Bass yearbook pic nixed, 19-lb double, How Crews HydroWaves

Today’s Top 5

19-lb double!

Guess that SPRO Rat double wasn’t the biggest ever. Check these 2 howgs — a 10 and a 9 — Nathan King caught on the SPRO BBZ (silver fish) on Alan Henry, TX. Sick!

What up with the SPRO doubles??

Turbo-hawg fence lardos o’ the week.

Gitcha melon on!

Looks like this is the rumored 20+ fish caught at Saguaro, AZ. Sounds like it couldn’t be released cuz it took a hit to the gills when hooked. Still waiting on a weight. Whachoo theen for weight mang?

Charley Almassey and bud buddy Mat Saavedra lunched these 10s on the Cali Delta:

Here’s the bait, a custom-made bladed jig with an out of production Assault Worms trailer:

You see the 9-10 spot Chico State’s Chad Sweitzer caught at the Bassmaster College derby on Shasta, CA last weekend? Biggest spot ever weighed in a B.A.S.S. derby. Lookin’ like a gp jig back there:

The good thing about Thursday and Friday is there won’t be a lot of party animals.

Dude talkin’ ’bout the B.A.S.S. media trailer Ross Barnett Elite. Thinks a bunch of Elitists will fish upriver the first 2 days but:

> “On the weekend, the river fishes small because of all the party animal traffic.”

Apparently a huge problem on Barnett:

The Rock needs our help. Bad.

Kids, cover your eyes:

The Rock fishes with a wimp stick!?!?!? Lookit those muscles, man, and he STILL uses a magical fairy dust Harry Potter wand.

Nominatin’ Skeet to get him a 10′ flip pole, Hack and Herren to teach him how to use those guns on the hookset, Biffle to disagree with Hack and Herren to make it innerestin’ (tell ’em Tommy!) and Swindle to teach him some Southernisms.

Bassin’ yearbook pic that didn’t make it.

The kid was representin’ but mom said:

> So, I had to go to school today to be sure this wasn’t going in the yearbook….

Can you tell why?


1. GA: Savannah River charity bass derby…

…starts tomorrow, benefits local Purple Heart vets.2. MN: St. Jude derby next weekend.

3. Check this cool in-boat vid of Jason Christie…

…day 4 at the TBend Elite where he finished 2nd. Close-in spinnerbait battles:

4. DeFoe don’t need no special cookies.

Says “if ain’t a rectangle, I don’t eat it”…lol kiddin’ Ott!

5. Barone gives props to bank anglers.

Cool to see. Also uses the words “backside” and “b*tt” in the same post — a little unusual. I like how he refers to the spillway as the “backside” of Barnett. Works.

6. Great Brasher piece on autism.

Bless you Bryan, Mercer and anyone else out there with autistic kids.

7. AR: Mud making Beaver FLW fish even smaller.

Even though it’s flooding. Check this crazy shot:

8. TN: 1,200 anglers at B.A.S.S. college derby.

I gues 600 boats? On Chickamauga. Great in one way but gotta ask about these college deals: How many fishermen on a lake is too many? Can someone get a drone shot of that ramp….

I blame Jordan Lee for this — being a B.A.S.S. college kid, then winning the Classic. All that inspiration — it’s all on you J-Lee hahaha!

9. KY/TN: Baits from the KY Lake FLW college derby.

Sounds like Strike King paid all these kids (uh…they didn’t) because 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th all used at least one Strike King bait, and the winners only used Strike King. Two runners-up bait-wise were a Rapala DT-6 (not talked about much anymore but fished a lot) and Berkley Chigger Craws.

Shoutin’ out the winnahs, Dylan True and Matthew Lamastus of U TN Martin, who cranked steep rocky banks outside spawning pockets with a Series 5 (citrus shad) and KVD 2.5 (black back/chart). Also C-rigged a Rage Lizard and fished a 4.5″ Shadalicious swimbait:

10. College kid John Garrett runs down Red Eye Shads.

Regular, Tungsten 2-Tap and Silent. Few tidbits:

> [2-Tap] is less popular than the standard Red Eye Shad, largely because it’s pricier. I reach for this one more and more because I truly feel its rare and seldom-heard sound gives me an advantage….

> I nearly always throw a 1/2-oz version, and if I had to choose…summer sexy shad, chartreuse sexy shad and chrome/blue back.

> I replace all my factory hooks with #4 Owner Stinger treble hooks…I like 12- or 15-lb Seaguar spooled to a 6.3:1 reel.

11. AL: 2018 Cabela’s college championship at Pickwick again.

12. WI: Sturgeon Bay Open giant smallie whack fest May 19-20.

For deets check or call (920)493-2953. Anyone need a partner??

13. TN: Old Hickory record spot.

Matt Robertson caught this 5-01 new lake record spot on Old Hickory at a recent ABA. Strike King KVD 1.5 (chartreuse sexy shad) did the damage. Fish can be seen in the Bass Pro Shops in Nashville when it passes quarantine:

14. ON: Fish hang around release sites.

> …it took up to 2 weeks for most of the fish to leave the release site after being caught [in] a tournament.

Huh. First, that’s Canada so not sure if it’s the same in the southern U.S. Second, makes those Shimano release boats more important. Third, start fishing at the ramp!

15. MO: What you should be fishing on Ozarks this weekend?

If you’re fishing the big bass bash, tips from local stick Jim Dill:

> 1/2-oz Crock-o-Gator Zapper Jig and Crock-o-Gator Muskrat — Throw between docks in 5-10′ on pea gravel/rock mixed banks.

> C-rig lizard, Muskrat, Brush Hog — Drag around pea gravel banks close to deeper water, in 2-12′.

> 3/4-oz Crock-o-Gator buzzbait or spinnerbait — …around shallow docks on pea gravel or around shallow brush. Also try in small, protected pea-gravel pockets.

16. VA: 1 bil lbs manure messing up Shenendoah River.


17. Hula Popper tip!

Who woulda thunk:

> …work it around shore cover like bushes, rocks, stumps, logs, undercut banks, lily pads, weeds, etc. Move it slowly, so slowly. Tease it along near cover, then stop it about every yard and let the lure lie dead still while you count to 10, ever so slowly. Then, barely twitch it.

And…TW has ’em so….

18. You skirt your A-rigs?

Never seen it before but it could make sense? How ’bout skirting the baits??

19. Which jerkbait box would you rather have?

Koby Kreiger showing why he likes the Bass Mafia Double Barrel jerkbait box (max of 2 baits hooked together) vs the standard one. Is it worth fitty bucks tho….

Line of the Day

Fishing the dock and flippin’ the jig is what caused local high school anglers to take 2nd place in a recent tournament at Lake Eufaula.

Fishing the dock and flippin’ the jig — sound like song lyrics…lol.

Tip of the Day

How Johnny Crews uses his HydroWave.

Talks about how he sets it (after talking abut his front graph) and then a story about how the HydroWave helped him in a derby:

Don’t be forgettin’ that the KVD HydroWave is now available!

Quote of the Day

At Okeechobee, I was near the fish, but they were glued to one particular spot and I didn’t move up to fish them.

Aaron Martens talkin’. Texted him when I read it: “dude, can’t really give you fishing advice but next time maybe…fish ’em? Just an idea, bro, for whatever it’s worth.” He texted me back: “Let me know when you get one of these:”

I was like: “Dude, I am NEVER getting purple Power-Poles.” HAHAHA!

Shot of the Day

What would you do if you were a-bassin’ by yourself and caught a 40.2 limit with an 11.4 kicker? Maybe this. Lookin’ like ginormous swimbait rods….


This caught my eye, for obvious reasons:

> …the new Hi Mountain Seasoning Bacon Seasoning. Adding bacon that has a perfect blend of brown sugar and black pepper truly redefines gourmet burgers. This new seasoning can be sprinkled on bacon before cooking for any meal masterpiece.

Seasoning bacon. Mind…blown.

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