchafalaya] Basin. I sat there probably 10 minutes and picked out five spots similar to the location I was at.”

Would you take that time during a derby? Won it on “shad-colored Spro popping frogs and Reaction Innovation Swamp Donkeys” and “a 7.5” Cajun Lures Custom Big worm on a 5/0 hook under a 1/4-oz Kajun Boss tungsten weight.”

7. TN: Tims Ford no wake zones examined.

8. TX: TPWD uses paid drawing to raise funds.

How ’bout them apples DNRs? Sounds almost like a lottery.

And the TPWD claims this animated vid about the spread of giant salvinia is funny. For me the only funny part was they say “bra” instead of “bruh.”

9. TX: Grass carp removal okayed at Austin.

The carp ruined that lake, get rid of ’em all.

10. ID: DNR killing all bass at Hawkins.

Illegally intro’d there a few years ago.

11. NM: A bunch of bass stocked around the state.

How’s the fishing at Elephant Butte? Any good?

12. GA: Gator sighting on Lanier.

Git T-Roy down there man!

13. TW’s Labor Day sale ends TODAY — 15% off!!

Tip of the Day

Seth LIKES the Neko Rig, maybe more than the dropshot. Me, never fished it. But after watching him do a dang good job ‘splainin’ it, gonna try.

Also gonna try it cuz the name apparently comes from the term “‘Neko-sogi’ which literally means ‘the rig that catches all the fish like a vacuum cleaner.'” Not sure if that’s true but:

Git the VMC Neko Hook and VMC Neko Weight on TW.

Quote of the Day

I’ve eaten a crap sandwich and I’m ready to move on.

– Eeeeeeeeeeew! That’s David Walker talkin‘ ’bout his worst season ever. Well buddy, gotta point out you are what you eat, so maybe stop eating that and chow some bluegills, mud doggies, shads and frogs to git back in the saddle!

Shot of the Day

GREAT shot by GoPro black belt Brandon Palaniuk. He actually caught that flag — said it was all crudded up, but the coolest thing he’s ever caught. Kept it of course:


Check the slow-paced southern rockers Blackberry Smoke overcomin’ themselves and bustin’ out a dang good version of Skynyrd’s great tune (they all are) “Workin’ for MCA:”

Always good to see southern boys with long hair and the electric fiddles. If you didn’t know, the great Ronnie Van Zant of Skynyrd was a big bass-head. Here he’s a-bassin’ and talkin’ ’bout what “Free Bird” means. #merica

Use the best!
Git on these yo!
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