Ain’t right melons, Old school baits, First bass in Alaska!

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Ain’t right melons of the week!

Does @therealpikemike look stoked about this fish or what?? Hahaha! That’s 15″ and 2-08 lbs of stub-melon caught with a Bull Shad Bullwake swimbait:

Humpy small-melon growed up wrong…. Brian W caught it on a wacky-rigged Berkley Maxscent The General (gp) on Green Lake, MN — which I guess should be renamed Brown Lake:

This Namibia, Africa humpy was caught by Max P on a Megabass Vision 110 in GG illusion TN shad — which is weird cuz I bet hardly any African bass have ever been to TN. Max said biologists there say the hump is caused by a vitamin C deficiency, but never heard of any bass being caught on citrus fruits?

Johnny P caught this slerp on Green River Lake, KY with a Cabin Creek Tube (salt n pepper):

Finally, Ricky D got him an ultra-rare derp bluegill! That’s what you get fer Flanders-riggin’ man hahaha!

Top 10 baits from 1K Islands Costa.

Won by Kyle Hall from TEXAS. And the dude in 2nd was Carl Jocumsen from AUSTRALIA. Locals didn’t figger til 3rd….

Props to ’em all, here’s what the top 10 finishers used — not too exciting since they ALL dropshotted. Four guys also used 1 other bait, which were a tube, Flanders (2x) and jerkbait. So here are the dropshot baits:

> Kyle’s baits were a Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Flatnose Minnow (natural shad) and a Berkley Gulp! Minnow (smelt) with a — get this — 5/8- or 1-oz [!!] weight. That’s TX-sized weight mang! Check it:

> Carl’s bait was a Molix Virago (perch) with a 3/8-ounce weight:

> Rest: Jackall Crosstail Shad (3rd), YUM Warning Shot (4th), Keitech Shad Impact soaked in garlic Lip Glu (6th), Keitech Fat (8th), Gajo Spirit Shad (9th), Set the Hook Drifter in smoken Joe (10th).

> FLW didn’t name 7th’s (former Elitist John Hunter) dropshot bait, and 5th (Curtis Richardson) used a bait he designed that looks like this:

When’s the last time you…

Rooster-Tailed — believe that’s Joe Thomas, who I hear is now studying
kung fu at a Shaolin monastery in China:

…fished one o’ these, which here in NJ is called a Jersey Rig and I believe every time Ike’s cashed a check he’s used one (hahaha Mikey!):

Bagley Balsa B‘d — talkin’ to you Tak!

Norman DD22‘d — why not?? Still killer: #bluetreuse

$$$ Jeff Kriet quotes…

…from a Bassin’Fan post:

> “I got dialed into the wrong bite.

> “When everybody is flipping the same bushes, you have to flip 10,000 in a row hoping to get a bite. I hate that type of fishing. I’m a pattern fisherman to a fault.

> “I had a bad attitude and when you have a bad attitude you suck.

> “It’s ridiculous to practice 3 days for a chance to fish 2 days. At some lakes, we practice for 3 days on a lake like Cayuga or Oneida and beat the fish up even before we start. I’ve always been the guy who voted for 2 days of practice and letting the whole field fish 3 days.”

That’s Kriet in real life, man. He’s “on” 100% of the time…and usually doesn’t realize it til you point it out to him. He likes to say things like, “I’m serious” when he’s talking about anything from aliens to underwear to food, all in the context of bass fishing…somehow.

Someone found a bass in Alaska…

…and instead of being like this…

…they’re all:

Since they put out a Wanted poster, wonder if the sheriff and FBI are involved? Hey man, global warming = more bass. Just can’t stop it….

In AK they’re all about the salmon and whatnot, like this one caught by Larry P:


1. Updates on the whole MLF vs B.A.S.S. deal.

Kinda looks like what it is, not saying it is, but either way:

1. Word is the guys are getting offers/ultimatums from both trails this weekend if they haven’t already.

2. Make sure you read the latest Bassin’Fan story on it — more deets there.

3. From this post:

> Edwin Evers: “It’s the dawn of a new age. I have never been so excited.” [Never? Edwin you gotta win a Classic or something man…lol.]

> Tommy Biffle: “Everyone, BASS, FLW, will probably have to change things up, but I think it’s better for all of them in the long run.” [Wise comment.]

4. FLWer Michael Neal from this post:

> “I enjoy [the MLF events]. I look forward to them more than the Tour events. It’s a totally different atmosphere. It’s a lot more fun. I think [the expansion] is going to be good for the sport as a whole.”

5. Heard that in some of the calls, a couple pros (not namin’ names) are like this dude (vid — watch it for 50 secs). Steve Harvey has the best job man….

6. One of the trails — not sure which — is making their guys take this eye test:

All but one guy that is….

> More than 100% payout
> Additional youth and co-ed team prizes and a kids casting contest

> Funds will be raised for a veterans charity

One way he’s raising funds is auctions on his FB page, including trips with guys like James Niggemeyer and Ray Hanselman. Hit it here to get to his FB page.

Tim’s a-runnin’ out, take you only a few secs, link here. Tell him that he better put you on 2 like this or you want your $$ back:

…last night then you can watch it again on or on the iTunes.

He’s talkin’ the BOOYAH Melee:

> Light Daiwa spinning rig

> Light tube

More advanced dock-skipping gear:

> 7′ 1″ Daiwa Skipping rod, high-speed reel
> 1/2-oz Strike King DB Structure Jig with a Rage Craw (blue craw)

In a Johnny Morris-owned building…. #foreshadowing

WTHeck?? Parish = county. How many fees are we gonna have to pay to do things on “public” land?

One is that TD’s are responsible for providing fish bags.

City will offer “$43,000 a year from 2019 to 2021,” which sounds pretty dang stout for that trail?

12. BFL happenin’s.

Guntersville, AL — Casey Martin won the 2-dayer doing all kinds of stuff, but believe this is the first time the Bill Lewis StutterStep topwater was mentioned in a win. Said:
> “Everyone on the lake is throwing Whopper Plopper-style baits and Guntersville fish have become accustomed to it. I had confidence following behind boats and catching fish because I had a bait the fish haven’t seen….

> “I was able to keep the StutterStep around key sweet spots in the grass because you can work it side to side without pulling it back towards boat…while other topwaters were just reeled over the fish’s heads.

> “I put a feathered treble hook on the back to get the pressured fish to commit.”

Kentucky Lake, KY/TN and Indian Lake, OH — Tubes were used in both wins #comeback. Brandon Houston won Indian with a Strike King KVD Pro-Model Tube, 1/4-oz tungsten weight, 4/0 black Owner Wide Gap Plus Hook and 20-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro.
Grand Lake, OK — Quote from winner Dane Coale: “…I had 8 rods on the deck and they all had shakey-head rigs on them.” Used 5/16- and 1/2-oz Buckeye Lures Magnum Series Spot Remover Heads (gp) with Zoom Trick Worms: gp, Tilapia Magic dipped in chartreuse and plum apple.
Hartwell, GA/SC — Justin Tingen won it with a buzzbait and dropshot…don’t see that combo too often.

Label your batteries and cards! Duh — can’t believe I haven’t done this:

YOLOTek’s the folks who make the POWERSticks (53″ and 10″) that power your GoPro-type cams through your bass tub light ports.
They recently sent out a deal about a limited-edition bladed jig rod and…sold out fast. Sign up in the footer of their homepage.


You know when you see the empty pegs in a tackle store and wish you had gotten some o’ those, well now you can!

Tip of the Day

How FLWer Andy Morgan dissects a laydown.

Good vid by Andy explaining how he approaches a laydown that has a lotta branches to it:

Course he only uses War Eagle jigs, which come in some sick colors like:

Quote of the Day

“It’s not about how many tournaments you’ve won… We picked 80 guys who we think can help us take this thing to the next level.”

Boyd Duckett talkin’ ’bout who got invites to be MLFers for the next 3 years.

Word I got was no one could cut the list down without fights breaking out, so Johnny Morris got Mike Tyson to throw darts blindfolded to pick the guys, and no one would argue with Mike (except Tommy Biffle) so:

Shot of the Day

School of ‘Traps was seen trying to escape and evade capture by the packaging machine:

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