13+ caught in GA, Bass boat rated for a Hemi! Only crank the sweet spot

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13+ caught at Tired Creek Lake, GA!

Been a while since we’ve seen a true teener:

Sounds like a relatively new lake that has kicked out other bigs. That one was not released because apparently it was not gonna make it.

Some pretty hilarious comments in the FB post, few faves:

> Bass is good just skin the big ones before cooking. [Keep the little ones man, come on….]

> Bet it’s full of worms. [Bahahahaaaaaa!]

> Tired Creek is not even 2 years old… and a fish 15 years old was caught…doesn’t add up. [Love the conspiracy theory stuff.]

2020 Bass Cat Jaguar is rated for a 450!!??

22′, believe will be at dealers this summer:

Note: The Coast Guard requires any boat can exceed mach 1 to have a cockpit and oxygen mask…!

Btw, a 5.7 liter new Mopar Hemi I believe makes up to 350 hp so….

Lew’s/Strike King expands again.

Guess those guys ain’t playin’! This time sounds like more of a merger deal. These deets are from a European news source — here’s the URL, I can’t link it:

> One of Wall Street’s most prominent financiers has lured a prized catch with a £150m takeover of Fox International, Europe’s largest privately-owned provider of fishing tackle.

> Sky News understands that Lew’s Holdings, a US-based leader in the fishing equipment market which is backed by Byron Trott’s BDT Capital Partners, has struck a deal to merge with Fox.

> Banking sources said the deal was expected to be announced by the end of the week.

> The merger of Lew’s and Fox will create a major transatlantic player in the sports fishing sector.

> None of those involved in the talks would comment, but one source said Lew’s was paying in the region of £150m for Fox….

> Lew’s and Fox are said to be planning to retain their existing management structures and brands following the transaction, with further deals in the [fishing] sector being sought by Mr Trott, according to insiders.

> …Fox has made two international acquisitions: Salmo, a [European] lure brand [now in the U.S.], and Spomb, a bait dispenser.

Does this quick vid tell us 2 things?

1. Bass like horizontal baits more than vertical ones?

2. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil would work underwater?

Longer vid here on the @yozuri_bass Gram.

Did catch and release fishing stop this??

@oldschoolhunting shot of an old-school American pasttime?

That a bullet hole in the belly?? Apparently that’s 1979 in GA. Wonder what other old largie techniques have been lost due to catch n release…lol.

The best technique I haven’t heard mentioned in many years is an ol’ curlytail grub…was Ned-ish in its time….


1. Berkley/Abu going all in with Jordan Lee.

New “Champ” series. Don’t know why, he hasn’t even won anything yet…lol:

> …partnering with Abu Garcia and Berkley to design a series of signature baits, line and rod and reel combos.

> …new PowerBait offerings include The Champ Craw, The Champ Minnow and The Champ Swimmer. The Champ Craw, a 3.5″ finesse craw, features large claws that float…. The Champ Minnow, a 3.4″…features an anatomically correct tail…and is the optimal shape for dropshot rigs and jigheads.The Champ Swimmer is 4.6″ and features a large thumping paddletail…flat back design makes it great for hiding hook points and weedless rigging. Each…is available in 12 HD Tru Color options.

Baits ^ are on Tackle Warehouse for pre-order. Also Champ-series high-viz “flame green” versions of the Berkley x5 and x9 braids plus these rods/reels, which I don’t think are on Tackle Warehouse yet:

Gotta say, Berkley and Abu have been gittin’ after it big-time the last couple years….

2. Greg Hackney’s fave lure for hot weather.

Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch:

> …don’t have to cast [it] in those shady, thick-cover areas. I can just fish it around the cover or on the outer edges of weedlines, lily pads, and in the shade of cypress trees or boat docks.

> …my favorite color is stump jumper. That color looks more like a bream, a bluegill or a goggle-eye. Most often these are the types of baitfish that will hold around the same type of cover where the bass are holding. A bluegill or any other bream-type fish is the bait that a bass will be feeding on most often at this time of the year.

3. Elitist Stetson Blaylock uses a double split ring…

…on the back hook of his deep-diving cranks (BOOYAH Streak) — tells why here:

4. Takahiro Omori on MLF vs BPT.

> “Coming from having no practice days and just showing up for MLF events to having 2 practice days before the [BPTs]…I learned right away that you have to catch way more fish to do well in the Bass Pro Tour than you do in the Cup format.”

5. BPTer Stephen Browning changed faster this year.

Not into his jammies but:

> “I tend to get hard-headed and use 1 bait way too much, but this year I made myself change if I wasn’t getting bit…. You hear about others guys catching them [from the officials] and you know it’s time to change. I made adjustments quicker than I have in the past, that’s for sure.”

He expanded to 3 baits this year: Jack Hammer, Z-Man TRDs and a LiveTarget Golden Shiner lipless crank. Asked him if he’d use 4 baits next year and he said that’s crazy talk so….

6. FLW AOY David Dudley is on BassEdge Raid-E-O.

David is 100% funny even when he’s serious. Maybe even moreso then….
7. FLWer Hunter Freeman caught a cat on a frog.Legit bite. Guess all fish on Rayburn are suicidal:

8. BPT’s Redcrest Champeenship will happen in single pools.

On the upper Miss:

> While previous [tour-level] competitions have allowed anglers to fish the entirety of pools 6, 7 and 8, Redcrest’s individual-round format — 1 opening round, 3 qualifying rounds and a championship round — will be contained inside individual pools each day.

In other words, the guys aren’t sure how much their history there will help.

9. LA Elitist rookie Quentin Cappo hasn’t caught a smallmouth yet.

Listen Quentin — they’re VERY tough to catch, nibble like a little mouse and fight like a cardboard box. All you need to know….

10. Cowboys’ Michael Gallup grew up bassin’.

Love this quote:

> “As I grew older, none of the neighborhood kids wanted to play with me anymore and we’d just go fish because I was that much better than them [at sports].”

11. Check out Paul George’s new foot whips.

Or whatever they’re called (Ike?): The Nike PG 3 “Lure,” the name comin’ from Paul’s love of fishin’/bassin’. Possibly only available at Dick’s:

> This shoe touts water-themed color tones with a white mesh upper with aqua blue and bright green accents, a light grey swoosh on the midsole and even a fish logo embroidered on the heel.

Could not find a pic of the fish logo to see if it’s a fat bass or what.

12. In case you get sick of a buzz toad…

…check this BioSpawn VileCraw on a buzz:

13. What’s Nichols up to here?

New/not yet out Trailblazer, nekkid and on a jig:

14. KY/TN: Registration Open for Ky Lake college Open.

In Oct.

15. KY HS kid gets bassin’ scholly to KY Christian U.


16. DC: New Coast Guard bill would require using kill switches…

…for all boats under 26′. Would be great, not sure how practical….

17. Wouldn’t the Lindy Watsit Grub kill it on a Flanders?

You tell me:

18. Asian carp updates.

Mark Menendez update from the front lines — He’s fighin’ the fight for all of us, whether you know it or not.

Bass-head Todd W sent in this post about the ID DNR getting rid of non-native brook trout by breeding them to be only males — maybe try it with carp?

What happens when you turn on a HydroWave on KY Lake:

Hahaha! I THINK someone said that really is KY Lake but I can’t say fer sher. Either way, they WILL need a bigger boat….

Line of the Day

“Never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d be attacked by a crayfish in my driveway.”

Guy in DE talkin’ ’bout a regular-size crayfish on his property. Shoulda had one of those RPG garden gnomes man. Craws are scared of gnomes…’specially ones with RPGs:

Tip of the Day

Tim Horton: When to hit the bottom.

From an older Bassin’masters tip — innerestin’ info about ledge crankin’:

> “I think it’s imperative to hit the bottom and it’s imperative as to when you hit the bottom. I don’t want to go digging on that ledge 8-10′ before I get to that sweet spot. I want to get far enough back so that when I hit that ledge, I hit within 3-5′ of that sweet spot [to trigger a reaction strike].

> “If your crankbait starts digging before you get to that spot, those fish are going to know something is coming into their area. But if you come right into where they are sitting and hit the bottom, then you are more likely to get bit.”

Also said:

> “I will figure 8 a spot sometimes 6 or 7 times until I see where the fish are located. As soon as I go over a sweet spot I put my trolling motor down, look at my prop wash and cast right back there because my transducer is right under the back of the hull. That way I know exactly where to cast because I will see the bubbles coming up from the prop wash and I know I am throwing right to where I graphed those fish.”

Back then he was using a #7 Bomber Fat Free Shad, but now I believe he’s throwing Profound cranks.

Quote of the Day

“I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I didn’t make it to Redcrest….”

BPTer Zack Birge talkin’, who IS in the Redcrest. Told him NOT to watch that Pokemon movie before bed but he wouldn’t listen man:

Serious for a sec: Says in that post Zack had an irregular heartbeat for a bit from stress. Glad he seems to be doing better. Take ‘er easy dude….

Shot of the Day

@andycrawfordphotos shot of Clay Dyer, an awesome dude who just by being him reminds us that we have no excuses any day. Love ya brother Clay (you too Crawford):

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