Red frogs still hot, Elite limits key again, PhotoBlast the Classic


Today’s Top 5

‘Ott went a-froggin’ he did ride, camo….’

Remember that tune? [My fave version.] Whatever, here’s the deal: When Ott DeFoe almost won the Okeechobee Elite, he was a-froggin’. Two things stood out:

1. He was mostly using a smaller frog — the new not-yet-released Terminator Walking Frog Jr, which you can see here next to the full-size Terminator Walking Frog:

2. That Jr color is called “cocoa camo” — but whatever you call it, those red-bellied or red/black frogs are still a “secret” for many, cuz most bassers only fish white or black. Here’s a side view of that color:

Terminator Popping Frog

A few more versions:

Pad Crasher in kuro frog

KVD Sexy Frog in copper frog

Bronzeye Frog in black widow

If that ain’t enough red for ya, how ’bout the Lunker Frog in fire belly??

THIS YEAR I’M GONNA TRY RED FROGS — and smaller frogs. How ’bout you?

Limits important on Elites again?

Once’t Grey Poupon a time, if you weighed 5 a day on the Elites you could do pretty good fer yo’sef. But for about the last 5 years many pros have said that’s no longer the case. Then I read this in a recent Bassin’ post by Brandon Card:

> I failed to make the Classic because there were multiple times when I did not bring in a limit. If I had gone to a backup plan in those instances and filled my limit with keepers, I could very well be fishing…at Lake Conroe.

> You just can’t afford not to bring in a limit on the Elite Series. Five a day, every day is my motto for the rest of the season.

Innerestin’. If any y’all pros be needin’ motivation to catch a limit, here’s a guaranteed way to make that happen. Commit to this: every time you’re short a fish at the end of a day, you have to listen to Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” 5 times in a row. One session of that, and pretty sure you’ll never have fewer than 5 in the boat:

It amazes me how many anglers don’t read the owner’s manual and just try and figure it out.

Feeshn guide talkin’ ’bout ‘lectronics. Guilty! Remember, the Elites read every word in those dang manuals…and get extra help from the manufacturers. Guess I’m remindin’ myself too…but luckily I found a shortcut:

2c: Classic hype not needed.

You have J-Mac hitting the Classic hard, Jimmy “Alabammy Pats fan” Hall hitting it hard, others at B.A.S.S. too. I get they’re excited but…

…look man, it’s THE CLASSIC. I love it. Greatest bass derby ever — so I don’t really get why it matters how many people are there to watch (or pirate competitors’ spots). It’s THE CLASSIC. It’d be THE CLASSIC if 50 people were there or 50,000.

I 100% get that B.A.S.S. wants to show the world (and Texas…) umpteen zillion bassin’ fans, and I hope it happens. Actually think it will. But that’s because it’s THE CLASSIC, not cuz of hype…which, thinkin’ about it, I guess might be more “hope” for my B.A.S.S. buds.

I get that. Even share some of it. But to me this is about some of the world’s best bassers fishing the greatest fishing event on the planet with the highest stakes. So my 2c: Extry hype ain’t needed — unless there’s some live mermaids gonna be there? Could happen cuz they’re real:

What about fishing around that, Trip?

Okay, uh, Trip, never mind man…. Hey listen — still gonna give you a hug when I see you next week, but let’s keep it manly okay?

First all-‘lectric win?

What’s odd about this pic:

Here’s a hint:

T-Roy Lindner and Derrek Stewart lost their minds and went all-‘lectric at a National Bass West derby on San Vicente Rez, CA (1,600 acres) last weekend. Won it too, with 24.96 lbs — which may be the first all-‘lectric win for a non-hp-limited derby? Just 28 teams but still.

Cost o’ that new 40-hp cool little deal:

Even so…want to try it.

PhotoBlast the Classic!

Okay all you diehard bass-heads makin’ your way to the biggest fruit-jar derby in the world. Gitcha a shot to win all this:

That’s a PILE of BOOYAH and YUM stuff!! All you have to do is:

1. Post at least one pic or SHORT vid from the Classic. Must be funny!

2. You gotta be in it or part of it (vid).

3. ONLY show floor or weigh-in stuff. NO SHOTS from the water. Not down with disturbing the competitors or anything unsafe. Repeat: NO SHOTS on the water or docks.

4. NO STUNTS or anything to embarrass anyone. Please DO NOT do anything dumb or dangerous. C’mon man. Looking for funny and/or enthusiastic, that’s it.

5. Post it to Insta or FB and tag it @bassblaster (@jay kumar’s bassblaster on FB), @booyah_baits and @yum_baits, and hashtag it #bassblaster.

I and my panel of judges…

…will choose a winner. Couple things:

> I will be at the Classic. Extra points if you find me and get a pic.

> Extra points if you get an Elitist at the show to do/say something. Tell ’em it’s Blaster-related.

Good luck Classic bass-heads!


1. Combs thinks KVD’s Classic weight record is done.

> …Kevin VanDam’s Classic weight record (69 lbs 11 oz) for the 5-fish daily-limit era will be in serious jeopardy. “I’m really looking for it to fall,” Combs said. “I’m thinking the upper 60s or low 70s will do it, but there’s the potential for it to be a whole lot more. There will be a bunch of big fish caught.”

I love this because it may be true and because Combs just put it in his competiitors’ heads that they better have a big fish every dang day.

2. Evers going after another one.

Classic win….

3. Mike McClelland: Wiggle Wart vs Rock Crawler (vid).

4. Bobby Lane, Clent Davis get Cuda tools.

5. Classic Academy invite: Should I be scared?

Part of it be sayin’:

> …all attendees will receive a swag bag, as well as a special surprise from Jacob Wheeler.

Has anyone ever been given a “special surprise” from J-Wheels before?? HAHAHA! Seriously tho…lemme know what happens….

6. Ray Scott envisioned all this 50+ years ago.

> He described fishing fans lined up to attend a boat-and-fishing show held in conjunction with the Classic. People would get up early each morning to watch the anglers take off…. In essence, the Classic would become a week-long reunion of B.A.S.S. members and a showcase for competitive bass fishing.

That’s Dave Precht talkin’. Dave is B.A.S.S. HQ’s…”soul” maybe? Struggling for the right word but that’s close. Ray said that at the first Classic, and when Dave heard that:

> I decided not to write about Scott’s plans because they were — I thought — so outlandish.

They were!

7. Watch Z and Hack live here.

8. TX: You sign up to fish Brian Robison’s charity derby yet?

April 1 and/or 2. Deets on the website here or on FB here, but basically you get to fish against — and possibly with — peeps like B-Rob, KVD, Z, Horton, even me, at Raaaaaaayburn!

This is the fastest pairing…cuz MDJ’s got some wheels yo! lol

This may be the least-fast pairing — and if Linval asks me about it gonna say “what 96 told me:”

9. TX: Gitcha Bassin’ Cat on at Conroe.

10. FLWer Clark Reehm on BassEdge Radio.

11. FLWer Bryan Schmitt gets Fitzy Rods.

12. VA: Is coal ash ruining James River?

Dominion Energy. This may or may not be an actual pic of their execs and state pollution officials:

13. TX: Rayburn Bass Champs had 50 bags over 20 lbs.


14. NC: Falls of the Neuse best NC lake?

How ’bout Shearon Harris??

15. SD: Oahe has a good smallie fishery?

16. Megabass bringing Destroyer rods to US.

Supposed to be all that, not on TW yet but a good reason to paste in this:

17. Costa renews as Bassin’master HS sponsor.

18. NE: Cabela’s announces layoffs.


19. FL: Costa Seminole top 10 baits breakdown.

Didn’t get to this last week so here’s the top 10 finishers’ baits broken down like a rodeo clown…or somethin’ like that:

Flip plastics = 70% (Senko-type bait = 20%, most were gp or some kind of watermelon)

Bladed jig = 30%

Lipless cranks = 20% — somewhat unusual in this event, here’s one of ’em:

Matt Baty (5th) fished a 3/4-oz BOOYAH One Knocker (copper shiner?), a Big Bite Real Deal Craw (watermelon red) and a 3/8-oz Buddha Baits Swagger Jig with a Big Bite Cane Thumper (SS Shad).

Swimbait/Fluke = 20% (including winner Buddy Gross who fished both)

10% each = worm, frog, football jig, jig, spinnerbait

Nothing too earth-shatterin’.

Headline of the Day

Tournament fishing goes from small contest to big business

Yep…like 50 years ago mang!

Tip of the Day

Chad Pipkens’ jerkbait gear.

Personally love learning exactly what the guys use. Here’s Chaddeus Pipkens running down his jerkbait gear and why he uses what he does. Pay close attention to what he says about jerkbaits of even the same model not acting the same and what to do about it:

Quick gear rundown: Megabass Vision 110 with swapped out Gamakatsu Finesse (back) and Short Shank Magic Eye (middle) trebles, 10-12 lb Sunline FC Sniper, 6′ 10″ Powell glass rod.

Quote of the Day

Are you kidding me?! Craziest crap I ever heard in my life.

HS basketball coach talkin‘ ’bout his star player kickin’ hoops to the curb in college in favor of — yep — bassin’! Ezra Oliver will be a scholarship basser Campbellsville U, KY. #becausebassin

Old Kermit is like:

Shot of the Day

Givin’ it up to my bud Jason’s son Trenton — and not cuz Trenton’s the capital of Jersey! Here’s one of Trenton’s senior HS graduation shots. Check this: “Trenton is a homeschooled senior who traveled with the Cajun Baby last year on the Central Opens and finished 5th overall on the co-angler side.” Say wha?? WHERE WAS THIS OPTION WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL?

Props, congrats, jealous!

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