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Today’s Top 5

17-lber caught on video.

MamamamamamaMAMA! The Working Class Zero dude (gitcha some positivity mang!) fishing in CA with a swimmybait:

Never heard the phrase, “a full basketball-style belly” before. Might lead to another BB contest….

Riddle me this: Dude catches a 17 on vid, good production quality, 8K views. Bunch of kids catching rats on a bank, GoPro chest stuff that’ll make you dizzy, 6 figures views. Why. And does it matter.

We’re all opinionated and we all want things to go our way all the time.

Keith Combs bein’ all honest-like ’bout the decisions TD Trip Weldon has to make. SHOCKED to hear the Elites are opinionated. Or for that matter any bass fishermen. We all seem to be such easy-going cats, especially on the water:

Btw Keith is having the First Annual Keith Combs Sam Rayburn Slam Oct 29 out of Cassel Boykin Park to benefit Warriors Weekend:

> Open team tournament with over 135% payout…additional youth and college team prizes.

> Warriors Weekend is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of veterans with an emphasis on those wounded in The Global War on Terrorism.

Stout. Related: Some sweet stuff being auctioned right now on Keith’s FB page.

Which end is the Classic?

Saw this Bassin’Fan piece on whether the Classic being the third derby of the year will take some o’ the shine off it. Glad someone tackled that topic. For what it’s worth, here’s my answer:


But it’s weird.

History lesson: The Classic was always at the end of the feeshn season, in the dead summer. Then ESPN decided to move it to the beginning of the season like NASCAR because a) the whole reason they bought B.A.S.S. is they lost NASCAR and had some hurt feelin’s about it, and b) they wanted the TV ratings from all the bass-heads stuck home in the winter.

Really, it doesn’t make a dang bit o’ difference when the Classic is because it’s THE CLASSIC. The place where everyone cops a bassin’ buzz, then crashes from all the caffeine, then gets happy for whoever wins (usually), then can’t get outta there fast enough. Too funny. Wouldn’t miss it.

Personally I’d like to see El Clasico moved later in the year — and would also like to feel it’s a championship, meaning at the END of the season. Maybe that’s August, maybe November, whatever. Let’s see what B.A.S.S. does. In the meantime, see you at the Classic yo!

One more thing: The fact that B.A.S.S. took over the TTBC and it’s now the BASS “and no FLW” Fest and the Classic is at a TTBC location and is in Texas too…is I guess:

10-foot pole names: winnah!

Great stuff from the bass-heads on FB. Some of my fave names for 10′ flip sticks:

  • Manute Pol
  • Bombasstik
  • Flippy Longstickings
  • Bass…Club (lol)
  • Deep Tule Stick
  • The Dredge
  • ROAT Rod (Reach Out And Touch ’em)
  • Lunker Lever
  • Lunker Lance
  • Overcompensator

Runners-up (still laughing at these):

  • Ike Slapper
  • Nut Thrasher


Pig Dipper — Casey Crouch hit me with your mailing addy ASAP or I’ll mail that box o’ goodies to one of the runners up!

How to be a Wild West Angler of the Year.

Troy Lindner won it on the AZ side, Jason Cordiale on the CA side. Don’t know Jason, do know Troy, so here’s his list of the top things you need to win a western AOY:

  1. Fish all derbies
  2. Weigh some fish, not even every day
  3. Throw a Senko
  4. Throw a Senko

Dang T-Roy that sounds tough! lol, okay here’s the real list he texted:

  1. Solar power
  2. Off-limits period
  3. Rapala jerkbaits (that would be the omnipresent X-Rap)
  4. A broken outboard
  5. Prayer

Doesn’t sound like much of a recipe for success but worked for him? He also said:

> “With zeroing the first day of the whole season, never being on winning fish in any event and then weighing in one fish at the end of the season, it was kind of shocking that I won it.”

Ya think?? Here’s Troy (left) with Gary Dobyns who I guess forgot to put his makeup on:

Just kiddin’ Gary (and whoever that is)!



1. MO: Nationers save gal during state championship.

On Lake of the Ozarks. Wins were gusting to 20 mph so this #stout

2. IN: Guy rescues girlfriend from submerged truck.

Slipped back down the ramp, fully submerged. Glad to hear. Scary.

3. Crews says he didn’t deserve to make the Classic.

Said he had multiple bombs…but since he owns Missile Baits, not sure if that’s a bad thing? Maybe he’s coming out with a bait called the Classic Bomb?? Crews?

3. Howell MCing charity bass derby on Gville this weekend.

Fish it if you can, sounds like a great cause: Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. Look for the flat-top.

4. Fish with Bobby Lane contest.

If you win, challenge him to a tourney and see what he’ll put up if you win. Just an idea.

5. IL: Stunting at Lake Jacksonville?

“Less than desirable body conditions.” Not sure if they’re talking about bass or bass-heads….

6. Power-Pole power ups B.A.S.S. sponsor level.

7. SC: Sales tax on bass tub and truck…

…same as on yacht and private plane. Who knew.

8. PA starting Susquehanna tributary projects.

9. New YUM color = snot rocket.

You know I love that name! Here ’tis:

Oops that’s a Hot Pocket. Here we go:

YUM Vibra King Tube — larger tube (4.25″), solid head, ribs, all you need.

10. Terus apparel looking for pro staffers.

Don’t know a thing about that company but FLWer Michael Murphy got ’em….

11. What high school fishing does.

> “Over the past 6 to 8 years, of all the kids fishing the same tournaments we do, I’d say only a quarter of the kids have a parent or grandparent or other family member that takes them. Close to 75% of the boat captains are volunteers and bass club members who provide their boats and offer their time to get the kids on the water.”

Way I read that, it gets kids fishing who otherwise wouldn’t be able to = cool.

12. Obama makes marine monument 4x bigger.

Off Hawaii so saltwater, but important because is now 2x the size of TX (!!) and NO FISHING allowed.

> The Antiquities Act is one of the most ill-considered laws ever written. It gives to presidents dictatorial power to declare large swaths of the public’s land off-limits to a variety of uses normally allowed on federal lands.

> Many presidents have used this power, but none have done so more often or with such recklessness as Obama has. Since 2009, Obama has created or expanded 25 national monuments, more than any other president in history.

I used to live and work in Washington, DC. Believe me, the inmates run the asylum, and the head of the asylum is happy to let them do it. Scary. Hope that lessens your stress level about the election…lol.

Some needs


1. Know WordPress?

New Christian bass group needs someone who can crank out a simple WP site at no charge. If you can do it well and pretty quickly, hit brothers@reelfaith.bass.

2. Bank angler who makes good vids?

Hit me up by replying to this email with a link or two. I might not be able to reply to all, so thanks much.


NEW contest!

One more pack o’ new Strike King baits to one more lucky weener! Same deal: Click the link, enter your email addy, share the link you get for more points. Winner randomly chosen. Good luck! (Jason Pittman from LA won the last one!)

Tip of the Day


Would you try the Punch Shot rig?

Ike brought it back from a recent trip to Japan:

How weird is that one on the right with the stacked worm weights.

I like the idea as long as it doesn’t drag all kinds of weeds down with it.

Quote of the Day

I’m not gonna lie — it sure feels good to get together with my fishing buddies and not talk a dang bit of fishing!

Casey Ashley talkin‘ ’bout hangin’ with KVD and Davy Hite while giving one of Davy’s sons a sendoff into combat. Find it REAL hard to believe VanDam didn’t talk any fishin’.

Hope your boy comes back safe and sound Davy, and thank you to him and your fam (and all of you who serve and your families bass peeps!).

If anyone ever sees the non-fishing Casey in anything other than jeans, flannel and boots, please shoot me a pic. Dude was born to be a country star.

Shot of the Day

Tim and Brayden Rivest won a derby on Smithville Lake, MO. Shot of the day cuz that’s what it’s all about. Don’t know which one of ’em is luckier.


Okay all you bluez nutz, here’s fiddle-meister Doyle Bramhall III doin’ his version of “Hear My Train A Comin’” offa his new album. Believe it’s a take on Hendrix’s two incredible covers of that tune — here’s the 12-string guit-fiddle version. Don’t know if you’ve ever played a 12, but to manhandle one like that those hands had to be crazy strong. Waitin’ for that train….
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