400 Merc on bass boat, Zombie bass, Hackney on bluff wood

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Today’s Top 5

Someone’s goin’ big!




Check it:

That the first one? What it’ll look like leaving the marina:

Zombie bass.




I think there’s something wrong with this bass but cain’t put my finger on it. You see anything?

Dude said he was fishing worms….

I was standing in line between Rick Clunn and Kevin Van Dam – how could I not be happy?




Former Elitist Charlie Hartley talkin‘ ’bout bein’ a bassin’ fan as much as bein’ an Elite angler. He’s bummed he unqualified for the Elites…but Little Sweet’ll make it better:




This is a 10.51 — look how healthy that fish is:

> Derek Mong has been on an astounding run at Toledo Bend in about the last month. His five best bass weighed-in at a hefty 47.23 lbs. And he’s doing all of his damage almost exclusively with [the swimbait].

> The five best bass Mong has taken on Toledo Bend…since Oct. 30 weighed 10.51 lbs, 9.74 lbs, 9.14 lbs, 9.10 lbs and an 8.74-lber.

> …targeting areas between the Indian Mounds and Six Mile for big fish. “The big fish in these locations are known to target bluegills. At this time of the year when the gizzard shad go deeper, the bream will be shallower and that’s what these fish want.”

Gear: Jackall Gantarel (RT bluegill), 7′ 11″ heavy Fenwick Tech Elite rod, Shimano Curado 200 Series reel, 25-lb Sunline fluorocarbon. [Not sure which Sunline fluoro that is, but here’s all of them.]

This is making me want to run out and throw one right now….

Bassin’ trick shots.




First of all, this dude needs a bigger house…not. Second, I love this stuff:




1. We lost Drew.

Young dude was a big bassin’ fan, many bassin’ folks followed his progress and prayed for him. RIP bassin’ brother.

2. Zell’s Elite exit #1 thread on TFF.

#1 in views. Zell has a lot of fans, paid a lot of entry fees over the years, but didn’t requalify. Not sure what the right answer is there.

3. Faircloth has a new column…

…on Cool, he’s one of the best.

4. Chapman Pro vs Joe on Gramps’ pond.

That’s a big ol’ pond yo.

5. John Murray found some fish.

Wish my graph looked like that…once….

6. Woo Daves fishing B.A.S.S. Teach Championship.

He doesn’t have 25 sponsors anymore but does have 25 hunting dogs….

7. Strike King gets two FLWers.

Clark Wendlandt and Brad Knight.

8. Jay Yelas update.

Good to read. Says he’s going to get more focused on the FLWs.

9. Denny Brauer update.

10. Overstreet’s finally on Instagram.

Dang it Overstreet you told me my dog ran away! I want him back man! lol

11. Bryan Davis Benefit derby.

Lake O’ the Pines, Cedar Springs Ramp, Sunday Dec 13. Please help the family if you can.

Doesn’t say much. Was it at the Sealy derby in Oct? Not sure.

13. TX: Fork drawdown to kill salvinia?

Not scheduled but sounds like might be the only solution.

14. Yamamoto sponsors Wild West Bass Trail.

Probly cuz no one’s ever heard of Yamamoto baits out west….

15. CA: BBT takes over Top Stik Tour.

16. CA: ‘Trap Delta derby Apr 17.

17. FL: Dude wins Phoenix boat.

Drawing for all TrophyCatch entrants, which is like TX’s ShareLunker program.

18. AR: Outdoor writer Joe Mosby passes on.

RIP brother.

19. KS making some bass habitat.

20. Strike King Sugar Buzz review.

Not really a review but a good bait:

> Once a fish eats the bait, they seldom throw the hook….

Git it here on

21. Check these 316 swimbaits!

Uh…heck yeah!

22. don barone covers working stiffs…

…fishing the B.A.S.S. Team Champeenship. Love it. That’s who we are mang!

23. T-H Marine 12 days of giveaways.

Still lookin’ fer:

If you can help, just reply to this-here email or hit me up on Facebook:

1. Someone who KNOWS Kentucky Lake, what’s hot/not bait- and bass-wise. Someone who’s on top of it and can tell that story fast in words.

2. Same for California.

3. What’s the best bass fishing forum in your state? Let me know.

4. Awesome bassin’ memes. Got an idea? Make it and send it — no retreads! If I dig it and it gets on the Blaster, you get a few baits. Don’t ask me what — I’ll just raid my stash of unopened stuff. I got a lot — too much!

Tx much.

Yo bassin’ nuts!
If you’re forwarding every Blaster to other bass-heads, tx much! You can also email me the addys and we’ll take care of it! We’ll never send spam, sell the list or anything else crazy….

Tip of the Day

Tidbits from his column:

> Another way I like to fish my jig is to cast at the wall and bring it straight out towards the boat. I drop it right up against the wall and bring it out so that it stops on every ledge or shelf. And I make sure it drops off of every one as well. I do this until my jig is out in the deepest water there is around. I call that letting it fall off into the abyss.

> A lot of times you’ll find wood on bluff walls. You can’t always see it, but I assure you it’s there. When you run into it make sure you fish it all, regardless of what bait you’re using. Bass will hold on the wood. It’s different, much like a transition.

> It doesn’t take much wood, either. Just a couple of small, spindly limbs will often be enough. And remember, the walls are somewhat vertical. A tree or big limb will stick way out if the big end catches on the wall and swings out towards open water. Don’t push in too close.

Asked Hack what his favorite wood on bluff walls jig, and he said a 1/2-oz Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig (Alabama craw) with a Strike King Rage Craw (double header).

Quote of the Day

…some big name power-fishermen have been off their game. The field is getting more and more effective at covering water, and the finesse guys are having better showings on a consistent basis.

Elitist Russ Lane talkin‘ ’bout the Elites. Interesting observation. Not sure it’s true, but interesting.

Shot of the Day

So is it cool now to not look stoked when you catch a big’un? Cracks me up:

You throwing these?

Jump on this awesomeness

You gotta get down with this stuff!

Gitcha info

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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